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RuneScape 2

Supercheats Runescape guide.

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Subleme Posted at: 19:18 Jul06 2008 Post ID: 2315318
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I am re-making the guide thread to help organize everything because I would like this to go up onto the runescape website. Please do not post anything until I say so. I want to make this organized as possible and I want to be able to look through here with ease.

Please only post completed guides in here. The following are the ones that are left to be created.

Combat Skills (Attack Defence Strength Hitpoints)

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Blademaster55 Posted at: 19:21 Jul06 2008 Post ID: 2315322
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Slayer Guide

A detailed guide created by Blademaster55

This slayer guide is property of Blademaster55, editing rights go to Blademaster55 and librascythe. Any other attempts to recreate this guide will be closed or deleted.

Introduction to the guide:

Hello, as most of you Runescape 2 players know the skill Slayer was introduced to the game on January 26 2005. The skill included new areas added to the Runescape world along with many new monsters to kill and many new items. Though in order to kill some of these monsters you needed to have the appropriate slayer level. Slayer is one of the tougher skills to get up. It requires a good combat level and a wide range of completed quests in order to reach some of the monsters.

Reasons why you should do slayer:

Slayer monsters can give you a lot of exp for your normal combat skills. Also many items can only be dropped by a slayer monsters, so if you are short on cash you can get your slayer level up and go kill the monster and you might get the item. However a good point of slayer is that it takes you all over the map and kind of forces you to do quests, and many other things. You are able to battle new monsters in different places and be able to get better drops. Common items that are slayer dropped only are, rune boots, slayer mask, granite maul, and the all well known abyssal whip. You are able to make a lot of money off of the regular drops also. Slayer monsters also give you excellent exp for your normal everyday combat skills. So when you need to train you can get a slayer task and then train. I used slayer to get my 100 combat when I was a member and it was fun while I was doing it.

Slayer: is a members only skill.

New Areas Added:
When the Slayer task was released so was many new monsters. Though Jagex didn't know where to put them all. So along with the new Slayer skill Jagex made knew locations for Slayer Monsters to go.

Slayer Tower is located directly north of Mort Myre Swamp in Morytania, northwest of Canifis.

Slayer Cave is located near the Fremminik Provenance .

Lumbridge Swamp is located behind the lumbridge castle a little past where you start the lost city quest. You need a light source in order to go down there.

How to gain experience in Slayer:

In order to gain experience in the Slayer skill you have to receive a slayer task from a Slayer Master. There are five Slayer Masters in total. The Slayer Masters have the ability to give you any monster at random depending on who you go to. If you go to the Master in Shilo you will have a better chance of getting Iron Dragons then getting cows. They have this worked out so it challenges you when you go to them. The following are the five Slayer Masters and some monsters that you are most likely to get from them. Though they are still able to give you different monsters that aren't on the list.

Slayer Master: Turael
Location: Burthrope
Minimum Combat Level: Level 3
Rank: Easiest
Turael is the easiest Slayer Master. He will give you the easiest monsters. He also holds the ability to change your slayer task. For example, if you go to Duradel and get steel dragons, and you know for a fact you can't or don't want to kill them, then you can come to Turael and he will change your task to an easy assignment. He will only change it once so whatever he gives you, you must complete before getting another assignment. Here is a list of monsters he has been known to give,

Crawling Hands
Kalphites - This does not mean queen, it can be any kalaphite monster in the lair.

Slayer Master: Mazchna
Location: Canifis
Minimum Combat Level: Level 20
Rank: Above Easy
Mazchna is a easier Slayer Masters, he gives out pretty easy tasks for you to complete. He is not super easy, but he is pretty good if you are in the 20's or 30's. Some monsters he is know to give are,

Blue Dragons
Cave Crawlers
Crawling Hands
Green Dragons
Earth Warriors
Hill giants
Moss Giants
Otherworldy Beings
Rock Slugs
Shades Mort'on
Shadow Warriors
Werewolves - Also Wolfmen and Wolfwomen

Slayer Master: Vannaka
Location: Edgeville Dungeon
Minimum Combat Level: Level 40
Rank: Medium
Vannaka is a good starter. He gives out challenging monsters once in a while, and usually gives out decent monsters. Monsters he is known to give are,

Aberrant Specters
Blue Dragons
Bronze Dragons
Cave Bugs
Cave Crawlers
Cave Slimes
Crawling Hands
Earth Warriors
Fire Giants
Green Dragons
Harpie Bug Swarm
Ice Giants
Lesser Demons
Moss Giants
Rock Slugs
Shadow Warriors
Werewolves - Wolfmen and Wolfwomen

Slayer Master: Chaeldar
Location: Zanaris (Lost City)
Minimum Combat Level: Level 70
Rank: Harder
Chaeldar is one of the better slayer masters to go to for tasks. She is the intermediate Slayer Master. She will give you a slight challenge when she gives you a slayer task. Some monsters that she is known to give are,

Bronze Dragons
Blue Dragons
Cave Slime
Cave Crawlers
Infernal Mages
Crawling Hands
Fire Giants
Hell Hounds
Iron Dragons
Lesser Demons
Steel Dragons

Slayer Master: Duradel
Location: Shilo Village
Minimum Combat Level: Level 100
Rank: Hardest
Duradel is the hardest Slayer Master. He gives out the most difficult tasks of all of the Slayer Masters. He is commonly know to give out metal dragons and high level monsters. People often switch out their tasks because they are so difficult. Though if you do get a strong monster such as steel dragons, he won't give you 100 steel dragons, he will give you them in small amounts like 20 steel dragons. He Also holds the Slayer Skillcape, so when you have accomplished 99 slayer, which is very hard to do, go to him and you can collect the slayer skillcape. Some monsters that he is known to give are,

Bronze Dragons
Iron Dragons
Kalaphites - It doesn't have to be the queen, you can kill any kalaphite monster that is in the queen's lair.
Aberrant Specters
Fire Giants
Greater Demons
Steel Dragons

Slayer Items:
Along with the new monsters that have been released with the new skill new items have been added to. These items are used to be able to kill certain slayer monsters. You need to have some of these items equipped or you have to have them in your inventory in order to successfully kill a slayer monster that requires an item. All of these items can be purchesed from any slayer master.

Level Need to Use: Item: Use of Item: Cost:

None - Enchanted Gem - This allows you to communicate with your Slayer Master to see your progress on your current slayer task. - 1gp
None - Ice Cooler - Used to finish off desert lizards - 1gp
1 - Bag of Salt - Used to kill Rockslugs when hp is 0 - 60gp
1 - Spiny Helmet (Requires 5 Defence) - Used to decrease damage dealt by wall beasts - 650gp
1 - Rock Hammer - Used to kill gargoyles when hits are at 0 - 650gp
10 - Face mask - Used to decrease damage done by dust devils - 200gp
15 - Ear Muffs - used to decrease damage done by Banshees - 200gp
25 - Mirror shield - Used to decrease damage done by Cockatrice and Basilisks - 5,000gp (5k)
32 - Fishing Explosive - You use it on Ominous fishing spots at mudskipper point to get a Mogre to come out of the water - 60gp
33 - Harpie Bug Lantern (Not a Light Source) - Protection from the Harpie Bug Swarm - 130gp
35 - Witchwood Icon - Protection against Cave Horrors - 900gp
37 - Insulated Boots - protection against killerwats - 200gp
39 - Slayer Bell - Knocks off Molanisks - 150gp
42 - Slayer Gloves - Used for slaying Fever spiders. If you fight them without these gloves, you will get diseased - 200gp
55 - Leaf Bladed Spear (With 50 Attack) - Killing Turoths and Kurasks - Only weapon that works - 31,000gp (31k)
55 - Broad Arrow (With 50 Range) - Killing Turoths and Kurasks - Only arrow that works - 60+gp
55 - Slayer's Staff (With 50 Magic) - Allows use of the Magic Dart spell to kill Turoths and Kurasks - Only magic spell that works - 21,000gp (21k)
56 - Crystal Chime -
57 - Fungicide Spray - Allows you to kill Zygomites - 300gp
60 - Nose Peg - Protection against Aberrant Specters - 200gp

Slayer Monsters:
This is a list of all of the slayer monsters that are currently in Runescape. I will also include the levels of the monsters, the slayer level required to battle them and I may come back later and add the locations of these monsters. These monsters are scattered all over the map and for some of them you are required to of finished quests in order to reach them.

Combat Level: Slayer Level: Monster Name:
5 - 8, 12 - Crawling Hands
7 - 6,96 - Cave Bugs
10 - 23 - Cave Crawlers
15 - 23 - Banshees
17 - 23 - Cave Slime
20 - 29 - Rockslugs
22 - 24,42 - Desert Lizards
25 - 37 - Cackatrice
30 - 43 - Pyrefiends
32 - 60 - Mogres
33 - 46 - Harpie Bug Swarms
35 - 49 - Wall Beasts
37 - 55 - Killerwatts
39 - 51 - Molanisks
40 - 61 - Basilisks
40 - 100, 110 - Terror Dogs
42 - 49 - Fever Spiders
45 - 66 - Infernal Mages
47 - 70 - Brine Rats
50 - 76 - Bloodvelds
52 - 78 - Jellies
55 - 83, 85, 87, 89 - Turoth
56 - 28 - Warped Terrorbirds
56 - 96 - Warped Tortoises
57 - 74, 86 - Mutated Zygomites
58 - 80 - Cave Horrors
59 - - Wild Jade Vine
60 - 96 - Aberrant Specter
60 - 122 - Spiritual Rangers
63 - 93 - Dust Devils
65 - 125 - Spiritual Warriors
70 - 106 - Kurask
72 - 140 - Skeletal Wyverns
75 - 111 - Gargoyles
80 - 115 - Nechryael
83 - 120 - Spiritual Mages
85 - 124 - Abyssal Demons
90 - 182 - Dark Beasts

Slayer Skillcape:
The Slayer skillcape is a cape that marks your accomplishment of achieving 99 slayer. You must have 99 slayer in order to buy this cape for 99,000gp (99k) from the Slayer Master Duradel in Shilo Village. Depending on whether you have a previous 99 skill already. If you all ready have a 99 skill then your cape will be Slayer Cape (t) as in Slayer Cape trimmed. It will be black with the slayer logo in the center and if it is trimmed it will have red shoulder pads, and red stripes on both sides of the cape. When you purchase the cape the slayer hood will come free.

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Subleme Posted at: 19:23 Jul06 2008 Post ID: 2315325
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----Introduction to Runecrafting-----

Runecrafting is a skill on Runescape. The purpose of Runecrafting is too give a player
the ability to make their own runes instead of buying them off of people, or trying to
get them dropped by monsters.

Runecrafting is a non members and a members skill. You can only make certain runes
if you are a non member. You are open to everything that is to deal with Runecrafting if
you are a member.

In order to start Runecrafting you must have completed Rune Mystery's Quest. You are
able to begin this quest in Varrock Rune Shop by talking Aurbery. After Copmpleting the
quest you have now opened the Rune Essence mines. You need this in order to make runes.

There are two types of Rune Essence. There is Rune Essence and Pure Essence. They are both
non member items. However you can only get Pure Essence if you are a member, otherwise
you have to buy Pure Essence off of Players if you are a non member.

Rune Essence can only make non member Runecrafting runes, though Pure Essence can be used
to make any rune in Runecrafting.

You are able to get Rune Essence at these locations, once you have completed Rune Mysteries.

1. Wizard Aubury: (Located in the Varrock magic shop just south of the east bank). This is the fastest method to mine Rune essence for non-members as the bank is right north of the magic shop.


2. Wizard Sedridor: (Located in the basement of the magic tower just south of Draynor village). It is not suggested you use this method as the closest bank is in Draynor village which is a fairly far for Rune/Pure essence mining.

Sedridor Location

3. * Wizard Distentor: (Located in the Wizards' Guild just west of the Yanille bank, level 66 magic required to enter the magic guild, or lower using Magic Mind bomb). As you can see on the map below it is a straight path from the bank to the Wizards' Guild, therefore this is the fastest way for mining Rune/Pure essence.

Frumscone Location

4. * Wizard Cromperty: (Located in Ardougne, the house just North-east of the Ardougne market area). The closest bank is just south of the market area.

Cromperty Location

5. * The gnome Wizard Brimstail: (hiding in a cave in the south-west corner of Gnome Stronghold). There are no monsters in this dungeon so it is 100% safe to everyone who is willing to enter it. I suggest you don't use this one as the closest bank is the one in The Grand Tree, this is fairly far away from the Wizard Brimstail.

Brimstail Location

6. * Moonclan Island Mine: (Located on Moonclan Island). This location requires partial completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest, and the nearest bank is the one inside the Moonclan village.

Items that you will need in order to Runecraft are,

Rune/Pure Essence
Teleporting Ways

----Useful Items and Tricks----


One of the most important items needed to make runes, besides Essence.

Rune/ Name/ How to get

Air Air talisman Given by Sedridor when completing quest; dropped by level 2 goblins and wizards
Mind Mind talisman Dropped by Imps, Wizards, Yanille Tower Guards, Colonel Radick
Water Water talisman Dropped by Wizards, Dark Wizards, and Giant Frogs
Earth Earth talisman Dropped by Men and Women around Runescape, Al-Kharid Warriors, Farmers, Rogues, Wizards, Dark Wizards, Vampires, Lesser Demons and Greater Demons
Fire Fire talisman Dropped by Guards, Wizards, Dark Wizards, and Skeletons (lvl18)
Body Body talisman Dropped by Guards, Giants, Wizards, and Dark Wizards
Cosmic Cosmic talisman Dropped by Lesser Demons, Ice Giants, Mysterious Old Man, Otherworldly Beings and Caskets (Big Net Fishing)
Chaos Chaos talisman Dropped by Lesser Demons, Skeletons, Giants, Chaos Druids, Moss Giants, Otherworldly Beings, given by the Mysterious Old Man Random Event, Chaos Dwarfs, Black Demons, Ice Warriors, Greater Demons, Baby Dragons, Hobgoblins, Fire Giants, Shadow Warriors and Mountain Dwarfs
Nature Nature talisman Dropped by Moss giants, Barbarians, Green Dragons, Red Dragons, Lesser Demons, Thieves, Greater Demons, Blue Dragons, Hobgoblins, Paladins, Black Knights, White Knights, Ice Warriors, Jogres, Mountain Trolls, and Cyclopes
Law Law talisman Reward from Troll Stronghold Quest
Death Death talisman Reward from Mourning's Ends Part II Quest and Dropped by Dark Beasts

The Abyss is a place that is filled with portals that will take you too any temple. It is
located in the X-Wilderness just North of Edgeville. Speak with the Mage of Zammorak to begin the mini-quest which offers a potentially dangerous, yet also potentially faster method of RuneCrafting.

Some Tips for the Abyss

* If using a Glory Amulet, wear a Ring of Life, this will save you if your HP drops under 10%.
* *Use Dueling Rings instead of a Glory Amulet, Teleport to Castle Wars, bank there and then teleport to Edgeville.
* *Drop your pouches if you are going to die. YES; your pouches will remain on the ground for two minutes IF you drop them. When you die quickly teleport back with a Glory Amulet and pick them all up.
* If recollecting pouches and you have access to the Fairy Rings, use the Alternate Abyss, you won't be skulled and prayer is not drained.

The mage is at the skeletons north east of Edgeville, in level 5 Wilderness. Talk to him and he will quickly tell you to meet him in Varrock at the Chaos Temple,
which is located southeast of Aubury's Magic Shop. Talk to him there to get a Scrying orb. He tells you to teleport to the rune essence mining area from 3 different locations.
The choices are Aubury in Varrock, wizard Sedridor at the Wizard's Tower near Draynor, wizard Cromperty in Ardougne, the gnome wizard Brimstail hiding in a cave in the south west corner of Gnome Stronghold,
or the wizard Frumscone in the Magic Guild. Go to three of them and get transported to the Rune essence. (There is no benefit in going to all 5 of them.) The orb will then begin to glow. Take this back to the
Mage of Zamorak and speak to him twice to get your rewards. He will give you 1000 Runecrafting xp, some research notes and a Small pouch used to hold Rune essence.

Other Usefull items are Essence Pouches.

Size/ Name/ Level to Use/ Amount of Essence capable to hold

Small Small Pouch 1 Three
Medium Medium Pouch 25 Six
Large Large Pouch 50 Nine
Giant Giant Pouch 75 Twelve


In order to make a Tiara you need a silver bar, a tiara mold, and the talisman of the rune
that you want to make a tiara of.

Rune/ Name/ EXP for Making

Air Air tiara 25
Mind Mind tiara 27.5
Water Water tiara 30
Earth Earth tiara 32.5
Fire Fire tiara 35
Body Body tiara 37.5
Cosmic * Cosmic tiara 40
Chaos * Chaos tiara 42.5
Nature * Nature tiara 45
Law * Law tiara 47.5
Death * Death tiara 50

There are also useful Items that will aid you in your goals of Runecrafting.

* Boots of lightness
* Spotted cape or Spottier cape
* Penance gloves

These quests, upon completion will give you Runecraftin EXP

Devious Minds - 5,000 exp
The Eyes of Glouphrie - 6,000 exp
Mage of Zamorak Mini-Quest - 1,000 exp
Lunar Diplomacy - 5,000 exp
Slug Menace - 3,500 exp
What Lies Below - 8,000 exp

The Following Quests give exp to a skill of your choice:

Darkness of Hallowvale - Tome of Experience with three chapters, 2,000 exp per chapter to a skill of you choice over level 30
A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen - Lamp that gives 2,500 exp to any skill of your choice
The Great Brain Robbery - The One lamp giving 5,000 exp to any skill
Legend's Quest - 7,650 exp to 4 skills of your choice. (Current Skill Level + 1) * 150 exp
One Small Favour - 10,000 exp to 2 skills of your choice (rub the lamps you get)
Recipe for Disaster - A Red Lamp that gives 20,000 exp to any skill over 50 of your choice
A Tail of Two Cats - 2 lamps that each give 2,500 exp to any skill of your choice

Once you have reached Runecrafting level 99 you may want to buy yourself a Runecrafting cape from Aubury, the owner of Rune Shop in Varrock for 99k.

-----Runes/Levels/Amounts/Locations of Temples----

You can make certain runes. The folloqwing list is of runes in order from lowest to
highest level that you are able to make. I will also include the levels that are
requirerd to make them.

Key - * means you must be a Member in order to make

Rune XP Level to Make Level for 2x Level for 3x Level for 4x Level for 5x Level for 6x Level for 7x Level for 8x Level for 9x Level for 10x
Air 5 1 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99
Mind 5.5 2 14 28 42 56 70 84 98 - -
Water 6 5 19 38 57 76 95 - - - -
Earth 6.5 9 26 52 78 - - - - - -
Fire 7 14 35 70 - - - - - - -
Body 7.5 20 46 92 - - - - - - -
Cosmic* 8 27 59 - - - - - - - -
Chaos* 8.5 35 74 - - - - - - - -
Astral* 8.7 40 82 - - - - - - - -
Nature* 9 44 91 - - - - - - - -
Law* 9.5 54 - - - - - - - - -
Death* 10 65 - - - - - - - - -
Blood* Unknown Unknown - - - - - - - - -
Soul* Unknown Unknown - - - - - - - - -

Locations of Temples

Rune/ Name/ Location

Air Air Altar Southwest of Falador's south gate
Mind Mind Altar On the hill above Goblin Village, 3 steps from wildy
Water Water Altar Lumbridge swamp, southeast from the place where you start the Lost City quest
Earth Earth Altar East-northeast of Varrock
Fire Fire Altar Northeast of Al-Kharid, east of the mining chasm and just north of the duel arena
Body Body Altar North-west of the Barbarian Village
Cosmic* Cosmic Altar Inside Zanaris (lost city), south of the cow pen, there's a long tunnel and at the end is the cosmic altar
Chaos* Chaos Altar In level 9 wilderness, north of Edgeville, there is a large maze inside, but don't get your hopes up about this one as it takes easily twice as long to make chaos runes than cosmic runes
Astral* Astral Altar Moonclan Island, southeast of the village. Requires completion of Lunar Diplomacy quest. The altar is not ruined and there is neither an Astral talisman nor a tiara; you may simply walk up to it and craft runes.
Nature* Nature Altar Deep Karamja jungle, just north of Shilo Village
Law* Law Altar Northern side of Entrana, just over the bridge leading to the Unicorns and Firebird.
Death* Death Altar Inside the Temple Of Light, see Mourning's Ends Part II
Blood* None Yet Not Yet Available
Soul* None Yet Not Yet Available

----How to Runecraft-----

Once you have the Rune/Pure Essence you will also need a talisman or Tiara. If you have
a Tiara put that onto your head. If you are using the abyss you will not need either one.

Fill your bag with rune/pure essence and the essence pouches, if you have them, fill them.
Now set off to the alter, or to the mage if using the abyss. Go into the alter and just click
onto the alter to craft your runes. Empty your pouches if necessary and craft them.

Now teleport back, or walk back to a bank ad re-do this entire process.

If you are using the abyss,

If you visit him again in the wilderness he will teleport you to the mysterious Abyssal space. Note that in the Abyss you are 'Skulled' as soon as you enter and all of your prayer is drained. It would be best to take some teleportation runes with you as well.

In the Abyss, you can kill Abyssal leeches, Abyssal guardians, and Abyssal walkers for larger essence pouches, talismans, and the Elemental talisman. Elemental Talisman The Elemental talisman gives access to all of the four elemental temples: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire, but cannot be used to make combination runes or a tiara.

Abyssal space also offers access to *all* of the existing altars except the Astral rune Alter (two portals to altars that don't yet exist are also present). You may need to use Thieving or Agility, or a tinderbox, pickaxe, or hatchet in order to overcome traps to reach the inner level where the rift portals to the altars are located. Refer to the Abyss Map for information.

----Positives of Runecrafting----

Some positives of Runecrafting are making your own runes and not having to buy runes or try
and get them from monsters.

Runecrafting is a huge way to make money if you do it properly and make the right runes
that are wanted at that time.
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Subleme Posted at: 19:24 Jul06 2008 Post ID: 2315327
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prayer is one of the most costly skill because u spend sometimes over 1.5k for A bone that only gives around 85 exp.

NOTE: To make the bones give more experience and save you money and time, Alters from player owned house increase the experience given Gilded alter with 2 Incense burners give the most experience This is a list of alters. Another way to increase the bones experience given is The Ectofuntus, you can use this method at any time but starting Ghosts Ahoy Quest will allow you to use the bank.The temple is located East of Canfis. How to use this method is you need to first make bone meal to do this you go up the stairs near the Ectofuntus and use the bones on the "Bone Grinder" you will need a empty pot, next you need a bucket of ectoplasm which is in the bottom of the temple (its a long walk) once you have the items return to the Ectofuntus and use the Worship option on it the bone meal and the bucket of ectoplasm will be destroyed and you will receive experience. A new method is Barbarian training, this is Pyre Ships you need the same amount of crafting level as firemaking level after you make a ship it will give you a prayer boost on the next bones you bury, up to 300% and 5 bones. Among these are a few others Shades burning (Do Shades or Mort'ton Quest to do this method) another way is killing Ghasts you need to have done the quest "Nature Spirit" to kill them and they only give 30 experience.

id suggest buying around... 1k big bones. if your f2p, bury them, if your members id suggest using someones gilded alter. when your done you should hopefully have around.... Burying 1,000 big bones will get you to level 31 Prayer, while using on alter you will be level 43 Prayer (Members only option)

f2p- big bone till desired lvl
p2p- dragon or big bone till desired lvl (roughly 1,500gold a bone)

The Rewards
The major reason of prayer are the 3 Protect from prayers (Range, Magic, Melee) with those 3 prayers quests will become a little easier it not alot. But aside from those prayer there are other rewards, (i am making a pic of the rest of prayer, so this is still not done)

Gravestones, this is a topic that needs to be covered but instead of making a topic on its own i'll put in the only skill they interact with. Now when you die instead of the items you lost showing to other players right away a gravestone now guards the items you lost, giving you a chance to run back and collect what you lost, but there is a time limit staring at 2 Minutes and going to 3 minutes (ftp) and for members 2 Minutes to 5 Minutes. For free to players you must have done the quest "Restless Ghost" to buy new gravestones, once thats has been done talk to Father Aereck in Lumbridge Church and he will sell you new gravestones that will stay with you until you buy a new one. Members must have done that quest and "The Giant Dwarf" to buy member gravestones from Blasidar the sculptor in Keldagrim.
Free to player Gravestones: Memorial Plaque- Starter (2 minutes), Flag- Cost 50gold (2 minutes), Small Gravestone- 500gold (2 Minutes), Ornate Gravestone- 5,000gold (3 Minutes)
Member Gravestones: Memorial Plaque- Starter (2 minutes),Font of Life-50,000gold (4 Minutes), Stele-50,000gold (4 Minutes),Symbol of Saradomin/Zamorak/Guthix-50,000gold (4 Minutes), Symbol of Bandos-50,000gold (4 Minutes) [Land of the Goblins Quest], Symbol of Armadyl-50,000gold (4 Minutes) [Temple of Ikov Quest], Ancient Symbol-50,000gold (4 Minutes) [Desert Treasure Quest], Angel of Death-500,000gold (5 Minutes). If you die near friends (or someone who is nice enough to help) that person(s) can repair you gravestone to make it last longer (but it will crumble after 1 hour of your death, or if you log out, or die and drop more items) repair the stone will allow it to stay for 5 minutes, at the cost for 5 prayer points, while if a player uses the "Bless" option (70 Prayer is required) but this will make the stone stay for up to a hour at a huge cost of prayer points. Also Member stones work in ftp worlds.
70 prayer is also needed to have you family crest become that of Saradomin/Zamorak/Guthix for people who have high enough construction level to have a family crest.
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Subleme Posted at: 19:25 Jul06 2008 Post ID: 2315328
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Magic will probably be your best friend other than hp and defence. magic can heal you, freeze people, weakening things, teleport you, pretty much make you unstoppable, UNLESS you are being attacked by rangers. mages dont have good defece so they die faster, but they can EASILY OWN YOU BEFORE YOU CANT LIFT A FINGER OFF THE KEYBOARD!

lvl1-17buy about 1000 minds runes, an air staff, full blue wizard robes, and if possible 2500 fire runes if you want things to go fast. first start by casting wind strike on cows till you cant cast fire strike. continue to cast fire strike until you can finally reach wind bolts ( lvl 17).
this part will cost a hefty price.
buy about 1000 chaos runes and head to draynor, got south the the wizard tower and go upstairs to the caged lesser. mage him until a desired mage lvl. if your f2p, there arn't much ways to get mage up like high alchamy, and mage isnt that usful expet for teleports. id suggest only getting around 50 or 40 mage if your f2p.

cast all your wind bolts on the lessers untill you have reached 45 magic, if you need more chaos runes, buy more! with 45 magic, cast teh camelot teleport until 55 magic ( that will be around 1.3k law runes). at 55 magic buys about 2k natures runes and 2k yew long or magic long, or even better make them! this is the most expensive, long, hard part. cast high alch on your longbows till all your alchs are gone. NOTE: have nothing in your inventory but the nature runes, the money u get and the longbows. put you nature runes at the bottem of your inventory so you dont accedentally alch them. you should for sure be higher than 60 mage by now.

now for the mage arena!
buy 100 death runes 400 fire runes 6 prayer pot and a defence pot, some mystic robe armour, air staff, food (lobster and above). head to ardrounouge and go west till you see a brdige and a castle
go west of the castle, you 'll see a lever in a empty building, birng no itmes but a knife and pull the lever. go north, cut the web
now go west cut two webs and pull the lever you'll be at the mage arena. talk to the guy in blue robes ( i think its blue) but first get all the stuff i told you to get at the start, talk to him and he'll tele u to the mage arena. kill each monster there, use protect spells or your gunna die like my pure, u do lose all ur stuff. after your done killing all the guys ( use runehq for help), go down the pool of water and pray at the alter of the god u want, i chose saradomin so i got the sara cape. now go and talk to the guy and he'll give u a sara staff(if you chose sara). to use it anywhere, u need to buy 100 casts of the spell and kill the mages in the mage arena, bring prayer pots and runes and mage armour.

Anceint Magik and the word of totally owning people without moving or getting hurt!

to get anceint magiks you have to complete desert treasure! the second hardest quest in the game ( recipe for diaster being the first). after you complete the quest pray at the alter. you will have a new spell book.

ICE SPELLS- ice spells freeze your opponant, rush (55 mage) and blitz(82 mage) hit one person, burst(70 mage) and barrage(94 mage) hit multiple people and can severly hurt them (barrage can do 30s).

rush,burst,blitz, and barrage have four special abilities, like ice and freezing. smoke posions. blood drains hp and gives to you ( im pretty sure), and shadow spells that lower your stats ( i think it was that, i know one of them did). now, a good stratigy to own someone is to get a good bow and arrows ( elf c bow works best), get either runes for ice burst, blitz, or barrage and start casting it own someone, run back and shot two arrowsm then cast again and continue, dont let them get close or ull get hit pretty high.

Continue high alching till a desired mage lvl becuase alching is the fastest way and most effeiceint way to get exp. if you have the time =, money, and the level, cast stun vunerability or enfeelble on enmies to lower their stats, this gives a decent amount of exp.

The lunar spell book ( availible when you complete Lunar diplomacy) can heal and teleport OTHER people and GROUPS of people. i didnt bother with that quest so i dont know much personally other than a spell called vengence dealsthe damage you take from your opponant back to him.
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Introduction- well as i said in my guide, range is probably almost one of the best skills to have if you have a high lvl and a decent amount of money. range can be a way to own your oppanant without getting tocuhed with the help on anceint magiks ( will explain in magic). Range can be trained in a variety of ways, but it takes ALOT of time and ALOT of money ( for arrows).

lvls 1-20- id suggerst trainging on the cows between lumbridge and varrock for now.
buy a bow you CAN wield, and some leather armour. Buy all the bronze arrows you can get and head south of varrock or north of lumbridge to the chickens or teh goblins. kills ether one of them till about 10 range , then head north ( if you at goblins) to the cows and start ranging them. REMEMBER TO PICK YOUR ARROWS UP! if by a chance you have a low cb and def, hide behind the gates to attack cows without recieving damage.

lvls 21-40
f2p- train on hill giants.
go to varrock centre and head west till you see a bridge, head north till you find a building. MAKE SURE U HAVE A A BRASS KEY! enter the building with your key and head south and hide behind some stalagmites. you should see other people doing it, so shoot at the giants and take cover so u dont get hit.
member- if you started or completed the creature of frakenstien quest, i suggest going down the ladder and to the experements. if you didnt head to seers bank. grab about 15 lobsters or food, your range stuff, a teleport ( if you have one, if not use home tele), and head north onto a road that crosses a bridge. follow that raod till you see a wolf, then continue on to a village. keep heading north till you see rocks, lots of people will be there. simply walk right beside it and it will pop up into a rock crab. if they stop popping up, walk to the end of the helmet store ( south of you) and back, they should pop up again. if not walk further basck until it works.
stay at the rock crabs till atleast 60 range, or experments.
in order to do this part you have to complete the biohazerd quest. look at your world map, go to ardrounouge and look north till you find "king lathas training field".
Get around 10k bronze arrows ( more would be better) or a bone cross bow and 50k+ bolts and head towards the caged ogres. stand in the middle ( outside) of the cage and range the ogres, bt dont pick you arrows up as it takes more time. the only thing ull need to go in there for are ranarr seeds. stay there till your desired range lvl ( if your not getting the exp you want, head to the fire giants from "the waterfall" quest or karamjma lessers)

with 70 range and if you complete regicide you have a very special oppertunity to get the best bow in teh game
now, go and start the quest roving elves (use runehq), after you finish, chose the bow. you will get a 2/10 elf crystel bow, the best bow in game. each charge has 250 shots, i know its sucks. now when your outa chrges you'll get a seed, you can go back to the elves and get it charged for 900k, youll get a full elf c bow. each time you charge it it gets cheaper, also the full bow gives 100+ range bonus. If you dont want another bow, you can sell the seed (used t be 300k, now asround 60k i think).

f2p part- 41-70+
train on hill giants till around 55 range, then get 30gp , steel arrows,ur rnage equipment ( get green dragon hide armour. if you did dragon slayer, you can wear the body, if not , only the vambs and the chaps) and head to port sarim. pay a sailor to go to karajma. once on the island head west. down a rope ( by the lava) and you'll be in a cave with bats. head northwest till red spiders and follow the path south. you'll be at lesser demons. head down till you seea bunch of stalagmites and a small path ( about 3 or 4 steps) and hide there ( it should be at the VERY end of the small island of lessers). range, them pick up the arrows, you know the rutine. stay there till w/e range lvl you want becuase there isn't better exp in f2p.
Thats all i can think of for today! ill edit more when i have more time

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Level 1-10

If you want the best experience, you should go to Edgeville, and if you look behind the bank there are several normal trees. Get out your hatchet and your knife and start cutting the trees until all of them are gone, then fletch all the logs into Arrow Shafts. Since they are stackable you won't have to worry about banking them. You will need to make 3,497 of them. It's only about 1.3k logs if you are buying.

Level 10-25

From here I would stick with normal Longbows until Oak Longbows as they give almost the same experience as an Oak shortbow, but are faster to cut and can be found closer to a bank if you're cutting. You will need to make 699 Normal Longbows (u) before reaching 25 fletching.

Level 25-40

Stick with making Oak Longbows (u) until 40 fletching as they seem to be the best unless you're going to buy your logs. You will need to make 1,176 of these before you reach 40 fletching.

Level 40-55

From here on, I would go to Seers' Village as that is the best place for people your level and up. If you're cutting your own logs, cut north of the bank. Now make 3,082 Willow Longbows (u) for 55 fletching. If you think this is hard, it might help if i told you that i got here in 2 days!

Level 55-70

Now this is one of the longest and hardest stretches. From here on out you are going to be stringing all of your bows as they give much better exp that way. Now you will need to make 4,881 Maple Longbows (s) until level 70.

Instead of fletching all these bows and stringing them, you could buy twice as many logs and just fletch the bows. Based on Grand Exchange prices, this would greatly lower the price. This is recommended if you are not made of money, but it may be slower. (way slower)

Level 70-80

Ok, now you are at one of the hardest parts of leveling fletching. You will need to make 8,323 Yew Longbows (s) before level 80, all I can say is good luck. At least it's good money.

Level 80-85

Now you have a choice: you can either stick with Yew Longbows or go to Magic Shortbows. If you're buying the logs, I recommend Magic Shortbows as they give more experience. However, if you're cutting your own logs then even at 99 woodcutting it's faster to use Yew longbows instead of Magic Shortbows, as Magic Logs are much slower to cut.
If you decide to stick with Yew Longbows you will need to make 8,484 of them.
If you decide to move on to Magic Shortbows you will need to make 7,620 of them before level 85.

You made it! Now I would go do something else for a while - maybe alchemy, or sell all those bows you just made and buy yourself something nice, or train wc to get more logs. Only serious fletchers need to continue beyond this point.

Level 85-99

If you really want to get level 99 fletching, you will need to make 53,420 Magic Longbows! If I were you, i'd stop now and just get 99 whenever I feel like clickin 3 bazillion times.

Once you hit level 90, you will have the ability to make every fletchable item in RuneScape!!!
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Level 1 to 15

As soon as you are off Tutorial Island, you're looking to cut some trees. You should start off with a Bronze Axe, given to you by the Survival Expert on Tutorial Island. Now it's time to actually start cutting some logs. Since you are near Lumbridge, just walk northfollowing the road until you find a general store. Just to the west of the shop there are plenty of regular trees to get you from level 1 to 15.
After you cut a load of logs, just go and sell them to the shop to clear out your inventory. To get to level 15 from level 1, you will need to cut 97 logs. Please note, if you just don't like the looks of Lumbridge, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other places for you to cut logs. Anywhere you walk there will be trees! If you are close to a bank, then bank your logs. If you are close to a shop, sell them. This will be maybe 15 minutes at the most, unless you are easily distracted.

Level 15 to 30

Now that you have spent time cutting logs from the west of the shop, you can move on to cutting those beautiful old oaks. You can stick where you are in Lumbridge (there are two oak trees west of the shop), or you can continue wandering around the realm of RuneScape, exploring and cutting as you go. If you choose to stay in Lumbridge, then continue selling the logs to the shop for the usual low price. Of course, always keep a look out for better opportunities. Members also have the ability to cut Oak Logs outside of the Castle Wars mini game. With a bank nearby, it cannot be beat. Once you get to level 21 woodcutting, consider buying a Mithril Axe from a fellow player. At 1,000 to 2,000 coins, they may seem a little pricey (for the new players), but it's worth it. To get from 15 to 30 woodcutting, you will have to cut 293 Oak Logs.

Level 30 and Up

Oaks have got to be getting boring, right? Well time to move onto Willow Logs! If you are going to continue power cutting, here are four options for you to choose from: stick with Lumbridge, move west to Draynor, move even further west to the Crafting Guild, or visit the secluded Rimmington. If you stick with Lumbridge, go ahead and sell your logs to the shop to get 4 coins for each log.

If you are getting tired of Lumbridge, walk west till you find Draynor, the city of willows. Right next to the bank, you'll find around 6 Willow Trees. It is well worth your time to bank them. Players buy Willow Logs for up to 20 coins a piece! Much better than selling to a shop for 4 coins a piece.
If you really just want to get through this section of woodcutting without distractions, there is always the cut and drop method. Just north of the Crafting Guild, located west of Falador's Southern Gates, are plenty of willow trees, and all of them are yours. Hardly anyone goes out there, so you will have your trees and your silence.
A good guide would be unable to go on without mentioning the trees in Rimmington and all of their possibilities. There are many willows there, just south of a general store. Sell the logs, or drop them.

The following quests give experience as a reward-
Grim Tales - 14,000 exp
Fremennik Isles - 10,000 exp
Icthlarin's' Little Helper - 4,000 exp
Hero's Quest - 3,075 exp
Fremennik Trails - 2,813 exp
Animal Magnetism - 2,500 exp
Eyes of Glouphrie - 2,500 exp
Monk's Friend - 2,000 exp
Enlightened Journey - 1,500 exp
Recipe for Disaster - 1,500 exp
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Fire Making Guide

Okay to start off fire making is a semi useless skill, but even so its a skill to train. This skill is simple all you do is light logs, or lanterns till you get the level you need. One of the better logs to use for this is Maples it is a little more expensive but its a little quicker, but alot also use willows as they are alot cheaper, current price of Maples is 40gp ea, Willows 20gp ea (prices will change often). Of course you can do quests to help get firemaking exp but not alot of quests really give experience. There are 3 ways of getting logs, First is chop them yourself, of course this will give you woodcutting exp but you also need patience and level to cut the logs, another way is to buy them now with the grand exchange up it is easier to buy the logs you need, example i bought 91,000 maples in a matter of seconds. The final way is simple free, this is not the greatest way but you could beg (really don't its annoying) or find people on the forums who are Power Leveling woodcutting skill (Power Leveling is you drop everything you collect) they normally advertise on runescapes main forums that they are power leveling this allows people to come and collect what they drop.

Okay now to continue, to light logs you need to first buy your self a Tinder Box, you can get these from other players or the general store normally cheap, or if your a member and went thru the barbarian training you can light logs with a bow this is a little harder and the tinder box is what i recommend. Barbarian training is for members only this is where you learn to fish with your bare hand, without any tools (lobster box, harpoons..) but what i am covering is the log lighting, to start the training you need to talk to ____ who is south of the Fishing Guide, you can also get closer to him by using a Gamers Neckless and teleporting to barbarian outpost (its a mini game) and from there i think its a walk south (i'll confirm later). Okay we'll go a little more into the use of firemaking, this only uses for it are really to be able to light your lantern (or light source) these are used to explore caves or dungeons. Another use of firemaking is simple to make a fire to cook on this is the most common use for it most bring logs and a tinderbox to light the logs to cook a common spot for this is on Karmaja the lobster spot. Now a little more into firemaking, When you light logs you'll move East to West, and you cannot light fires over objects (objects are Plants, hills, and Snow Piles made by Snowglobes) while you can still light fire under people and pets. When you hit a spot you cannot light a fire you will move one space east.

Tips, first is to find a spot to light logs what your looking for is a spot with at least 28 spaces west (a clear line is best as it allows you to make fires quickly and gain more exp) near a bank is the best area to look for. There are a few spots that i know of and here i will list them. First is Varrock, Start at the west bank and get a full supplies of logs (27 logs and 1 tinderbox) then run east to the staff shop still on the road start lighting logs you'll end up near/ at the varrock west bank, there you just run back in and get more logs and and run back to the spot u started at and move one spot south of it so you start another line next to it there you light the logs and end near the bank there you redo these 2 methods. Another spot is Faledor the place to start is at the East bank you can walk right outside the door and light, you might be stopped by the wall of a house down the line but then you can continue near it. The last spot for Ftp that i am going to discuss is Draynor Village Here you go to the bank then go east and start this at the base of the Oak Tree, and light the logs, there is only one spot that will go straight thru and not hit something but the other you can get use to, the line near the bank will end at the toy stall but here you move south one square and continue to light logs, this will end near the same lines end. Okay this is an area to increase both Woodcutting and Log buring, there are a set of Willow Trees West of Draynor (across the wall in Port Sarim) the willow trees are near the spirit tree farming patch here you chop willows and then burn the logs you have gotten, you will not be able to get 27 logs at once but its a nice area to train both.

Member spots, there are a couple requirements for this one first you most have at least gotten half way thru the quest "In Aid of the Myreque" so that you have repaired the bank and can use it, go to the town Burgh De Rott, and go to the bank then simple light logs outside the bank door you should end at the fence if you end to early just move a few spots east and do it again. Another spot is Port Phasmatys here you just need ecto tokens (5) to enter the gate and a Ghost Speaking Amulet to allow quicker access to the bank, also you must be able to get there it is East of Canfis, so the quest needed for that is "Priest in Peril" This spot is also right out side the door of the bank, you can go a little East and then just light logs till you reach the plant/fence near the general store building. The last spot I am talking about is is Seers Village (Camelot) this is also right near the bank and have a nice long right out side the bank door. Well that all I am going to talk about good luck as this skill just like many also need alot of Patience. Information was from memory of playing Runescape.
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ty for posting my older ones SUBLEME:



Why you should get Construction levels:

Construction is a very costly and as some people say, waste of time and money. But actually it can be EXTREMLY helpful; gilded alters, unlimited teleports, the access to your own Lectern. Yes, it DOES cost alot of money, but only when you are in a higher level, around 50+.

How to start:

To start Construction go to falador, ardounge, or seers village and purchese a house for 1k. now, you can use the "teleport to house" option under your spells.

i would suggest making every furniture (highest you can make) until you can make oak tables. start off buy buying a saw "purchesed buy a salesman northeast of varrock,west of the gate that leads to canfis. on your world map it should show a saw" from here, u can turn wood into planks and it DOES cost money. buy a saw and if you want carpets/curtains, buy bolts of cloth. Also, a NEED is to buy nails. bronze=breaks more, iron=breaks less than bronze, steel=uncommonly breaks, mith+ sometimes breaks. i would suggest buying around 500 iron if you are limited on cash. Now head over to the Grand Exchange and purchese Regular planks; search "planks" and look for "planks". If you want a cheaper way, go to the Sawmill Operator where you bought your saw from and make your on. This takes ALOT more time and is suggested not to make your own.

Leveling: go to your house which is located in Rimmington ( west of Draynor and also Port Sarim) with yout planks, nails, a hammer, and a saw. You'll appear in a Garden with a portal,and a basic room. start buy building chairs and taking them apart and rebuilding for exp. When you need more planks, use a glory teleport to Draynor or walk there. This second load, bring some money, roughly 20k+ is good. build the next level room you can buy right clicking a see-through door while in building mode ( to get in building mode , click the "enter house( building mode) option when you want to get in your house). now when you can, build tables and for exp. It does NOT help buy continuing to make chairs when you can make tables.

eventually you should get to a level which you can make oak tables, NOT kitchen tables, ill repeat, NOT kicthen. Make dining room tables from oak planks now. you DO NOT need nails for this. If you built a workshop and have a work bench you can make oak tables quicker buy clicking "build" option on it and then select the oak table. You should get a rectanglur pice of paper that contains your table, you can drop these or keep , they only enable you to have oak tables , and do not sell at all.

continue this until you can make Oak Larders. build a kitchen. build a oak larder in your "larder" spot until you get the option to make them. these take a wopping 8 oak planks per build. but its the same as making 2 tables.

now the sad thing about Construction, the ways to get it up are very limited. so until you are level 70 Construction i believe, make dungeon doors is the best way to 99.

some people asked this:

how do i get pvp ( player vs player) you need a throne room with a oak or above lever for this. only you can pull it and it only works in basement/dungeon.

what can i get in a dungeon: you can get steel drags (with 5m cash or 1m not 100% sure and a high construction lvl), skeltons, hell hounds, baby red dragons, and many MANY more.

how much would 99 con take: sometimes 300m, sometimes more.

whats the point of a formel garden?: it allow you to have a dungeon entrance and fancier plants.

good luck in your goal, i hope you build you levels up to 99 in the aid of this guide. P.S this is a members only skill Smile

umm feel free to exclude this guide if need be, i work this up last min kinda, sorry if it wasn't as descriptive, its not a hard type of skill.

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hunter, one of the most money making skills around. why should u level? well because, if u get 99 by catching chinompa's you'll make 44m along with the small other 6k people.

exp is incredibly fast once your past the birds and kebbits, but first, lets start.

lvl 1-9:

go to Yanille's hunter shop and buy 5 of each hunting supply there exept for the nets teasing sticks and noose wands, you'll only need 1 of those. now head south of there until you see a sign with a paw. look around a beach area ( south east) for red birds, look for a common spot multiple of them go to and set up your bird snare. if a bird gets caught simply click "check" and you got yourself a birdy. do this till level 9, yes this is slow, but it gets faster.

9-19 teleport to the gnome strong hold and walk north west till your at another hunter area south of the pictouris fishing area. look on the middle west edge of the universe for copper longtail (birds) and hunt those till level 19.


go back to the red birds, but heasd a bit north west till you find tropical wagtails and hunt them until level 29. they should be at around the red chinompa's area.

29-43 (optional, if you can not go to here, ill add something else in the next lvl-lvl)

ok now for the some what harder but quicker exp. head to canfis. if you can access the underground trail that leads from behind the bar, go there and head east untill you find a hunter spot, here will be green salamanders.

items needed: a rope for each trap
a tele
food just incase

if you can't go through the underground tunnel, search through the forest using your world map to find the hunter spot.

if you cannot go to canfis, DO THE QUEST!! or continue with birds till 43, i would NOT suggest doing this!


finally you can now access falconary!!! head back to the coppertail birds south of the pictouris fishing area, but head to the eastren side and find a gate to hop. hop it and you should be in a inclosed area with a guy that lends falcons. talk to him Nd buy one for 500gp. now look for spotted kebbits and click "catch" if your falcon gets it, pick the dead kebbit up, if not continue cathing them.


now, this is where all the money comes from. head west of the falcons to find chinompa's, or anywhere with regular chinompa's in that area. get some box traps and look for where the chins response points are and set your box traps up near that point. each time a chin fails to get caught, dismantle the trpa and re-set. if it does get caught, click check and you've caught a chinompa!continue this, if you find this slow, go back to falcons. ALSO: chins do sell for LOTS of money.

63-99 (other optional was will be listed)

now go back to tropical wing tails south of yanille and look for red chins. do thesame thing as regular chins. it should take about 44.5k red chins to get 99 hunter. 1 month-1.5 months for 3-4 hours a day is estimated.


now, do the red chins until level 69 hunter and go back to falcons. go to the southren side and simply catch the spottier kebbits, the light tan kebbits. catch these till lvl 99 or do the following.


another optional way is to catch grenwalls and the other creatures inhabiting the elven lands. to catch each of them, you need their meat. grenwall needs paywa (mis-spelled) and paywa needs grenwall. look on your world map to locate them and start baiting them with your box traps ( you NEED to bait with the others meat). ILL SAY IT AGAIN, THESE ARE LOCATED IN THE ELVEN LANDS AND NEED TO BE DONE REGICIDE AND HAVE 56 AGILITY TO GET THROUGH!

now either of these are optional and if your in it for quick, do grenwalls, if your in it for cash do chins. i hope this helped,
good luck hunting!!!!!

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Introduction to mining
- Mining is the process of extracting pure metals from rock deposits called Ores. Ores can be found everywhere around Runescape, and all that is required to start extracting ores is a Pickaxe. With these metals, players may then create objects with the Smithing skill. Mining is available to both free players and members.

What kind of Ores exist?
- Here's a quick guide to the ores that one may encounter while exploring runescape, along with the mining level required and the color the ore commonly is. An ore with (M) next to it is members only.

1- Rune Essence - N/A
1- Clay - Tan
1- Copper - Orange
1- Tin - Grey
10- Blurite (M) - Blue
10- Limestone (M) - Tan
15- Iron - Brown
20- Elemental (M) - Purple
20- Silver - Silver
30- Coal - Black
30- Pure Essence - N/A
35- Sandstone (M) - N/A
40- Gold - Gold
41- Obsidian - N/A
45- Granite (M) - N/A
46- Rubium (M) - N/A
55- Mithril - Purple
70- Adamantite - Green
85- Rune - Blue

The Mining Picks
- Here is the list of available pickaxes in Runescape, along with the Mining level required to use them. Weilding a pickaxe is determined by the attack level of the character, and follows the same format as regular weapons.

1- Bronze
1- Iron
6- Steel
21- Mithril
31- Adamant
41- Rune

A common misperception is that the higher your Mining level, the faster you collect ores. This is not true! The rate at which you mine ores is determined by the pick axe used. If a player has a Mining level of 99, but is using a bronze pick axe VS a player with 41 mining using a Rune pickaxe, the rune user would most likely smatch the ore.

Gems and Random Events!
- Randomly during your mining experience, your character will come across a gem or two hidden in the ore. Your character will automatically pick it up and store it in inventory. These gems include...

*All gems are UNCUT*
Opal (M)
Jade (M)
Red Topaz (M)
**Dragonstone (M)
**Onyx (M)

**- These are not found in ores, but are listed gems that were thought to be included in the list.

Aside from the gems, random events may also occur while mining. The most common of these events (directly related to mining) are...

- A Golem that appears and attacks you. You may either defeat the Golem or run away from his range. Golems are always a higher level than your character, and have massive defensive levels. However, they are defeatable, and by defeating one, he drops items. Some Golems even drop Rune Pickaxes!

- An ore that you are currently mining on may start to steam. As soon as you see this, STOP MINING. Continuing to mine will cause damage to your pickaxe, breaking it and making it useless. You will have to travel to the dwarven stronghold by the road north of Falador to repair it, and it isn't the cheapest fix if you're running low on cash.

- The pick axe may randomly lose its head. Retrieve it quickly before other players find it and snatch it for themselves! If the pickaxe head falls off, simply reattach it for no penalty, and continue mining.

- All other random events apply.

How do I level?
Overview- The experience gained while mining is dependent on the ore that you are mining. Higher level ores yeild to more experience per successful mining, however higher level ores take longer to mine.

Here is a quick chart with the XP that each Ore/Gem give.

Rune Essence- 5
Clay- 5
Copper- 17.5
Tin- 17.5
Blurite (M)- 17.5
Limestone (M)- 26.5
Iron- 35
Elemental (M)- 0
Silver- 40
Coal- 50
Pure Essence (M)- 5
Sandstone (M)- 60
Gold- 65
Obsidian (M)- 40
Granite (M)- 75
Rubium (M)- 17.5
Adamantite- 95
Runite- 125

Where Can I Mine? (Free Play)
1) Northwest of the Duel Arena
- 3 Coal
- 5 Silver
- 2 Mithril
- 2 Adamantite
- 3 Copper
- 2 Gold
- 1 Tin

2) Southwest of the Lava Maze (wilderness)
- 31 Coal
- 19 Mithril
- 16 Iron
- 8 Adamantite

3) Barbarian Village
- 4 Coal
- 5 Tin

4) Fenced area of Crafting Guild
- 7 Gold
- 6 Silver
- 6 Clay

5) North Crandor Island
- 7 Coal
- 1 Mithril
- 3 Gold

6) South Crandor Island
- 3 Coal
- 3 Adamantite
- 7 Mithril

7) Northwest of Edgeville (wilderness)
- 34 Coal

8) North Edgeville (wilderness)
- 3 Coal
- 2 Iron

9) Southeast in Edgeville Dungeon
- 2 Adamantite
- 1 Mithril
- 6 Coal
- 3 Silver
- 3 Iron
- 2 Tin
- 2 Copper

10) North of Lava Maze (wilderness)
- 2 Runite

11) Lumbridge Swamp, southeast of Lumbridge Castle
- 5 Copper
- 5 Tin

12) Lumbridge Swamp, southwest corner
- 2 Adamantite
- 5 Mithril
- 7 Coal

13) Northeast of Rimmington
- 2 Gold
- 6 Iron
- 2 Tin
- 2 Clay
- 5 Copper

14) Southeast Varrock
- 9 Copper
- 6 Tin
- 4 Iron

15) Southwest Varrok
- 3 Iron
- 3 Silver
- 8 Tin
- 3 Clay

16) South of Ice Mountain throuh trap door
- 5 Clay
- 11 Tin
- 7 Copper
- 12 Iron
- 11 Coal
- 2 Gold
- 2 Mithril
- 3 Adamantite

17) Down Ladders, east Falador, south of the east bank (or through Dwarven Mine)
- 34 Coal
- 5 Mithril

Where Can I Mine? (Members)
1) Southwest of Arandar
- 18 Limestone

2) South of the Bandit Camp, Kharidian Desert
- 28 Granite
- 32 Sandstone
- 4 Clay
- 2 Coal

3) Southwest coast of Brimhaven
- 6 Gold

4) Southwest of Legends' Guild
- 13 Coal
- 11 Iron

5) South of Ardougne Zoo
- 4 Coal
- 11 Iron

6) West of Falador
- 6 Tin
- 2 Copper
- 3 Iron
- 2 Coal

7) East of Rellekka
- 2 Mithril
- 9 Iron

8) West of Lletya, Isafdar
- 4 Adamantite

9) East of the Pirates' Hideout (wilderness)
- 1 Iron
- 4 Mithril
- 1 Adamantite
- 3 Coal

10) Southwest of Nardah, Kharidian Desert
- 5 Gold

11) East of general store, Port Khazard
- 2 Mithril
- 2 Tin
- 2 Copper

12) Southeast of Fight Arena, Port Khazard
- 9 Iron
- 2 Mithril
- 4 Clay
- 2 Copper
- 7 Tin
- 1 Coal

13) Northeast of helmet shop, Rellekka
- 4 Clay
- 7 Coal
- 3 Silver

14) Northwest of Ruins of Uzer, Kharidian Desert
- 7 Clay

15) North of Shilo Village, Karamja
- 1 Iron
- 2 Mithril
- 2 Adamantite
- 1 Coal
- 1 Silver

16) Northwest Shilo Village, Karamja
- 7 Gem Rocks

17) Battlefield, south of West Ardougne
- 3 Copper

18) Desert Mining Camp, south of Shantay Pass (must have started The Tourist Trap quest)
- 4 Copper
- 4 Tin
- 4 Coal
- 3 Iron

19) Beneath the Heroes' Guild, north of Taverly (must have completed the Heroes' Quest)
- 2 Mithril
- 2 Adamantite
- 11 Coal
- 2 Runite

20) Grand Tree Mine, through trap door, under Grand Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold
- 9 Clay
- 8 Iron
- 4 Silver
- 11 Coal
- 4 Gold
- 4 Mithril
- 3 Adamantite

21) Northwest in Keldagrim's mines (complete Between a Rock... quest)
- 84 Gold

22) Haunted Mine, south of Mort Myre Swamp (begin Haunted Mine quest)
- 2 Clay
- 7 Copper
- 12 Tin
- 15 Coal
- 8 Mithril
- 9 Adamantite

23) Mourner Tunnels, in the western Dark Beast Cave (complete Mourning's Ends Part II- The Temple of the Light quest)
- 1 Runite

24) Coal Trucks, west of McGrubor's Wood
- 19 Coal

25) Keldagrim
- 5 Tin
- 2 Copper
- 14 Coal
- 4 Iron

What about Essence?
- Rune Essence can only be mined at the Rune Essence Mine (of course). In order to get there, first check to see if you have completed the Rune Mysteries quest. After you have completed it, you may visit the mine by being teleported by these following NPCs. They all take you to the same location.

- Wizard Sedridor: the lower level of the Wizard's Tower, south of Draynor Village
- Aubury: Magic Shop in Varrock, south of the east bank
- Wizard Cromperty: East Ardougne, notheast of the market place
- Wizard Distentor: The Magic Guild in Yanille
- Brimstail the Gnome: A cave in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Head north-west in the Stronghold until you see a small bridge on the west side. Brimstail's cave is inside a large hollow rock to the east of the bridge.

**Rune Essence is not used for smithing, but rather for runecrafting!!!**

Mining strategies

Levels 1-15
Recomended Pickaxe: Iron
- This is very easy and quick to achieve. Just visit the mine southeast of Varrock (take the road heading east, past the east bank and follow it south). Mine the Copper and Tin. Each of these ores gives 17.5 exp.

Levels 15-31
Recommended Pickaxe: Steel until 21, Mithril till 30
- This will take a little longer than 1 to 15, but not by much. Mine the Iron in the same mining spot as levels 1-15. Use a better pick for faster mining and better results. Continue mining Iron until level 31 (and then purchase an Adamantite pick axe). Each Iron gives a nice 35 exp.

Levels 30-41
Recommended Pickaxe: Adamantite
- Now move to the mine that is west of Al Kharid, or east of Lumbridge. There is plenty of Iron and Coal here. If you want to level quickly, stick to power mining Iron. With an Adamantite Pickaxe, you should get these ores very quickly. However, whenever posible, try mining some coal. It's a great money maker and it yeilds 50 exp. Keep mining here until 41, and ideally you should buy a Rune Pickaxe.

Levels 41-60
Recommended Pickaxe: Rune
- With your new Rune Pickaxe, continue powermining Iron. Try finding a mine that is heavily populated with Iron (see the guide) and you should gather exp VERY quickly. Reaching 60 mining is the hard part. It's very long and boring.

Levels 60-75
- Now that you have 60 mining, go to the mining guild in Falador. There is a roped off area for miners of level 60 or above that contains a VERY large amount of coal and Mithril. Spend your time mining here and make frequent stops to the nearby bank to rack up some cash. It is recommended that you mine here from 60 to 75.

Level's 75-99
- You've already pretty much completed your journey through mining. All you have left is to look forward to mining Rune at 85. I wouldn't worry so much about your mining level at this point. If you happen to pass an ore, mine it. Keep on doing this and eventually you'll reach up to 85. Once you hit 85, you can mine anything you want, so leveling is no longer an issue (unless you want the skill cape).

Happy Mining! I hope you enjoyed this guide!

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