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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller


Yu-Gi-Oh spirt caller deck recipes

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Zen Hyperion Posted at: 00:26 Jun10 2011 Post ID: 3016246
Zen Hyperion
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 3
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{~~==Hyperion X==~~}

Monster Cards:

3X Blue-Eyes White Dragon
1X Cyber-Tech Alligator
1X Luster Dragon
1X Vorse Raider
1X X-Head Cannon
1X Ancient Gear Golem
2X Armed Dragon LV3
2X Armed Dragon LV5
1X Armed Dragon LV7
1X Black Stego
1X Breaker the Magical Warrior
1X Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End (from Aster Phoenix)
1X Copycat
3X Cyber Dragon
1X D.D. Warrior Lady
1X Dandylion
1X Despair from the Dark
1X Destiny Hero - Dasher
1X Elemental Hero Wildheart
1X Exarion Universe
1X Exiled Force
2X Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4
2X Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6
1X Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8
1X Magician of Faith
1X Marshmallon
1X Mobius the Frost Monarch
1X Mystic Swordsman LV4
3X Nimble Momonga
1X Raging Flame Sprite
1X Sangan
1X Shining Angel
1X Skilled Dark Magician
1X Tyrant Dragon
1X Y-Dragon Head
1X Z-Metal Tank

Magic Cards:

1X Axe of Despair
1X Big Bang Shot
1X Brain Control
1X Cost Down
1x Dark Core
1X Foolish Burial
1X Future Fusion
1X Graceful Charity
1X Heavy Storm
1X Level Modulation
2X Level Up!
1X Lightning Vortex
1X Mystical Space Typhoon
1X Nobleman of Extermination
1X Premature Burial
3X Sealed Gold Coffer
1X Shrink
1X Wave-Motion Cannon

Trap Cards:

1X Blast Held by a Tribute
1X Call of the Haunted
1X Magic Cyinder
1X Magic Jammer
1X Metal Reflect Slime
1X Mirror Force
1X Raigeki Break
1X Ring of Destruction
1X Sakuretsu Armor
1X Seven Tools of the Bandit
1X Trap Hole
1X trap Jammer
1X Widespread Ruin

Card Count: 80

P.S. Try to go second to give your Cyber Dragon a chance to use its effect.
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Zen Hyperion Posted at: 00:36 Jun10 2011 Post ID: 3016251
Zen Hyperion
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 3
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1X XY Dragon Cannon
1X XZ Tank Cannon
1X YZ Tank Dragon
1X XYZ tank Dragon Cannon
1X Cyber Twin Dragon
1X Cyber End dragon
1X Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
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sphynxx Posted at: 00:51 Jun10 2011 Post ID: 3016254
.:I Am What You Fear Most:.
Posts: 11,716
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Hey there Zen Hyperion, if you forget or wish to add anything to your posts, we do have an "edit" button located underneath your posts next to the "reply | add quote and " buttons.

Posting twice in a row is frowned upon here on Supercheats, but it's not going to get you into serious trouble.

so from now on, please use the "Edit" button provided to add in any extra information you may need to.

There are no character limits to posts, so you don't have to worry about writing something too long Smile

<3 to Craizen for the Avatar & TheLlama for the Signature.

"Forever in this heart of mine, an everlasting bond. From now until the end of time, are memories so fond."

Juli said:I am officially a Sphynx fangirl. C:
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Rexagarion Posted at: 11:46 Jun22 2011 Post ID: 3024918
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 1
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i m only a amateur so my deck isn't very good.i use this deck is complete the whole game but Chazz is a bit hard to win against him using this deck

3x Blackland fire
3x Red-eyes black dragon
3x Saggi the dark clown
2x Blast sphere
2x Red-eyes b.chick
1x Sangan
2x The fiend megacyber
2x Witch's Apprentice
3x Axe of Despair
1x Brain control
2x Enemy Controller
1x Heavy Storm(i m not sure weather it banned)
2x Inferno Fire Blast
2x Mystic Plasma Zone
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Premature Burial
2x Rush Recklessly
1x Swords of Revealing light
2x Bottomless trap hole
1x Crush card virus
1x Magic Cylinder
1x Mirror force
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Ultimate Offering

18 monsters cards
16 spell cards (may be a little too much)
7 traps cards
41 cards total
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arceus4100 Posted at: 07:34 Jul14 2011 Post ID: 3036822
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 4
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Awesome, wanna duel? I now have WC2010 so reply on my later post with an answer!
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Helix341 Posted at: 12:22 Aug11 2011 Post ID: 3051547
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 1
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Element Roid

This deck is a mix of Jaden's and Syrus's and won me the game :D

-E Hero Avian x2
-E Hero Burstinatrix x2
-E Hero Clayman x2
-E Hero Bubbleman x2
-E Hero Sparkman x2
-Drillroid x2
-Steamroid x2
-Gyroid x2
-Submarineroid x2

-UFOroid x2

-Dian Keto the Cure Master
-E - Emergency Call x2
-Fusion Gate x2
-Future Fusion
-Miracle Fusion x2
-Mystical Space Typhoon
-O - Oversoul x2
-Polymerization x2
-Power Bond
-Sealed Gold Coffer
-Swords of Revealing Light

-Adhesion Trap Hole
-Coffin Seller
-Magical Cylinder
-Mirror Force
-Nightmare Wheel

-E Hero Erikshieler x3
-E Hero Flame Wingman x2
-E Hero Madballman x2
-E Hero Rampart Blaster x2
-E Hero Shining Flare Wingman x2
-E Hero Steam Healer x2
-E Hero Tempest x2
-E Hero Thunder Giant x2
-Steam Gyroid x2
-Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill x2
-UFOroid Fighter x2

As you can see, fusions are the key!
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Danelerhostcrexcum Posted at: 13:15 Oct02 2011 Post ID: 3065979
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 1
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I have made a deck that I am constantly changing so that I can make it better. It is always 60 cards with 30 monsters, 15 spells, and 15 traps. So far, I have only lost 3 times with it: once against Erishi and twice against Alexis.

- Gemini Elf
- Jerry Beans Man X2
- Amazoness Swords Woman X2
- Blast Sphere X2
- Cyber Dragon X2
- D.D. Assailant
- D.D. Warrior
- D.D. Warrior Lady
- Des Koala
- Enraged Battle Ox X2
- Fire Princess
- Gyroid
- Harpie Lady 3 X2
- Hydrogeddon X3
- King Tier Wanghu x2
- Kuriboh X2
- Man-Eater Bug X2
- Morphing Jar
- Sangan
- Axe of Despair X2
- Black Pendant X2
- Book of Taiyou
- Chain Strike
- Dark Magician's Tome of Black Magic
- Dark Room of Nightmare
- Different Dimension Capsule
- Ekibyo Drakmord
- Fairy Meteor Crush
- Graceful Charity
- Heavy Storm
- Mage Power
- Mystical Space Typhoon
- Acid Trap Hole
- Adhesion Trap Hole
- Attack and Receive
- Barrel Behind the Door
- Ceasefire
- Chain Detonation
- Chain Healing
- Magic Cylinder
- Magic Jammer X2
- Mirror Force
- Nightmare Wheel
- Non Aggression Area
- Trap Jammer X2
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CardFan1115 Posted at: 13:23 Nov21 2011 Post ID: 3078794
Posts: 1
Post Likes: 0
This is my light attribute deck:

Castle of Light

Normal Monsters:
Blue-Eyes White Dragon X3
Dunames Dark Witch X1

Effect Monsters:
Asura Priest X1
Copycat X1 (my lifesaver while dueling Dark Zane with his Chimeratech Overdragon)
Gilford The Lightning X1 (Helps me clear the opponent's Monster Card Zone)
Magician's Valkyria X2 (If there are only 2 copies of this card on the field,your opponent cannot attack you)
Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands X1
Reflect Bounder X1
Satellite Cannon X1
Shining Angel X3
The Forgiving Maiden X1
The Light-Hex-Sealed Fusion X3 (Key for Fusion Summon)
Thunder Dragon X3
Winged Kuriboh X1
Winged Kuriboh LV10 X1

Ritual Monsters:
Black Luster Soldier X1
Shinato,King of a Higher Plane X1

Fusion Monsters:
Master of Dragon Soldier X1 (The strongest in the deck)
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon X1 (I rarely use it in battle)
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon X2 (Easy to be fusion summoned)
St. Joan X1

Spell Cards:
Autonomous Action Unit X1
Big Bang Shot X1 (Effective Penetration)
Black Luster Ritual X1
Bright Castle X1
De-Fusion X1 (Multi-Functions Spell)
Fusion Gate X1
Luminous Spark X1
Mausoleum of the Emperor X1 (For summoning 5 Stars or higher monsters without tribute)
Hammer Shot X1
Megamorph X1 (Multi Functions Spell -Double my monster ATK/Halves opponent's monster ATK)
Mystical Space Typhoon X1 (Good for destroying cards like Gravity Binds and Messenger of Peace)
Polymerization X3 (I LOVE FUSIONS!)
Shinato's Ark X1
Shrink X1
Transcendent Wings X1

Trap Cards:
Acid Trap Hole X1 (Destroys 1 opponent's face down defense position monster with DEF of 2000 or less)
Beckoning Light X1 (For retrieving Light attribute monster from the graveyard)
Call of the Haunted X1
Magic Cylinder X1 (Counterattack)
Mirror Force X1 (I always use it when my opponent has two or more monster in attack position in his/her field)
Negate Attack X1
Waboku X1

This is my quickest way to Fusion Summons:

Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
-If you have a Thunder Dragon and a Polymerization/Fusion Gate in your hand and the
other two Thunder Dragon in the deck.Activate Thunder Dragon effect,discard this card
(Thunder Dragon) and add 2 Thunder Dragons from your deck.Activate the Polymerization/Fusion Gate effects to Fusion Summon Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon.
-If you have a Thunder Dragon and The Light-Hex-Sealed Fusion on the field.Activate
The Light-Hex-Sealed Fusion Effect.By tributing the Thunder Dragon and this card,you
can summon Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon without using Polymerization/Fusion Gate.

St. Joan
-Activate the Polymerization/Fusion Gate effect while The Forgiving Maiden and
The Light-Hex-Sealed Fusion are in your hand.
-Activate The Light-Hex-Sealed Fusion effect while The Forgiving Maiden is on the
field.You can use Shining Angel to help you special summons either card for a quicker

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
-You can subtitute 1 The Light-Hex-Sealed Fusion 2 Blue-Eyes White Dragon if you
want,but I prefer to Fusion Summon it with 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Master of Dragon Soldier
-The Easiest way to Fusion Summon it is by using Black Luster Soldier and The
Light-Hex-Sealed Fusion as Fusion Materials (You cannot use The Light-Hex-Sealed Fusion
effect to summon this monster).You can use Shining Angel to get The Light-Hex-Sealed Fusion faster and Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands to get Black Luster Soldier quicker.
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des1214 Posted at: 00:27 Nov28 2011 Post ID: 3080526
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 1
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Deck: Cyber XYZ

Monsters: 22
Cyber Dragon 3x
Proto-Cyber Dragon 3x
Mechanical Chaser 3x
Heavy Mech Support Platform 3x
X-Head Cannon 2x
Y-Dragon Head 2x
Z-Metal Tank 2x
Blast Sphere 1x
Cyber Laser Dragon 1x
Sangan 1x
Gyroid 1x (optional)

Fusion Monsters: 21
Chimeratech Overdragon 3x
Cyber End Dragon 3x
Cyber Twin Dragon 3x
XY-Dragon Cannon 3x
XYZ-Dragon Cannon 3x
XZ-Tank Cannon 3x
YZ-Tank Dragon 3x

Spells: 16
Future Fusion 1x
Power Bond 2x
Overload Fusion 1x
Polymerization 1x
De-Fusion 1x
Enemy Controller 1x
Frontline Base 1x
Graceful Charity 1x
Lightning Vortex 3x
Limiter Removal 1x
Mystical Space Typhoon 1x
Pot of Avarice 1x
Photon Generator Unit 1x

Traps: 7
Call of the Haunted 1x
Interdimensional Matter Transporter 2x
Magic Cylinder 1x
Mirror Force 1x
Shift 1x
Ring of Destruction 1x
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Batman4ever! Posted at: 04:41 Jan01 2012 Post ID: 3085177
Posts: 1
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Here my deck, Gets Great Hands and i have one of 95% of all duels hope this helps.
Normal Monsters lvl 1-4:
1.Agua Madoor
2.Axe Raider
3.Dunmes Dark Witch
4.Gemini Elf
5.Mystical Elf
6.Vorse Raider

Effect Monster lvl 1-4:
1.Adhesive Explosive (my spirit)
2.D.D. Assailant
3.Dark Elf
4.Gearfried the Iron Knight
5.Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
6.Magician of Faith
7.Magician's Valkria
8.Obnoxious Celtic Guard

Normal monsters lvl 5 and higher:
1.Dark Magician

Effect monsters lvl 5 and higher:
1.Dark Margician Girl
3.The Fiend Megacyber
4.Buster Blader
5.Dark Magician of Chaos
6.Gilford the Lightning

Magic cards:
1.Brain Control
2.Dark Magician's Tome of Black Magic
3.Different Dimension Capsule
4.Ekibyo Drakmord
5.Graceful Charity
6.Heavy Storm
7.Magical Dimension
8.Mystical Space Typhoon
9.Premature Burail
10.Sage's Stone
12.Tribute Doll
13.Wicked-Breaking Flameberge - Baou

Trap Cards:
1.Acid Trap Hole
2.Bottomless Trap Hole
3.Judgment of Anubis
4.Magic Cylinder
5.Magic Drain
6.Mirror Force
7.Nagate Attack
8.Secen Tools of the Bandit
9.Shadow Spell
10.Spellbinding Circle
11.Trap Hole
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dmc81268 Posted at: 20:57 Mar29 2012 Post ID: 3104132
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 2
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This is my deck strictly for fiend monsters only:
Levels 1-4:
Gil Garth x1
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp x1
Castle of Dark Illusions x1
Giant Orc x1
Goblin King x1
Masked Chopper x1 (very helpful if you have equip spell cards)
Newdoria x2
Sangan x1
Slate Warrior x1
Bistro Butcher x1
Dark Jeroid x1
Levels 5+:
Dark Deadroutte x1
Archfiend of Gilfer x1
Dark Necrofear x1
Marie the Fallen One x1
Raviel, Lord of Phantasms x1
Skull Archfiend of Lightning x1
Ritual Monsters:
Demise, King of Armageddon x1
Ruin, Queen of Oblivion x1
The Masked Beast x1
Curse of the Masked Beast x1
End of the World x2
Different Dimension Capsule x2
Excavation of Mage Stones x1
Exchange x1
Final Destiny x1
Graceful Charity x1
Hammer Shot x1
Heavy Storm x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Tribute to the Doomed x1
Mage Power x1
United We Stand x1
Mausoleum of the Emperor x1
Bottomless Trap Hole x1
Waboku x1
Widespread Ruin x1
Call of the Haunted x1
Magic Cylinder x1
Mirror Force x1
Ring of Destruction x1
Torrential Tribute x1
Ultimate Offering x1
Wall of Revealing Light x1
Card Total: 51
*no fusions
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dmc81268 Posted at: 21:17 Mar29 2012 Post ID: 3104138
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 2
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This Deck is typically Warriors with a couple non-warriors but I call it my Elemental Hero deck:
Monster Cards (LVL1-4)
E-Hero Avian x2
E-Hero Burstinatrix x2
E-Hero Clayman x2
E-Hero Sparkman x2
E-Hero Airman x3
E-Hero Wildheart x1
E-Hero Bubbleman x1
Big Shield Gardna x1
Command Knight x2
D.D. Assailant x1
D.D. Warrior Lady x1
Don Zaloog x1
Little Winguar x1
(1-4 Non-SC's+Wrrirs')
Morphing Jar x1
Versago the Destroyer x2
LVL5+ Monsters:
Buster Blader x1
E-Hero Bladege x1
Gilford the Lightning x1
Dark Magician x1
Autonomous Action Unit x1
Back to Square One x1
Card Destruction x1
Creature Swap x2
Dark Magic Curtain x2
Ectoplasmer x1
Future Fusion x1
Graceful Charity x1
Hammer Shot x1
Heavy Storm x1
Lightning Vortex x1
Mage Power x1
Mausoleum of the Emperor x2
Megamorph x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Polymerization x3
Premature Burial x1
Sealed Gold Coffer x3
Sebek's Blessing x2
Swords of Revealing Light x1
United We Stand x1
Call of the Haunted x1
Embodiment of Apophis x1
Magical Hats x1
Mirror Force x1
Ring of Destruction x1
Shadow Spell x1
Time Machine x3
Torrential Tribute x1
Ultimate Offering x1
Wall of Revealing Light x1
Total Cards: 67
Dark Paladin x1
E-Hero Eriksheler x1
E-Hero Flame Wingman x1
E-Hero Shining Flare Wingman x1
E-Hero Msdballman x1
E-Hero Rampart Blaster x1
E-Hero Steam Healer x1
E-Hero Tempest x1
E-Hero Thunder Giant x1
E-Hero Wildege x1
Total Fusion Cards: 10
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Ninetailed Fox Posted at: 21:22 Mar29 2012 Post ID: 3104139
Ninetailed Fox
Posts: 4,522
Post Likes: 6
dmc81268 Please don't double post. If you have anything to add to your last post just use the edit button please.

"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend."
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checkmateyugioh Posted at: 21:03 Apr03 2012 Post ID: 3105087
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 1
Post Likes: 0
Heres my Deck, I call it "Life Drain" since, you will literally drain the life of your opponent, by using spells, and trap cards.

Stealth Bird (x3) [Only use when you have activated cards like, Messenger of Peace, etc.]
[Deals 1000 damage to your opponent every turn.]

Messenger of peace (x2) [Restricts the attack of high attack monsters. Use only when you have some monsters that are needed to be protected, and you have lots of health]

Level Limit Area B, Gravity Bind (x1) [Same reason, restricts the attacks of high leveled monsters..

Lava Golem (x2) [Special summon this monster to your opponent, after you have cards like Messenger of peace, etc., Deals also 1000 damage to your opponent during each of her standby phases]

Toll (x2) [Deals 500 damage to your opponent each time they attack, use ONLY when you have set a monster like Sangan, Fire princess, nimble momoga, etc.(so that they will attack the set monster), and when you are playing defencively]

Bowganian, Fire Princess, Giant Germ (x2 all) [Simple, they do damage every turn, every time you are healed, and every time it is attacked, respectivly]

Wave-Motion Cannon (x2) [Deals very big damage, but takes time to have the maximum damage.. (Deals 1000 damage TIMES the number of your Stand By phases after you activated this card)]



Nimble Momonga (x3) [Your main healing card, lol. Use this when you have already summoned Fire Princess]

Solemn Wishes (x2) [Synerges well with Fire Princess, (each time you draw a card, you are healed by 500, when Fire Princess is on the field, deals 500 damage to your opponent at the same time)

Emergency Provisions, Chain Healing (x1) [For fast healing, and for survivability]

THOSE ARE THE MAIN CARDS IN MY DECK, and I DONT WANT YOU TO FOLLOW ALL, so its up to you to put creativity in it.
Whether you add more Life damaging Spells, or play defencively and use Mirror Force, etc.

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xander123 Posted at: 07:18 Apr08 2012 Post ID: 3105868
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 2
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this is my red eyes B. dragon deck
red-eyes B. chick X2
masked dragon X3
horus the black flame dragon LV4 X2
element dragon X2
horus the black flame dragon LV6 X1
summoned skull X2
meteor dragon X2
red-eyes B. dragon X3
horus the black flame dragon LV8 X1
red-eyes darkness dragon X2

different dimension capsule X3
future fusion X1
jar of greed X2
foolish burial X2
level up! X2
lightning vortex X2
mystical space typhoon X1
polymerization X3
the graveyard in the fourth dimension X 1

magic jammer X2
mirror force X1
call of the haunted X1


B. skull dragon X3 (summoned skull + red-eyes B. dragon)
meteor B. dragon X3 ( red-eyes B. dragon + meteor dragon)

« Last edited by xander123 on Apr 9th 2012 »
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xander123 Posted at: 07:33 Apr08 2012 Post ID: 3105869
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 2
Post Likes: 0
this is my blue-eyes white dragon deck ( not as good as my red eyes B. dragon deck).

silent swordsman LV3 X2
masked dragon X2
element dragon X1
luster dragon X2
koimori dragon X2
blackland fire dragon X1
silent swordsman LV5 X2
silent swordsman LV7 X1
black luster soldier X3
blue-eyes white dragon X3
blue-eyes shining dragon X2

black luster ritual X2
de-fusion X2
different dimension capsule X2
foolish burial X1
fusion gate X1
fusion recovery X1
future fusion X1
level modulation X3
level up!
lightning vortex X2
polymerization X2
premature burial X1

calamity of the wicked X2
mirror force X1

blue-eyes ultimate dragon X3 ( blue-eyes white dragon X3)
master of the dragon soldier X3 ( black luster soldier + blue eyes ultimate dragon)

« Last edited by xander123 on Apr 9th 2012 »
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Dennis61216 Posted at: 02:25 May27 2012 Post ID: 3114904
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 3
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Okay, now I have this deck for you for spirit "Adhesive Explosive". This deck is good for destroying opponent's cards and inflict damage.
Deck name : Giant Explosion
Deck list :

Monster cards
Mechanicalchaser X2
Adhesive Explosive X3
Barrel Dragon X1
Blast Sphere X3
Blowback Dragon X1
Cyber Jar X1 (If you have finished the game, you can included this card, if not, you can change it with another Blowback Dragon)
Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast X2
Gear Golem the Moving Fortress X3
Morphing Jar X1
Reflect Bounder X2
Spirit Reaper X1

Spell card
Bait Doll X1
Graceful Charity X1
Heavy Storm X1
Limiter Removal X1
Meteor of Destruction X1
Nitro Unit X2
Nobleman of Crossout X1
Nobleman of Extermination X1
Pot of Avarice X1[size=12][/size]
Premature Burial X1
Reload X2

Trap cards
Call of Haunted X1
Magic Cylinder X1
Mirror Force X1
Ring of Destruction X1
Widespread Ruin X2

Total cards: 40

Try it, this deck is really good Thumbs Up........
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Forgoten_Scars Posted at: 02:37 May27 2012 Post ID: 3114907
Orbis terrarum est mei
Posts: 14,828
Post Likes: 28
Dennis61216, please try to avoid double posts. Double posting is posting twice or more in a row. You have to wait for someone else to post after you before you can post again. If you have something to add to your previous post, just use the edit button located below it. Thanks~
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Forum Guest Posted at: 01:24 Jun03 2012 Post ID: 3116896
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
axe raider-1
buster blader-1
elemental hero bladedge-1
gate guardian-2
gearfried the iron knight-2
gilford the lightning-2
ninja grandmaster sasuke-3
reflect bounder-3

fusion gate-1
fusion sage-3
lightning vortex-3

magic cylinder-1
mirror force-1
negate attack-2
sakuretsu armor-2
trap hole-1
widespread ruin-2

steam gyroid-3
super vehicroid jumbo drill-1
UFOroid fighter-2
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Forum Guest Posted at: 12:24 Jun12 2012 Post ID: 3119166
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
I have a good ritual monster focused deck.You can get high attack card on your first turn with a good draw.

manju of ten thousand hands X1
7 colored fish X3
Gemini elf X2
Giant red sea snake X3
All pieces of exodia(one of each part)
mechanicalchaser X3
Vorse raider X2
x head cannon X#
Barrel dr4agon X2
blowback dragon X2
cyber stein X2
exodia necross X1
granmarg the rock monarch X1
king tiger wanghu X3
mobius the frost monarch X1
satellite cannon X3
zaborg the thunder monarch X1

Ritual monsters

black luster soldier X3(black luster ritual X3)
fortress whale X3(fortress whales oath X3)
magician of black chaos X1(dark magic ritual X2)
relinquished X2(black illusion ritual X3)
ruin queen of oblivion X3-------\end of the world X3
demise king of armageddon X3----/
shinato king of a higher plane X3(shinatos ark X3)


contract with exodia X3
ritual weapon X3
contract with the abyss X1
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