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Create Your Own Star Fox Character.

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Bluejay0714 Posted at: 15:12 Jan12 2009 Post ID: 2518764
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Well, I've been trying to find one of these for a while (and not a dumb one). So basically you just make up your own character. Just follow this,

Name: Dex Cheti

Species(animal): Cheetah

Team: Former Star Fox Member.

Looks: Like a cheetah, with all black clothes, a headset like fox and falco have in ssbb.

Weapons/Equipment: Customized Blaster(fires rapidly or charged for a stun shot), Reflector,

Nightvision goggles, knife, code cracker, handheld computer, katana.

Vehicle: Customzed arwing: Faster and more agile than normal arwings, more firepower also.

Friends: Falco (One of the main reasons he joined)

Enemies: Everyone he's worked against.

Background: An orphan as long as he can remember. He hated the orphanage, and escaped the building without them knowing. He soon dissapeared from all records, even birth records, wich led to confusion from the orphanage and the government. A few years later, he reappeared, showing everyone how stealthy he can be. Now 17, he was old enough to join the Star Fox team. Fox wasn't sure about letting him join, but Falco, an old friend of Dex's, convinced him to. He soon showed his worth by helping them excape an attack by the Star Wolf team, and gained immediate reaspect from all the members. Instead of feeling happy, he was bored out of his mind, and soon left feeling worse than ever. He later formed a spy network that extended all over the universe, he even had spies on Venom.

"It's only a little fire. Shut up and take it like a man!!!!" My saying now for using the flame thrower in COD:WAW
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ketchup-suicide Posted at: 15:20 Sep23 2012 Post ID: 3152390
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Name: Neeko

Looks: grey and white fox,grey cloths,head set with blue lenses

Weapons/equipment: laser guns,blaster,knives,reflector,lots of devices

Vehicle: Arwing

I'm working on the other stuff.
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Forum Guest Posted at: 12:11 Dec28 2012 Post ID: 3189859
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Name:Danger Wolf
animal:Blue,Grey Wolf
Look:Black cup shirt,Black cup bottom,Black high heel boots,Black belt with silver buckle,Spike wrist band
weapons:Laser gun,Blaster,Laser whip,her sharp heels
Relations with any member of a team:Krystal
Boy friend:Wolf O'Donnell
Enemies:Fox,Krystal,Falco,Slippy,Andross,Master Hand,Leon,Panther(a little)
Theme:Me against the world (by:Simple Plan)
Usual sayings:Com'on guys,you can do better than that! Just can't do nothing without me,can you Wolf? Is that all you got Fox?!
Story:Danger's real name is Kathleenie.She changed her name because her parents abannded her when she was 4 because they hated her.When she was 15 she joined Andross' team.She became a grandmaster at age 16.When Andrew left her for dead when she failed him,Starfox found her and took her in.At age 22,she became an ace shooter,ace piolet,triple agent,and sub-leader for great successes over the years being a member of Stafox.She quit Starfox when they started to ignore her on the team.She went solo for 18 years destroying Starfox.One time,the day before she met Starwolf,she almost killed Fox with her heels.She had sharped them so much,she could tear thick steel apart.She met Starwolf by her arwing crashing by one of Andrew's teams.She joined Starwolf at age 39.She became friends with Wolf O'Donnell,and 2 months turned into love.Starwolf once thought Danger was dead when ship crashed on Fichina.They replaced(substituted in Wolf's case) Danger with a tough indian princess Katheran Stitutiolotoyei.When Danger returned,when she repared her ship 4 months later,she met the new submission of Starwolf.It took her some time to get used to Katheran.She also had to take time getting used to her going out with Pather,and Katheran's planet and home.She disliked Dinosaur planet,but got used to the WolfPackTribeNationKingdom(WPTNK for short).Danger was disgusted by Leon's crush on Katheran's older sister,Katheroneada.Danger served Starwolf until she was 48 years later.She married Wolf on the battlefield against Andross.She offically became Danger(Wolf)O'Donnell.Danger and Wolf had to kids,Wolfen O'Donnell and Katheran O'Donnell.They named Wolfen after their wolfens,and name Katheran after Princess Katheran.She wasn't surprised when Katheran married Panther on the battlefield as well.She became an advisor to the futuer Starwolf and her and Wolf's kids.She found out her home land was Corneria.Danger has also founght in Super Smash Bros.Brawl.
Usual mood:nottalking,angery,sulutans,some what happy,salute,think,silenced,wisegirl,cool,some what evil,eh

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Forum Guest Posted at: 16:27 Mar15 2013 Post ID: 3224900
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
name: Shaun O'Donnel
animal: wolf
team: future star wolf leader
vehicle: wolfen II, twin laser, dual lock
weapons: laser blaster,force field, laser reflector, GPS, digtal scanner, universal translator, night vision goggles, numerous other gadgets.
exactly like wolf but has dark gold fur and fingerless gloves and has a red and white jacket(like in brawl)
friends: Connor McCloud(James's nephew)
enemies: Marcus,and the rest of star fox III (except falco)
rivals: star falco
relationship: bounty hunter Kursed
age: 27
themes: eat my fist
Met kursed after a battle against Marcus, he was heading back to Corneria, but got caught in an asteroid best and crash landed on Fichina. After a while of searching, he found Kursed trapped under a rock.he took out his gravity beam and lifted the rock off her. As a sign of thanks, she joined as the third member of star wolf II. Along with Connor and Kursed, Shaun fought and defeated star falco countless times. Some years later, Shaun and Kursed had a child named Dash, in honour of Star falco. Dash grew up, and is now the leader of star wolf.Meanwhile, Shaun stayed on Fichina with Kursed, and lived a happy life.
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Lexington2am Posted at: 00:13 May27 2013 Post ID: 3248840
Posts: 2
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Name: Zorro Glen
Job: Engineer
Team: Starwolf
Age: 27
Weapons: Two laser pistols,,Deflector Scanner,
Animal: Hyena
Relationship Statis: Open
Wears: Goggles, Black long sleeve shirt, Green baggy pants, Bead knecleces, Gun holsters. White baseball cap.
Fur color: Tan belly, Light orange top, Orange hair, Black spots on back,
Gender: Male
Motto: "Time is of the essence."
Rivals: None
Personality: Cheerful

Origin: Zorro, Zorro lived all his life in the slums with his parents, he ran errands for them, got them stuff ect ect, One day his Mom asked him to deliver a Letter for her friend, once he got there and was about to leave she started up a conversation, about 2 hours later he got sick of it and made an exuse to get away from the lady's question Bombs, it was around 9 PM when before he got him, Once he got there he found the door wide open and the lock broken, Zorro was petrified, he thus mustered his courage and walked inside fearing the worse, The furniture were out of place the Antique pots and dolls were gone, he walked into the kitchen opening the cabinet, the silver ware was gone, the potes err on the floor, there must've been a struggle. He ran into the bed room walking up to the lumpy bed pulling the covers off, the bed was bloodie, A tear formed in Zorros eye, as he ran to the garbage can removing the lid to find bits of his parents in the garbage, he feel to his knees put his hands to his face and cried, he cried for at least 30 minutes before calling the police. In the morning the police blocked off the area, and took Zorro in for questioning. Once the questioning was over he was released, 10 days have passed after his family's murder, the police gave up,one day at the bar A panther walked and sat by him, "What's the matter?" He said looking at the 17 year old. "Nothing" he replied bitterly. "Hmp, really now? Then why do you look so bummed out? Hmm?" He said. The Hyena looked at him and began to explain. "Hmp, well, I'm sorry for your loss" he said gently. "Yeah right.." He replied looking down at the table. "I also hate the police for giving up on my family's murder case" a tear dropped from his eye, "You're not the only one who hates the government, hey, how about a Job working for a Character name Wolf?"
"Wolf?" He replied, "Whose Wolf?" "You'll find out soon enough" the two of them leave the bar and walk off.
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minathewolf Posted at: 13:19 Jul23 2013 Post ID: 3261546
Posts: 1
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Name: Mina
Team: starfox
Age: 17
Friends: Everyone on the team
Relations: Krystal(the older sister)
Clothes:What Krystal wears, but dark blue. Always equipped with a lazer gun.
Fur: silver belly,Purple ears,white and black tail, rest is silver
Motto: Im coming.. geez
theme song: Animal I have become (3 days grace)
Story:My older sister Krystal, made me join the team. I was a lone wolf. I share helpful skills with my sister too. I hope Krystal doesn't ever find out that I have a little crush on Fox. Fox and I get along more than any others on the team. Although.... I do have to save him all the time Whistle I enjoy it though Smile The only thing I hate about my team is Slippy Shame
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Forum Guest Posted at: 23:52 Dec05 2013 Post ID: 3291829
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Name: Kyle
Species: Fox
Age: 21
Team: Star Fox
Clothes: Long white shirt with rolled up sleeves, black pants, a headset like Fox with blue visor, and boots like Fox in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Weapons: Blaster, homing launcher, and machine gun
Fur: Silver, black ears, black tail with white tip
Friends: Everyone on StarFox but Falco
Enemies: StarWolf and Falco
Gender: Male
Vehicle: Arwing
Motto: Sure. Whatever you say Falco. (Says it in a sarcastic voice.)
Personality: Friendly, sarcastic (mostly to Falco,) lovable, the ladies man apparently, funny, and very quiet when asked about something personal.
Theme song: Painkiller by Judas Priest
Story: Started at the Corneria Flight Academy at 12 years old and was one of the best students in the academy. However, when he was about 15, he just realized that his whole family was killed during the war against the aparoids. He took the loss seriously but he still continued on with his studies and went on to become one of the greatest pilots in Cornerian history at age 18. He was soon called over to StarFox nearly 2 years later and soon he became the new ace pilot of StarFox which made Falco jealous, (which began Kyle's and Falco's ongoing conflicts.)
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Forum Guest Posted at: 00:19 Apr04 2014 Post ID: 3314307
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Name: Dan
Species: Human
Age: 18
Team: Star Fox (Team II)
Position: Commander/Leader (Star Fox Squad II)
Clothes: Green flight suit, black boots, red shin guards, black fingerless gloves, red scarf, SF Uniform standard issue flight jacket, tan drop-leg holster, black belt w/ silver buckle, silver wristwatch.
Physical appearance: medium-length, slightly curly Brown hair, blue eyes, athletic build.
Height: 6 ft. tall
Weight: 162.5 lbs
Weapons/Gear: scanners (with the appearance of gold-tinted sunglasses), Blaster, Reflector, communicator.
Friends: Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, Fay Spaniel (love interest and member of team II)
Enemies: Star Wolf, Venomian Militia, Andross.
Gender: Male
Vehicle: Modified Arwing (has both single and multi lock settings, 2 smart bomb launch tubes, rapid fire and charge shot laser cannons, enhanced communications and radar equipment, extra strong shielding and armor, enhanced engine and g diffusers. Uses 4 g diffusers and 2 engines)
Usual quotes: 1. "This shouldn't be too long..."
2. "Look's like we're up for quite a fight."
3. "I'm not the one you should be putting in your crosshairs!"
4. "Thanks for the save..."
5. "Son of a-I have to pull out." (In the unlikely event that he suffers too much damage in a fight)
6. "Yeah! Mission accomplished! Nice work!"
Personality: Usually positive, though is really serious and focused in battle. Hard worker, though will relax and hang out with his team when he has a chance (he usually finds time).
Theme: Corneria Theme Medley (of the Corneria themes from SF 64 and the original SF).
Story: On a routine patrol of the space surrounding Corneria, the Star Fox Team stumble upon Star Wolf, who makes a worm hole to escape. The SF team follows them through it. As luck would have it, they were spat out at Earth. Star Wolf scatters to different locations on Earth, and Star fox tries to find all of them. Wolf O'Donnel crash lands in Pennsylvania, right outside of Dan's school. He breaks into the school, hoping that Fox will avoid fighting around random civilians. Dan, however, sneaks up to Wolf, and tries to fight him off (after Wolf basically says that he's holding the school hostage). Fox runs in during the fight, and helps finish off Wolf, who quickly flees. Fox, seeing Dan's bravery and initiative, decides to make Dan a member of Star Fox. (secretly, he also knew that they probably needed Dan's help for geography-Dan being from this planet and all.) After a brief meeting on the ship, Dan is given an altered extra spare uniform of Fox's (remember, Star Fox tends to run really low on money now and then), and given an Arwing, which Dan quickly customizes, with Slippy's help. Falco and Fox trained Dan in the use of an Arwing (which he quickly mastered), and helped him refine his ground combat. Slippy and Peppy showed Dan the controls of a LandMaster and Blue Marine, and R.O.B. 64 showed him what he'd need to know in order to pilot larger ships, like the Great Fox II. After driving Star Wolf out of hiding and back to the Lylat System, Star Fox goes to Corneria, so they might find a mother ship for Dan (Who was voted to be the leader of a 2nd Star Fox team). After quite a bit of looking around, they found a ship and named it the Great Fox III. After moving supplies, ships, etc, to the GFIII,and Dan named Fay Spaniel his 2nd in command, the crew of the Great Fox III were ready to go.

Both Star Fox teams commonly work together, and also usually help out the Cornerian Military.
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Commander Dan of Team Star Fox 2 Posted at: 00:26 Apr04 2014 Post ID: 3314308
Commander Dan of Team Star Fox 2
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BTW, the Dan file above is me. :p
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Forum Guest Posted at: 11:17 May03 2014 Post ID: 3318135
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Forum Guest
Not Talking top level
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