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shopley Posted at: 23:18 Feb19 2014 Post ID: 3305968
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Hey all,

This is my first ever post on this website, so be nice or be ignored.

I'm a twenty something male gamer who missed out on these games as a kid and made the mistake of picking one up to pass some time a while ago.

I'm pretty new to the pokemon game series, having been mostly an fps player on the xbox.
I played one of these games ages ago, I believe it was fire red, and had a blast, so recently I picked up black and white 2 for myself and my girlfriend to play casually. It has since sucked me in and now takes up all my gaming time, and as a result I have a few questions.

I could probably answer some on my own through the magic of google, but I'd rather get two way communication.

The last nintendo system I had was a GBC, way back when wireless was unthinkable on a handheld console and in order to link up you needed one or more link cables (anyone remember linking up 4 GBCs like a spiderweb in the middle?).

So my questions are as follows:

How do I find out what my friend code is? (this may seem nebbish, but it is the most important of my questions

Is it possible to obtain legitimately through trades and whatnot the original 150 in black/white 2?

If I were to take my starter pokemon who will obviously have battled a lot (I'm at Nimbasa city gym now) down to somewhere to faint a pile of low level pat rats or something, will I still benefit from the attack effort values it gives? I heard of ev training and looked it up so I'm not totally blank on it, I know it's 4 ev's to 1 skill point, and you can only get like 510 or so(127.5 skill points) but I would greatly appreciate to have things clarified.

What are the key differences in the chunk after Castelia City? When I left (white) it was straight to the desert. When the gf left (Black) she was in some urban place.

P.S: Anyone want to trade or maybe battle? though i'm not sure I'll be much competition and as far as I can tell I don't have any shinies or special things

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Warrior13 Posted at: 08:00 Feb20 2014 Post ID: 3306006
The Tortured Soul
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Welcome back to the world of Pokemon, and welcome to SuperCheats. I'm Warrior13 (you can call me Michael), the local Pokemon Master / Know-It-All. I'd be glad to answer your questions:

1. You can find out your Friend Code in Black 2 and White 2 by accessing your Pal Pad. It should be found in the Key Items section of your Bag. Once you open it, it should give you the option to view your Friend Code.

2. It is possible to Legitimately Obtain the Original 150 (151 if you count Mew) through Trade. However, you might want to run the Pokemon through a GTS website (such as PokeCheck) to make sure the Pokemon is actually Legit. There are a lot of fakes out there.

3. When it comes to EV Training, you really need to start with a UT Pokemon (Untouched Pokemon; A Pokemon who hasn't battled yet). You see, your Starter Pokemon has already been earning EVs (Effort Values). It is best to start with a fresh, UT Pokemon. As a reminder (you probably already know this) a Pokemon can have a total of 510 EVs (508 really because 510 cannot be divided by 4). Each Stat (Such as HP Attack, Defense, Special Defense, Special Attack, or Speed) can have a maximum total of 255 EVs (255 doesn't do anything different than 252, so go with 252). Most Pokemon you see (not all) that have been EV Trained will probably have 252 as one stat, 252 for another stat, and 4 or 6 for the final stat.

4. Besides some areas looking different, the two games are basically the same except for the Legendary Pokemon you will be able to find. In Black 2, three of the Legendary Pokemon you can catch are Zekrom, Latios, and Registeel. In White 2, three of the Legendary Pokemon you can catch are Reshiram, Latias, and Regice.

5. If you ever need some Pokemon, just post here: That is a link to my Pokemon Give-Away Shop. I will give you any Pokemon you need in exchange for any other Pokemon. As for Battling, I really only battle on Pokemon X / Pokemon Y (the newest Pokemon Games for 3DS).

I hope this information helps you, and I hope you stick around the site.

« Last edited by Warrior13 on Feb 20th 2014 »

"Tonight I won't be alone, but, you know, that don't mean I'm not lonely..."
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shopley Posted at: 09:30 Feb28 2014 Post ID: 3307263
Forum GuestMember
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Thanks for the informed, timely response! (and sorry for my late one)

I believe after some trial and error that I need to change my router security settings or get a new one to connect to the internet. I have a fibre op high speed connection and a bell wireless router. I am playing on a DS lite by the way, I guess that could matter a lot.

I have tried connecting, following the grey lock link and instructions until I receive a message along the lines of "it will not work with my current wireless router setup"

Have you encountered this issue before or have any suggestions?
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