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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Tier Lists and Character Information

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johnkrill Posted at: 10:26 Jul03 2008 Post ID: 2309639
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This post contains two tier lists, the one that we have constructed right here at supercheats, and the online one from smashboards. Neither list is 100% accurate, but both give a fairly good outline of how well characters are ranked amongst eachother.

The Supercheats Unofficial Tier List

Meta Knight

Pikmin and Olimar
Toon Link
Solid Snake
Falco Lombardi
King Dedede
Princess Peach
Mr. Game and Watch

High Middle
Fox McCloud
Pokemon Trainer
Zero Suit Samus
Samus Aran
Ice Climbers
Diddy Kong

Low Middle
Captain Falcon

Donkey Kong
Sonic the Hedgehog

Smashboards "Official" Character Tournament Ranking List
This list was composed base on how well characters have faired in worldwide tournaments and competitions

- Tiers are divised into Ranks based on points obtained by each character. Characters earned points by placing or winning in tournaments.

S Rank (378-?? pts)
1 Snake (16 top8, 15 top4, 7 top2, 10 wins) - 679.55625
2 Meta Knight (15 top8, 10 top4, 11 top2, 6 wins) - 468.64375

A Rank (165-378 pts)
3 King Dedede (12 top8, 6 top4, 5 top2, 5 wins) - 303.16875 - 4
4 ROB (13 top8, 10 top4, 2 top2, 4 wins) - 191.815 - 5
5 Marth (8 top8, 7 top4, 4 wins) - 187.54375 - 9
6 Olimar (5 top8, 6 top4, 3 top2, 3 wins) - 168.2125

B Rank (94-165 pts)
7 Falco (8 top8, 3 top4, 2 top2, 2 wins) - 160.15625 - 3
8 Mr. Game & Watch (6 top8, 6 top4, 3 top2, 1 win) - 153.56875 - 10
9 Wario (10 top8, 6 top4, 4 wins) - 145.425 - 7
10 Lucario (7 top8, 2 top4, 2 top2, 3 wins) - 112.04375 - 8
11 Wolf (9 top8, 1 top4, 2 wins) - 99.275 - 16

C Rank (22-94 pts)
12 Pit (4 top8, 1 top4, 1 top2, 2 wins) - 86.725 - 11
13 Donkey Kong (2 top8, 4 top4, 3 wins) - 76.80625 - 12
14 Fox (3 top8, 2 wins) - 73.2375 - 13
15 Kirby (2 top8, 2 top4, 1 top2, 1 win) - 60
16 Ice Climbers (2 top8, 3 top4, 1 top2) - 49 - 14
17 Ness (1 top8, 1 win) - 34.875
18 Diddy Kong (6 top8, 2 top4) - 29.075 - 19
19 Luigi (1 top8, 1 top2) - 27.125 - 28
20 Peach (4 top8, 1 top4, 1 top2) - 22.84375 - 29

D Rank (12-22 pts)
21 Zelda (5 top8, 1 top4) - 21.225
22 Zero Suit Samus (1 top8, 2 top4) - 18.35 - 27
23 Bowser (1 top8, 1 top2) - 16.25 - 32
24 Samus (2 top8, 1 top4) - 15.1875 - 18
25 Pikachu (1 top8, 1 top4, 1 win) - 13.8125
26 Jigglypuff (1 top8, 1 top4) - 12.25 - 33
27 Ike (3 top8, 1 top2) - 12 - 17

E Rank (0-12 pts)
28 Lucas (2 top8, 1 top4) - 8.1875 - 30
29 Pokļæ½mon Trainer (1 top4) - 8 - 20
30 Sonic (2 top8) - 7.1875 - 24
31 Ganondorf (1 top4) - 6 - 22
32 Toon Link (2 top8) - 4.625 - 23
33 Mario (1 top8) - 2.8125 - 26
34 Sheik (1 top8) - 1.875 - 31
35 Captain Falcon (1 top8) - 1 - 34

As a last note, both tier lists are subject to change at any time, so make sure to check this periodically for changes!

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johnkrill Posted at: 18:23 Jul03 2008 Post ID: 2310468
Posts: 8,332
Post Likes: 2
Character Information

This is an alphabetized list of the characters along with information and strategies about each character, including pros, cons, techniques, and anything else that one may want to learn about a specific character.

*Click on the character's name for an information database from Smashboards*


- Bowser is a generally low tiered character, mainly for his lack of speed and his high lag rate for moves. However, Bowser has some very high damaging attacks and a vry high knockback rate.

- Bowser mains in melee will most likely not enjoy the Brawl Bowser, for many techniques to shorten his lag have been removed from the game completely.

- Because of Bowser's power, he excels most in multiplayer matches of 3 or 4 people, mainly because players are less likely to focus on Bowser's KO moves. Bowser will lack in 1v1 combat due to a lack in speed however.

Captain Falcon
- Captain Falcon is one of the characters said to be considerably nerfed, or worsened in Brawl. His canges make him harder to combo with, however his slight decrease in speed makes him a more manageable character (good for some, bad for others).

- His power his been weakened a bit, but he still has plenty of KO moves

- CF is rated rather low both on our unofficial tier list, as well as the tournament rankings

- CF seems to stand a better chance at 1v1 combat rather than multiplayer combat.

Diddy Kong
- Diddy Kong is an average ranked character on both our tier list and the tournament rankings.

- Diddy is relatively fast and has fairly quick and lagless attacks. His bananas are great for controlling the stage and forcing your opponent's movements, which is one of the biggest reasons that Diddy excels

- Diddy stands better a better chance at 1v1 combat, mainly because he is fairly easy to KO and lacks in power.

Donkey Kong
- Donkey Kong is rated low on our tier list, and average on the tournament ranking list.

- DK has plenty of power moves with great knockback. He has some fairly quick and comboing attacks, but his smash moves lag pretty badly, though he can probably KO without the use of smashes.

- Dk's recovery is geared heavily towards horizontal movement, and has very little vertical height. Keep that in mind when recovering!

- DK seems better at multiplayer combat with 3 or 4 people, due to his strength and weight.

- Falco is one of the few characters that have actually seemed to improve from Melee to Brawl

- Falco is ranked highly on both our tier list and the tournament rankings.

- Falco has very fast jumps with great vertical height, making him a great aerial fighter. He has plenty of ways to recover, and his blaster is extremely quick and useful. His reflector (down B) has a huge range improvements as well.

- Falco has average power and slow running speed, but that is made up for his fast jumps and quick attacks. He can also chain grab.

- Fox has been nerfed (worsened) from Melee to Brawl. This Melee star has been considerably cut back.

- Fox is much slower in Brawl, with slower moves. His power is still very low.

- Fox is rated average on both the tier list and the tournament ranking list, below both Falco and Wolf.

- Fox is best in 1v1 combat due to his lacking finishing moves and relatively lighter weight.

Mr. Game&Watch
- G&W is one of the few character that have improved in Brawl, mainly because G&W plays more like a melee character. Little has changed in him, making G&W mainers happy.

- G&W has very fast, powerful, and damage racking moves taht can easily combo. He's very quick with a fast jump.

- G&W does lack in weight and range however, and his dodge roll is slower than average, but none of these should be much of a problem.

- Ganondorf is a very slow, yet very powerful and heavy character with high knockback. It has been debated wether Ganondorf is a "good" character or not. Players that master Ganondorf and his abilities are definately worthy opponents

- Ganondorf is rated very low on both the tier list and the tournament rankings list, mainly because his lack of speed makes it easy to navigate around him and counter. his moves are laggish and his recovery is very sub-par.

- Ganondorf is heavy, making him hard to KO, while his moves can KO and fairly low percentages

Ice Climbers
- The Ice Climbers are fairly improved in Brawl from Melee. There moves are fairly quick and good in range, and they deal out insane amounts of damage.

- The Ice Climbers have many combos available to them, since you technically comtrol two characters. The two climbers can desynch after certain moves, allowing for near endless combos. They have amazing chain grabbing ability as well. Their smash moves can hit for 28% as well.

- Ice Climbers are rated average on the tier list and the tournament renking list.

- Ike is the new Roy in Brawl. He is very power, but nearly all of his moves lag. Ike most likely has the highest knockback in the game, KOing people at extremely low %s.

- Since Ike lags terribly with most of his moves, many will find it hard to rack up damage. Players may resort to grabbing for damage. Because of this, Ike does not excel in 1v1 combat. However, in multiplayer situations of 3 or 4 players, Ike is godly with his killing ability.

- Ike is rated average on the tier list and low on the tournament ranking list.

- Jigglypuff has improved slightly in Brawl. She can combo and does very well in aerial situations, due to her fast and fairly lagless moves.

- Jigglypuff is extremely light and easy to KO, and has relatively weak moves (though some pack a nice punch). Because of this, Jiggs will probably fair better in 1v1 competition.

- Jigglypuff is rated average on the tier list and low on the tournament ranking list.

King Dedede
- When Brawl first came out, it was rumored that Dedede was the worst character in the game. With all of the newly discovered techniques and abilities that this character has, however, Dedede is definately a character worth investing in.

- Dedede is a fairly heavy and hard to KO character. His multiple jumps and Up B move gives him a very nice recovery. He can throw little minions (as I'll call them) similar to Peach's Down B move, and each "minion" varies with each pull.

- The most notorius ability that Dedede has is his down throw chain grab, which can be used to chain grab most characters and ANY %.

- Dedede's moves generally lag, but most people find ways to work around that. King Dedede is ranking highly on the tier list and tournament ranking list.

- Dedede does well in both 1v1 and multiplayer combat of 3 or 4 players.

- Kirby has gotten a little better since Melee. He is still very fast with quick and lagless moves and a great recovery. He can easily build up damage with nice combos and chain grabbing.

- Kirby is a light character, and therefore an easy KO target for multiplayer fights of 3 or 4 players. He excels more in 1v1 combat.

- Kirby is ranked average in botht he tier list and the tournament ranking list.

- Link seems slightly nerfed in Brawl. His movement speed has increased, but his recover is much worse and his moves have slightly more lag. Despite this, Link is still the King of long range, with his bombs, arrows, boomerang, and grapple.

- Link is fairly heavy and powerful, making him great for multiplayer combat of 3 or 4 players. He is not as strong in 1v1 combat because of his slow movement and poor recovery.

- Link is rated average in the tier list, and not ranked on the tournament list.

- Lucario is a great character. His smash moves lag a little, but he has some very quick and damage building moves. He ahs the fastest dodge roll in the game, making it very easy to roll behind somebody and grab them.

- Lucario is most effective when he is dealt with damage. His kockback increases drastically. This is an added bonus when he is in a tight spot.

- Lucario's Aura Sphere (similar to Samus's charging blaster or Mewtwo's B move in Melee) is also great for edgeguarding and long range attacks.

- Lucario excells in 1v1 combat due to his rolling quickness, and also does fairly well in multiplayer combat of 3 or 4 players.

- Lucario is ranked highly on both the tier list and tournament ranking list.

- Lucas is the next Ness, and most agree that he is even better than ness. Lucas is a very fast, lagless, and strong character with some great options open to him. He has got plenty of ranged moves.

- Most new Lucas players will have the most trouble with his recovery, which only features two jumps. Lucas may still use his PK thunder to hit himself, sending him in the corosponding direction, but controlling the move is tricky and interruptable.

- Lucas has a long ranged and powerful grab as well, and probably the strongest usmash in the game (with terrible lag of course).

- Lucas is rated average on the tier list and low on the tournament ranking list.

- Luigi is a very fast attacker. Almost all of his moves come out very quickly, and he is an amazing comboer. He's got fairly good damage as well, but knockback may be a bit of a problem. His moves are relatively short ranged as well.

- Luigi also slides a great deal on the stage. This can be both an advantage and disadvantage. He has a fairly good recovery as well.

- Luigi's lack in knockback and his sliding do not make him an ideal choice for multiplayer combat of 3 or 4 players, however he does very well in 1v1 combat.

- Luigi is ranked highly on the tier list and average on the tournament ranking list.

- Mario attacks a bit slower than luigi, with small range. However, it's made up for his power and movement speed.

- Mario is another fair character for comboing, though he is less popular in tournaments than Luigi. Mario has fast and lagless smashes that deal lots of damage and have very nice knockback.

- Mario is lighter on the weight scale, but because of his destructive power, he may excel at either 1v1 or multiplayer combat with 3 or 4 players.

- Mario is ranked average on the tier list and low on the tournament ranking list.

- Marth is still an amazing character. Brawl did little to affect him negatively. He still has his quickness, disjointed hitbox, and power (though knockback was slightly decreased). He is another great combo character and definately a worthy character to try.

- Marth has had a few changed, including the knockback decrease, but players have found ways to work around this. The tip of Marth's blade is still the sweet spot, and his fsmash is still very powerful. Most old Marth mains will notice the change to Marth's B move. Marth can chaingrab at low %s.

- Marth is fairly light weight and his power and combo abilities are not focused for multiplayer combat of 3 or 4 players. However, he is an amazing character for 1v1 combat.

- Marth is rated highly on both the tier list and the tournament ranking list.


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Sig and Avy made my me!!!
Brawl FC is 3394-4531-4018
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