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Rules and Guidelines for the Pok�mon Team Rating Forum! (READ BEFORE POSTING.) [REVISED August 18th, 2010]

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poke.addicted Posted at: 16:39 Nov28 2008 Post ID: 2490386
Posts: 5,780
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Section I: The Rules of the Rate My Team Forum.

As usual, the SuperCheats Forum Rules apply to this forum. These are generally easy to follow, so I hope you will not have to be reminded of them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your topic has not been replied to and you wish for ratings or more posts to appear, then ONCE EVERY TWENTY-FOUR (24) HOURS, YOU MAY "BUMP" YOUR TOPIC. Obviously remember to keep in mind of having three words. Example of a bump post: "Bump. I'd like some more ratings."

Now for Team Rating Forum specific rules:

Do not post ratings that with just a number rating out of ten. If you are going to post a rating like that, BACK YOURSELF UP. If such a post is seen, a moderator or anybody of higher authority is to delete it on sight. A post like that does not add to the discussion and really doesn't help.

Do not argue, flame, or yell at another member because you think their team sucks, you didn't like the rating they gave you, or anything like that. This will cause your topic to be locked.

Section II: Posting Your Team

So, you want to post your team now, right? For NetBattle Players, or Shoddy Battle Players, go to your Team Builder page (File -> Team Builder) and click "Export To Text" (File in the Team Builder Page -> Export to Text), this will create a pop up and you will see your team. Copy it and paste it into your topic. It should look like this:

Pok�mon @ Item
Trait (Ability): [Trait]
EV's (Effort Values): X / X / X / X / X
Nature (+__, -__)
- Attack
- Attack
- Attack
- Attack

If you're posting an in-game team, do not worry if you don't know the EV's! They really aren't needed in-game unless you plan on using it competitively.

Section III: Rating.

Now you want to go ahead and rate a team, right? Well, here's some guidelines on how to become a good rater!

Pok�mon - This is in the top three important things to know. If you don't know what the Pok�mon is, you can't rate, so always look at this.

Item - Item's are also very important. If you're rating a Blissey and you see it holding a Wide Lens, it would be good of you to recommend it to be holding Leftovers. Item's play a big part in rating a team. They help a team to survive.

[b]Trait [Ability][/b] - If the Pok�mon is a single ability Pok�mon (such as Metagross), don't worry about this. But if it is a duel ability Pok�mon, you should recommend the correct Ability if you spot. Blissey will be our example again. Let's say that the person's Blissey has the ability Serene Grace, but the Blissey's role is a Special Wall. It would be better for you and the original poster for you to recommend that the Nature be changed to Natural Cure.

EV's - Next to Pok�mon and Attacks, these are extremely important as well. The EV's determine a Pok�mon's stats. Pok�mon need certain stats to perform their jobs well. We'll use Blissey again. Blissey is a special tank, but it lacks majorly in defense. We want Blissey to be able to survive at least some physical hits. If you notice a Blissey with zero EV's in defense, you'll want to recommend to the person to change that. Blissey's defense about doubles when 252 EVs and a Bold nature are given to it. Besides from just determining stats, they also help with a Pok�mon's job. If you notice that a Pokemon is a special sweeper, but all it's EV's are in attack, it would be smart to recommend a change to that!

Nature - That +/-10 in a stat can really make or break a Pok�mon, and is a very important decision on the player's part. A huge difference will be the speed break in your 299 Speed non-Jolly natured Salamence, or with the 10 boost in Speed with Jolly Nature, allowing you to outspeed counters! We can also go back to Blissey again. Blissey should pretty much ALWAYS carry the Bold nature because it has the defense like a Rattata, so if you see an Adamant Blissey fulfilling the Special Wall role again, it would be a good idea for you to recommend the nature be changed to Bold!

Attacks - These are also really important... seriously, if the moveset on an attacker-type Pok�mon is all defensive type moves, then you aren't gonna have the best Pok�mon, and it's like putting a Rattata with Tail Whip in there. If you know what the Pok�mon should be fulfilling based on the team, or just in general, you should provide a moveset and explain why it should be changed. Reasons such as: Better type coverage, team support, stalling ability, etc.

Also be sure to rate the entire team, and not just individual Pok�mon. Don't think the person throws random Pok�mon together and you fix the movesets, EV's, natures, and other things and say "Goodbye nub,lol," don't think you're done yet. You should scan the team and make sure you recommend things to be changed if things could fix it up. For example, let's use the Diamond and Pearl generation as an example. If you throw in a team of Zapdos, Magnezone, Heracross, Alakazam, Blissey and Espeon, you aren't going to get very far. You lack so many things in this team that it isn't even funny. You'll lose. Before he was banned, Simple Theory put up a good analogy. This is it. It's like sports. You don't want a baseball team full of shortstops! Like in Pok�mon, you don't want a team of Special Sweepers.

Scan weaknesses in the team. These are some basic ones...

-Specific type weaknesses (Ground, Fire, Dragon, Water, Fighting, and Electric are the major ones)
-Redundant Pokemon (two Pokemon that do the same job, such as Gliscor and Weezing)
-Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Stealth Rock

We haven't gotten them all, but these are some of the most common mistakes.

Also, if you can't rate the whole team... Do not worry! If you can only find one thing wrong with a move set or item, be sure to mention it. It's better to contribute something intelligent to the discussion than not to do anything at all. Even if someone proves you wrong, it's good to learn from those mistakes and become better.

Do NOT rate without proper knowledge
It's quite self-explanatory, yet unfortunately the rule is broken consistently. Failure to provide useful and helpful advice isn't helping anyone. If you're inexperienced and don't know how things work, you shouldn't lead the member down the wrong path. We understand you're trying to help, but you're not, so please... don't rate someone's team if you don't know what you're talking about.

Be DETAILED with your suggestions
Obscure comments such as "You've got a major Gyarados weakness!" are to be considered SPAM and deleted. Explain your statements, inexperienced battlers won't know how to remedy the weakness. Tell them about that threat and what they should do to take care of it.

When you make suggestions, back them up with REASON
Give clear and explicit explanations for your suggestions. You cannot assume the members you give rates to automatically know what you're suggesting. So when you propose a change, tell the member why, explain. If you yourself don't know, what are you doing rating teams? Show some understanding.

Added as of March 31st, 2009.
All ratings for teams will be assumed to be for Heart Gold and Soul Silver. If it is NOT Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, TELL US BEFORE HAND! There shall be a list of clauses that should be put in to keep in mind while rating teams so that people will stop suggesting Double Team et al. They shall be:

Evasion clause: Moves that affect evasiousness are banned (i.e. Double Team, Minimize). Moves that lower accuracy are still legal.
OHKO clause: Moves that are automatic One-Hit-KOs such as Horn Drill and Fissure are banned.
Soul Dew clause: The use of [email protected] is banned
Species clause: The use of two Pokemon of the same species is banned (i.e. only one Swampert, Heatran, Lucario, etc. per team).

These clauses are to be assumed when rating teams.

Written by rate_me

There you have it! I hope you enjoy your team here at the Pok�mon Team Rating forums, and at SuperCheats in general.

NOTE from poke.addicted: If this is needing to be updated, and you can't find me online, leave me a little message on either team. I'll see it, and update the thread. Rest assured I do still check them. More updates to come to the page. Smile

Credits into this guide:

Simple Theory (who is banned) - Originally wrote a FAQ, but was later revealed himself as bleepman and resulted in being banned.
95 of this guide EspeonDude_ re-wrote. Other things he left untouched since they were elaborate enough.
rate_me with rule additions as well.
Revisions and Remaking of this guide, for current and future editing by Me, poke.addicted

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