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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller

Got an awesome deck recipe that can't be beat, post it here!

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lolita lempika Posted at: 02:49 Jun12 2008 Post ID: 2276560
lolita lempika
Forum GuestMember
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My best deck has Horus the Black Flame Dragon, Level Upx2, a card called sared hand of nepthys which allows me to special summon (some sort of winged beast/effect cant remember the name right now) from my deck using another card as a tribute, including sheep token! (I couldnt believe this worked!) Then I just have the usual high att/def level 4 plus effects and spell and traps, Including Elemental Hero Fusion, Its a great mix!
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Banjos_R_Evil Posted at: 16:57 Jun20 2008 Post ID: 2290739
Posts: 105
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A good medley of cards are: Cyber Stein, Mirror Force, Seven Tools of the Bandit, Magic Jammer, Cyber Dragon, Destiny Board, Final Coutdown, Muka-Muka, Enraged Muka-Muka, Exodia Necross and five pieces of Exodia.

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Looking for an azure flute!!
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KH2_MAD!!!995 Posted at: 00:01 Feb22 2009 Post ID: 2553583
Forum GuestMember
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Hi I have many deck recipes saved on my spirit caller game but recently I have deleted all data. I had tonnes of winning decks but my most successfull one was uhh... the "elemental hero" deck. I never lost with it. here it is (based on a jaden yuki deck)
E-Hero Airman X3
E-Hero Avian X3
E-Hero Bladedge X2
E-Hero Bubbleman X3
E-Hero Burstinatrix X3
E-Hero Clayman X3
E-Hero Necroshade X2
E-Hero Neos X2
E-Hero Sparkman X3
E-Hero Wildheart X3
Winged Kuriboh X3
Winged Kuriboh Lv 10 X1
Wroughtwieler X1
E-Hero Erikshieler X1 (i think that's right.....)
E-Hero Flame Wingman X2
E-Hero Madballman X2
E-Hero Rampart Blaster X1
E-Hero Shining Flare Wingman X1
E-Hero Steam Healer X1
E-Hero Tempest X1
E-Hero Thunder Giant X2
E-Hero Wildedge X2
E-Emergancy Call X3
Emergancy Provisions X1
Fusion Gate X1
H-Heated Heart X1
Hero Flash X1
Monster Reincarnation X1
Mystical Space Typhoon X1
O-Oversoul X1
Polymerization X3
R-Righteous Justice X2
Skyscraper X1
The Warrior Returning Alive X2
Transcendant Wings X2
Draining Shield X3
Hero Barrier X2
Hero Ring X1
Mirror Force X1
Negate Attack X2
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Archmasterdoomsday Posted at: 00:50 Jun23 2009 Post ID: 2653451
Posts: 2
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Try getting plenty of traps that counter attacks, and some monsters with a good defense. Then use Some destiny boards or wave motion cannons.
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chaos360 Posted at: 23:30 Nov07 2009 Post ID: 2761806
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 1
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i got a pretty good deck

x2 red eyes zombie dragon
x2 pyramid turtle
master kyonshee
x2 regenerating mummy
paladin of the cursed dragon
patrician of darkness
plague wolf
getsu fuhma
marionette mite
x2 zombie master
il blud
malevolent mech goku en
royal keeper

book of life
call of the mummy
hand destruction
monster reborn
card of safe return
creature swap
field barrier
x2 zombie world
united we stand
violet crystal
remove trap
lightning vortex
ribbon of rebirth
spell shattering arrow
pot of avarice
mystical space typhoon

bottomless trap hole
dust tornado
magical arm shield
sakuretsu armor
scrap iron scarecrow
solemn wishes (optional)
time machine (optional)
tutan mask
mirror force

Thats about:Smile
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qwertyuio Posted at: 04:37 Dec29 2010 Post ID: 2945717
Bite the Bullet
Posts: 19,587
Post Likes: 10
chazzitup: Hi there, I see you're fluent in Portuguese, you should meet the user Vasco sometime, he's also Portuguese and a really cool guy. I am going to have to ask that you post in English while you are on this site though, or at least provide an English translation, as we are, well, an English based site! I've deleted your last post. Hope you can understand, thanks.
Voted Best Nazi Mod Ever <3
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Forum Guest Posted at: 09:44 Mar24 2013 Post ID: 3227682
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
I play by using a deck very similar to yugis deck by playing dark magic cards such as dark magician of chaos and dark sage I also use gilford of lightning to my advantage my deck consist of offense and defence so sangan is very helpful in certain situations
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Forum Guest Posted at: 22:28 Jun09 2013 Post ID: 3251890
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Keep a max of 5 level 7 and up monsters in the deck, 3-4 level 5 and 6, about 15 level 4 and under monsters. Use traps such as mirror force to wipe the enemy clean, lightning vortex, etc. Heavy storm and equip spells such as united we stand are a must. Focus on equip, traps that heavily disable the enemy, and low monsters with high attack, and some with very high defense, depending on the situation
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Forum Guest Posted at: 17:28 Dec07 2013 Post ID: 3292101
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
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Forum Guest Posted at: 14:10 Jan21 2014 Post ID: 3300511
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
1* Harpie Lady 1
1* Harpie Lady 2
1* Harpie Lady 3
3* Harpie Girl
3* Harpie's Brother
2* Harpie Lady Sisters
2* Harpie Queen
2* Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon
1* Harpie's Pet Dragon
3* Harpie Channeler
3* Harpie Dancer
2* Sonic Chick
2* Harpie's Hunting Ground
2* Harpie Feather Duster
3* Elegant Egotist
2* Cyber Shield
1* Triangle Ecstasy Spark
2* Follow Wind
1* Rising Air Current
2* Rose Whip
1* Divine Wind of Mist Valley
2* Hysteric Sign
1* 3 of a Kind
2* Inferno Reckless Summon
1* Pot of Greed
2* Hysteric Party
2* Icarus Attack
2* Windstorm of Etaqua
2* Bottomless Trap Hole
2* Negate Attack
1* Magic Cylinder
1* Draining Shield
1* Generation Shift
1* Call of the Haunted

Extra Deck
Vortex the Whirlwind

P.S. This is my Elemental Hero deck, (yeah, right!) but seriously, this is my Harpie deck, and it is unstoppable.Thumbs UpSmileThumbs Up
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Forum Guest Posted at: 15:15 Jul15 2015 Post ID: 3383508
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
What I recomend is usimgnlvl monsters with lvl up spell in deck I finally get all of them and newer lost
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