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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller

Yu-Gi-Oh spirt caller deck recipes

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Forum Guest Posted at: 03:46 Jul19 2012 Post ID: 3130725
Forum Guest
Forum Guest

hi this is my first post obviously this is quite a gap between posts and im pretty sure hardly any of you play this game anymore but i thiought i would post my deck recipe. please note that i havent completed the game yet.

recipe name: weak fusion

monsters- normal:
Alligators sword x2
Baby Dragon x2
Battle Ox x2
Crawling Dragon#2 x2
Gazelle the king of Mythical Beasts x2
Mystic Horseman x2
Two Headed King Rex x2

monsters- effect:
Berfomet x2 (a 5 star monster that when summoned you can get one gazelle from your deck to your hand)
Goddess with the third eye x3
King of the swamp x3

Spells- Axe of despair
De spell
Different dimension capsule
Fusion gate x2
Fusion Weapon x2
Heavy storm
Mystical space typhoon
Polymerization x3

Traps- Dust tornado
Magic cylinder
Mirror force
Nightmare wheel
Ragiki break x2
Trap Hole x2

Alligators sword dragon - baby dragon + alligators sword ( effect) x2 1700ATk 1500 def
Bracchio Raidus- craw drag + king rex 2200atk 2000 Def x3
Chimera the flying mythical beast - gazelle + Berfomet (effect) 2100atk 1800 def x3
Rabid Horsemen- battle ox + mystic horsemen 2000 atk 1700 def x3
Thousand Dragon - Baby dragon + time wizard (note i do not have time wizard in this deck) 2400 atk 2000def

this deck uses fusions monsters and lots of them,iin your first turn you are very likely to be able to make a fusion monster
. King of the swamps is used to get polymerzqtion and can also be used as a fusion material monster same as goddess with the third eye. You might have noticed that these are weak fusion monsters but they are under 6 stars (except thousand dragon) so can be used with fusion weapon which gives them 1500+ atk and def.

please post on this for ways of improvement. thanks.
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Forum Guest Posted at: 04:11 Jul19 2012 Post ID: 3130728
Forum Guest
Forum Guest

sorry for double posting im using an ipad so cant find the edit button. But for everyone on here i recommend using a deck between 40 amd 50 cards not including fusions or side deck.As you will have a higher chance of getting the cards you want. Also try and focus your deck on one thing as too many choices leaves you halfway to getting one creature on the field and halfway to getting another. so i doesnt work.

For your 40 ish cards i would advise you to have just over half of them monster cards
spell cards and then a few traps. ( this is just for a general monster beat down deck)
if using a life damage deck then you would use much more trap cards.

For example my deck above (weak fusion) contains 44 cards and 11 fusions
Out of these 22 of them are monsters, which is exactly half
13 spells and 9 traps.

i hope this helps and once again sorry for double posting.
if replying to me just put the name of my deck so i know which forum guest your talking to!
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YUGIOH!!!*TURNS INTO YAMI YUGI* Posted at: 12:38 Aug23 2012 Post ID: 3142367
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I have recently got back into duel monster cards =P and have landed back on Yugioh Spirit Caller an old favourite of mine. I have a problem, My friend is a really good duelist and he has no belief in monsters under level 4, saying they are too weak, but I have had a glimpse of a great level 1 - 4 deck, during a duel me and he had, parts of a deck I made on Duel Academy on GBA and a few card combos on Yugioh Tagforce 2, stay tuned, once I have fine tuned this deck, I will post the recipe and trust me, it will be worth the wait.

« Last edited by YUGIOH!!!*TURNS INTO YAMI YUGI* on Aug 23rd 2012 »
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Forum Guest Posted at: 06:06 Aug25 2012 Post ID: 3143117
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Okay, sorry if this is not a good deck but it got me through from school duel to end of game so if you dont like i t not my fault Heres my deck:


Alpha, Beta and Gamma warriors x1
Valkyrion warrior x1
Jerry Beans man x1 (Spirit)
All pieces of Exodia x1
Mystical Elf x1
Cat of ill omen x1
Adhesive explosive x1
Big Shield Gardna x1
D.D Warrior Lady x1
Man eater bug x1
Muka Muka x1
Sangan x1
Black luster soldier x1
Barrel Dragon x1


Black Luster ritual x1
Black pendant x1
Brain Control x1
Chain Energy x1
Giant Trunade x1
Graceful Charity x1
Heavy Storm x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Nobleman of Crossout x1
Swords of revealing light x1
Tribute Doll x1
Wave Motion Cannon x2


Blast held by a tribute x1
Ceasefire x1
Conscription x1
Crush card virus x1
Magic Cylinder x1
Mirror Force x1
Ring of Destruction x1
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Forum Guest Posted at: 15:41 Sep22 2012 Post ID: 3152120
Forum Guest
Forum Guest

Cyber-Tech Alligator
Gemini Elf x3
Giant Red Seasnake x2
Gil Garth
Red-Eyes B. Dragon x2
Vorse Raider x2
Berserk Gorilla
D.D. Assailant
Dark Elf
Exiled Force
Injection Fairy Lily
Man-Eater Bug
Red-Eyes B. Chick
Reflect Bounder x2
Swarm of Locusts
Bistr Butcher x2
Wall of Illusion


Graceful Charity
Heavy Storm
Mystical Space Typhoon
Premature Burial
Rush Recklessly
Swords of Revealing Light
Wave-Motion Cannon x2


Magic Cylinder
Ring of Destruction
Spellbinding Circle
Widespread Ruin
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Forum Guest Posted at: 22:23 Oct08 2012 Post ID: 3158131
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
well my deck i use many good continuous traps and 1900 creatures such as gemini elf, luster dragon, vorse raider, and slate warror, my deck is bsed on those creature continuose trap cards and of course URIA! LRD OF SEARING FLAMES as well as sangan to bring a URIA to your hand and some gold box that after 2 turns brings any card in yuor deck to your hand!
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Forum Guest Posted at: 07:26 Nov03 2012 Post ID: 3168976
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
here is my deck recipe.
hope you like it!!

it's called: all fusion, im still working on it.

crawling dragon#2 x2
gazelle the king of mythical beasts x2
meteor dragon x2
red eyes b. dragon x2
two heated king rex x2
x-head cannon x3
berfomet x2
goddess with the third eye x2
king of the swamp x2
mystical sheep #1 x2
thunder dragon x3
versago the destroyer x1
y-dragon head x3
z-metal tank x3

axe of despair x1
excavation of mage stones x1
fusion gate x3
graceful charity x1
meteor of destruction x2
polymerization x3
rush recklessly x1
wave-motion cannon x1

acid trap hole x1
fairy box x1
gamble x1
jar of greed x1
mirror force x1
raigeki break x1
reinforcements x1
ring of destrucion x1
shadow spell x1
tower of babel x1

bracchio-raidus x2
chimera the flying mythical beast x2
meteor b. dragon x2
twin-headed thunder dragon x2
all xyz forms x1

hope you liked, deck contans 45 cards whit 11 fusions.
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Forum Guest Posted at: 08:56 Mar01 2013 Post ID: 3220657
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Guys i need help! i cannot put fusion monsters like Elemental Hero Thundergiant or Flamewingman in my deck. i think it send them to my side deck? I need to know how to either use my side deck or how to transfer the fusion monsters to my main deck!!!

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Forum Guest Posted at: 09:42 Apr08 2013 Post ID: 3232686
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
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Forum Guest Posted at: 04:38 Apr09 2013 Post ID: 3232849
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Does anybody have water deck samples?
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Forum Guest Posted at: 16:29 Apr10 2013 Post ID: 3233278
Forum Guest
Forum Guest

27 monsters 4 starts with 2000 def
all exodia parts
1 Card destruction
3 heart of the underdog
3 Messenger of place
2 the dark door

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FanpfTerra1990 Posted at: 11:32 Apr29 2013 Post ID: 3241918
Forum GuestMember
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Does nobody know how to use a Dark Paladin deck? Especially when there are trap cards that can turn all the cards on the field into dragons, which will give him an insane amount of ATK power.
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Forum Guest Posted at: 23:20 Jun06 2013 Post ID: 3251254
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
I'll just leave this here.

2x A Cat of Ill Omen
Breaker the Magical Warrior
D.D. Assailant
3x Green Gadget
3x Red Gadget
3x Yellow Gadget
Spirit Reaper
Witch of the Black Forest
2x Granmarg the Rock Monarch
2x Mobius the Frost Monarch
2x Zaborg the Thunder Monarch

Heavy Storm
Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
Magic Cylinder
Magic Jammer
Mirror Force
2x Negate Attack
2x Sakuretsu Armor
3x Solemn Judgement
2x Stronghold
Ultimate Offering


Granmarg the Rock Monarch
Mobius the Frost Monarch
Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
3x Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
Spell Canceller
2x Magic Jammer
2x Royal Decree
2x Seven Tools of the Bandit

Gogo Gadget Monarchs!
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Forum Guest Posted at: 11:09 Jun23 2013 Post ID: 3254541
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
This is a good deck for ppl who are level 12, its based on one of my favorite cards dark magician

Monsters: 21
Dark magician 3
Gemini elf 3
Mystical elf 3
Neo the magic swordsman 3
Copycat 2
Dark magician girl 2
Magician of faith 1
Magicians valkyria 3
Spells: 10
Axe of despair 2
Dark magic attack 2
Dark magic curtain 2
Sages stone 2
Thousand knives 2
Traps: 10
Magic cylinder
Mirror force
Nightmare wheel 2
Solemn wishes 2
Trap hole 2

Feel free to adjust to your liking
Widespread ruin 2
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Forum Guest Posted at: 14:28 Oct05 2013 Post ID: 3278438
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Not sure if many people still play this game, but I stumbled upon this game and still find the deck on it extremely great.

Name: Future of Blue Eyes

Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3
Breaker the Magical Warrior x1
Cyber Dragon x3
D.D. Assailant x1
Don Zaloog x1
Exiled Force x1
Kaibaman x2
Marauding Captain x1
Marshmallon x1
Mystic Warrior Lv. 2 x1
Mystic Warrior Lv. 4 x1
Mystic Warrior Lv. 6 x1
Proto-Cyber Dragon x1
Sangan x1
Spear Dragon x1
Spirit Reaper x1
Treeborn Frog x1

Future Fusion x1
Giant Trunade x1
Graceful Charity x1
Level Up! x1
Lightning Vortex x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Nobleman of Crossout x1
Polymerization x1 (optional)
Premature Burial x1
Reinforcement of the Army x1
Swords of Revealing Light x1
United We Stand x1

Call of the Haunted x1
Draining Shield x1
Dust Tornado x1
Magic Cylinder x1
Mirror Force x1
Negate Attack x1
Waboku x1

Fusion Deck:
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon x1
Cyber End Dragon x1
Cyber Twin Dragon x1

Pretty much a total control deck. You do not need to summon Blue-Eyes to win, however, this deck offers you many different ways to summon him.
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CamBioForMA12 Posted at: 01:07 May31 2014 Post ID: 3321078
Posts: 0
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This Is my SpeLL strategy Deck....this is the deck that help me finish the game ........some times i finish the duel with 30+k me this is a nice build...

Command knight x3
gearfried the Iron Knight x2
Getsu Fuhma x2
Golden humunculus x2 or x1
Hamon,Lord of striking thunder x2(important)
Morphing jar x1 or x2(i prefer 1)
ninja grandmaster Sasuke x2
sasuke samurai #4 x3(im very lucky with this card)
silent Swordsman Lvl3 x2
silent Swordsman lvl5 x2 or x1
silent Swordsman lvl7 x2 or x1
The Winged Dragon Of Ra.x1 or x2(if u have another 1)

Spells(very important cannot summon Hamon,lord of striking thunder without giving three continous spells)
Dimensional fissure x2
Gravekeepers servant x2
Heavy storm x1
Sealed gold coffer x2 or x1
Soul Absorption x2 or x3
Spell absorption x2
Stumbling x2 or x1
The dark door x1
Toll x2

Traps(just incase u dont activate spelss and summon Hamon Or Ra on the field)
Magic cylinder x1
Mirror force x1
Wall of revealing light x2
optional;;(trap hole or sakretsu armor)

.......Note With Sasuke samurai #4 on the field ..You'll need a lot of luck....)
By the way I have this titles...
Prince of summoning=get by sucessfully summoning 3 eyptian gods
Trap colletctor=obvious how to get
monster collector=obvious how to get
spell collector=obvious how to get....

...any coments or questions ill the way i have Recipe's Of E-hero...D-Hero<Solidarity Blue eyes....cyber dragon...and many other Like exodia the forbiden...[img][/img]
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Forum Guest Posted at: 01:15 Jun19 2014 Post ID: 3323994
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
I will post my deck tomorrow but this is my first time.this deck works great against the girl with the deck called Dragon's Roar but tommorow ok
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Forum Guest Posted at: 22:42 Oct19 2014 Post ID: 3352594
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Cool is yugioh the game where the lowest score wins?Not Talking
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Forum Guest Posted at: 14:26 Dec09 2014 Post ID: 3363084
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
Chain Burn - Never lost using this deck (Even against dark Zane when he pulled out his 1 hit KO 3 dimension Wall and 2 Magic Cylinder make getting one of them a rather consistant first turn draw)

Chain Strike x 2
accumilated Fortune x 2
Jar of Greed x 3
Legacy of Ya-ta Garasu x 3
Ojama Trio x 2
Just Deserts x 3
Secret Barrel x 3
Threatening Roar x 3
Reckless Greed x 3
Dimension Wall x 3
Magic Cylinder x 2
Marshmallon x 1
Lava Golem x 2
Ceasefire x 1
Chain Summoning x 2
Mystical Space Typhoon x3 (Switch depending on who you plan on playing in most cases opponents facedowns are a good thing for you use for such as royal decree/other trap negators)
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Forum Guest Posted at: 19:29 Jan07 2015 Post ID: 3367127
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
[quoteby=sku11k10]Hmmm... I think that people should put their hearts into their own decks (people do have different styles and copying wouldn't really fit). But I suppose that in order to make a great deck, people may need some guidelines... so:

My deck:
style: Toons! (still being developed)

1-4 star:
Dunames Dark Witch-1
Gemini Elf-2
Red Archer Girl-2
Toon Alligator-1
Hannibal Necromancer-1
Magician's Valkyria-1
Man-Eater Bug-1
Penguin Soldier-1
Toon Mermaid-2
Wall of Illusion-1
5-6 stars:
Parrot Dragon-1
Dark Magician Girl-1
Toon Summoned Skull-1
7+ stars:
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon-2
Manga Ryu-Ran-2

Autonomous Action Unit-2
Card Destruction-1
Different Dimension Capsule-2
Mage Power-1
Premature Burial-1
Swords of Revealing Light-1
Toon World-2
Call of the Haunted-1
Judgment of Anubis-1
Magic Jammer-1
Mirror Force-1
Negate Attack-1
Ring of Destruction-1
Time Machine-1
Widespread Ruin-1

This deck is pretty good because it can attack opponents directly.[/quote
the deck isnt really toon beraly any toon monsters
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