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U7BUY guide: How to Get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go Playing?

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cassiopeiami3412 Posted at: 03:56 Jul26 2016 Post ID: 3417245
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As there are many games for players to play nowadays, the mmo or the mobile games. No matter which kind of games you play, the game currency is you needed for playing. For the pokemon playing also has this problem.

The pokemon go can be played at the platforms of the Android and IOS, and not all the place can play it, it should be played in the selected place. More and more players are going to play this real mobile games, and hope to learn more things about the games. Now the game is in a free download, and the developers are put the currecny-pokecoins to let game become more challenging and exciting.

The pokecoins are in the pokemon, which can be only got in the games, and it can be used to buy the useful products, such ahs the pokeballs, the potions, and the revives. And the players can choose how much they will spend, it is from the $1 to $100 if the players want to spend it. As there is not everyone has the money to do that, we will give you a guide about how to get the pokecoins without your money.

Take Over a Gym
In order to let you have steady pokecoins now, you should team up with others and to take over the gym of your opponents or build your own gym. If take over your opponent?s gym, your team needs the number of defeding trainers stationed at the gym. When the gym is in a higher prestige, your team needs beat more trainers, when the gym is in a lower prestige, your team needs to beat less traniers. And the you also can take over the gym by yourself,but it is important for the you to possess the gym longer, working as a team is very good for long time possess.

Defend the Gym
When your team take over the gym, it is important for you to defend the gym against other attacking players. When the Pokemon protect the gym, it can earn the daily defender bonus,about 10 pokecoins for every 21 hours. The fans can protect 10 gys at the same time, and you can get 100 pokecoins at the same time for a day.

Worked with Teamwork
As the above said that you need to wait for 21 hours to get the 10 pokecoins, for this, you need more players to help, and the better is to worked with teamwork. When you protect the 10 gyms at the same time, you teammates can help you to protect them, and then you will get the more pokecoins at the same time. It is really good for working with teamwork.
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