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Sonic Battle

Fan Sonic Battle Chars

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Akos101 Posted at: 11:58 Sep25 2012 Post ID: 3152873
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We Make Here U Own Fan Chars(Can be Original Like Mine)

So There It Is

Name_Silver The Hedgehog
Style:Same As Chaos`s But The Left Is Closed
2th:Controls An Energy Ball(Strong)
3rd Attack: Kiks
Heav Attck.:Slaps The Enemy(s) With A Hard Rock
Upper Attack:Laser Hand(Same As Shadows)
Grnd Shot: Heavs A Car With His Powah And Drops it
Air Shot:Trhows A Car With His Power in The Air
Grnd Power:Attacks With HIs Two Hands Are Shinig Green(With His Power)
Air Power:(Same As Grn Power Just in The Air)
Heal Skill:Slow Heal Fast POwer Gauge (Hands Are In The Air)
Guard Skill:Fast,Weak With His Hands Doning An X Position
Jump Skill:Jumps Like Shadow But Dont Rolls
2th Jump Skill:Flys With Powah On
Greeting:Hey Im Silver
K.o. Word:This What Ya Get!
K.O.(Himself):What The??
3 In A Row:Its Easy Like Hell
Angry Word:You.....
Finisher(With Power And Pow.Gauge Full): Makes A GAINT Rock Ball Flys Up And Throws It
Lose Word: ...
Win Word:Thats All U Got???

Make your Own And O==I=======> AS REWARD :D
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Forum Guest Posted at: 06:55 Oct06 2012 Post ID: 3156142
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Forum Guest
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Forum Guest Posted at: 14:41 Dec19 2012 Post ID: 3185799
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Forum Guest
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ADLY THE HEDGEHOG Posted at: 07:41 Mar15 2013 Post ID: 3224722
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What must I do for silver the hedgehog?Eh
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Forum Guest Posted at: 14:34 Sep03 2013 Post ID: 3271609
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
my one is metal sonic Dancing :
first:fast weak punch
second:slow strong kick
third:both slow punch and fast kick
heavy:same as sonic flare but faster and flying
upper:upper smash Wiseguy
air:same as agent kick but does not return to midair
pursuit:same as knuckles pursuit but weaker
fight pose: same as sonic style
ground action:metal jump Rock
air action:metal fly Rock
ground shot, pow and set:same as sonic Pray
air shot, pow and set:same as sonic Not Talking
color 1(for emerl):light blue Wiseguy
color 2(for emerl):black Whistle
color 3(for emerl):grey Salute
that's all. the rest is all same as sonic.
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