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White 2 team

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Forum Guest Posted at: 20:49 Apr18 2013 Post ID: 3237905
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
ive been playing pokemon for a while, but never really tried to build a great team, since you can beat the game with pretty much any pokemon. I spent a long...long time looking through the unova pokedex and movesets, but still, it is my first try, so let me know how it is.

extremespeed, close combat, swords dance,stone edge
dragon dance, earthquake, rock slide, dual chop
thunderbolt, flamethrower, crunch, acid spray
flamethrower, thunderbolt sunny day, solarbeam
ice beam, surf, recover, toxic
gyro ball, stealth rock, power whip, leech seed
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Kraz_E_Gie Posted at: 19:34 Apr19 2013 Post ID: 3238279
Posts: 1
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pretty good. I wouldn't use the ferrothorn though because it is too weak to fire type.
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XYX125 Posted at: 03:35 Jun06 2013 Post ID: 3251092
Forum GuestMember
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assuming u did not cheat the pp
your lucario's moves have way too little pp
maybe you can change close combat to brick break, seems lke your going for physical lucario
same goes for ferrothorn, it essentially only has gyro ball (5pp) and power whip (10pp)
gyro ball is not good for ferrothorn bcos its base speed is 20, iron head would be better
as for power whip, u can replace it with seed bomb which can be learned from a move tutor
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Forum Guest Posted at: 03:39 Mar22 2014 Post ID: 3310971
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Wow, an almost flawless team in-game wise. Heck, this team isn't even too bad on a competitive level! A solid 9.6/10.
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Sharks Posted at: 22:52 Mar26 2014 Post ID: 3312327
Posts: 94
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Competitive-wise, you would get mauled by the EQ heavy sand-teams.
Playthrough-wise, it will get you through the game and some more.

-I'd replace Milotic with Politoed to bring on the rain. They serve the same purpose, and now that you have rain on the field. All of your thunderbolts can be replaced by a 100% Thunder.
-Heatran with Air Balloon would make a good subsitute for Magmortar now that sunny day/solarbeam aren't a possibility. Heatran's steel typing also gives you an option in case a Sand Stream cancels your rain.
-Lucario without EQ? Anxious
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vondes Posted at: 11:52 May08 2018 Post ID: 3444307
Forum GuestBanned
Posts: 12
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Thx very much
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