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Street Fighter IV

Favourite Character(s)

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JCP Da Blitz Posted at: 01:19 Mar17 2009 Post ID: 2574614
JCP Da Blitz
Posts: 2,076
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It eventually would have been made. List ur fav characters and y.

My Favs are:

Ken: the simple RyuKen style goes a long way and he can do strong and quick multi-hit attacks that WILL leave a mark. and come on, his full Ultra, when hit right, is the tightest looking special ever.

Abel: his mix up of attacks and throws can make a very formiddable opponent if not care full. He lacks long-range attacks, but can dodge them fairly eaisly.

Zangief: Yea I know, but yeah, I good w/ him. my style fighting w/ him and his throws is nearly unbeatable.

Cammy + Sakura: I love their quick attacks that leave their opponents heads spinning. Their Low-Attack Ultras make things worse.

Sagat: Power. I be winning w/ him. Enough said.

Gouken: master of the RyuKen style always has a place on this list.

Gen: New to my list. Have u ever tried using an Ultra(mantis or crane) after using the Mantis Super?? This old man doesn't play.
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Cheat_master_enzo_01 Posted at: 17:48 Mar17 2009 Post ID: 2574958
Posts: 1,670
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My Favourite:

1) Most Definetly Akuma!! I love using him online, his moves are easily to learn and pick up on and he's got a kick-ASS ultra combo that is also easily to get hold of!!!

2) Gotta be Zangief! Reason being, I know this will sound weird... but his ultra combo, I FIND IT SOOOO EASY TO PULL OFF!!! Its awesomely cool when you get a hold of it!! And hes an anti-ken, so anyone whos n00bish enough to try and own you with shoryuken and hadouken spamming online, BAM BAM BAM goes the double lariat and KO for them!!

and 3) Chun-Li! She is soo awesome and with practise she has easy moveset to grab hold of, good combos as well, with her mighty kicks, online, you can beat anyone!

I like C. Viper because shes just hot. Hands down. Smile

Credit goes to Becky for the sig and avy!!!! Much love!
"Life is a thing that happens when our parents get bored." Cheat_master_enzo_01
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nyeem78 Posted at: 01:00 May16 2009 Post ID: 2621050
Victini Dream World
Posts: 2,137
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Well, I love Chun-Li, Fei Long, Cammy, Gouken, Akuma, Ryu & Ken, Sagat, Rose & Sakura.
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