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Here are some FAQS to do with registration, getting started and posting etiquette for the Super Cheats Forums.


How do I sign up
Registration to post or view the Super Cheats Forums is free. Anyone aged 13 or over are welcome to register on the Super Cheats Forums. Just go to the registration page which is here: Super Cheats registration. Once you have completed the registration form, you will receive a registration confirmation e-mail. Please read the instructions in that e-mail carefully, all the information to complete your registration will be contained in that e-mail, so make sure you give us your correct e-mail address.

I'm under 13? Why can't I register?
This is done for your own safety and privacy. We cannot collect information from persons aged under 13 due to the introduction of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). While there are provisions in the act to allow us to accept registrations from persons under 13, we also feel that due to the live nature of the Super Cheats message board the material may sometimes not be appropriate to be seen by people under the age of 13.

I've forgotten my password or username?
If you have forgotten your username or password just go to this page: Forgot Password Page. All you need to do is enter the e-mail address for the account you have forgotten the details for and we'll automatically resent your username and password associated with that e-mail address.

Someone from Super Cheats asked for my password, should I give it to them?
Nobody from Super Cheats will ever ask for your password, so if you are approached by someone claiming to be a member of Super Cheats staff asking for your password or other account information, please do not give it to them as they may be trying to hack into your account.

Getting Started

Are there any rules which I need to abide by?
Yes, the forum rules are shown when you initially register, however they can be seen at anytime by going to this page: Super Cheats Forum Rules.

The forum rules are there to make you aware that the content on the Super Cheats Forums is live and that you may be viewing content that is objectionable. We also need people to agree that they won't post objectionable material on our forums.

I can only post a certain number of messages a day?
We have a post limit feature on our forums which basically stops new users from posting too many posts until they have been a member for a certain period of time. This is needed incase somebody that wants to abuse the board cannot just join and start posting everywhere. After a period of time or when you have made a certain number of posts on the forums, or submission on the main Super Cheats, the post limit will be removed.

Posting Guidelines
To help with the smooth running of our forums, please make an effort to try to ensure that any post you make or thread you make or thread does not exist already.... i.e. If there is a thread already existing for 'Getting Max Ammo' in the Grand Theft Auto Video City Forum, please don't start a new thread with the same topic... Common sense really!

I also have a website, can I mention it or advertise it in my posts or start a thread about it?
No. This is a general across the board rule. Anyone caught advertising their own website or other websites in competition with Super Cheats will be banned. Here's why... Some people create account solely to promote their own website or a site they 'work' for. Therefore we have a general ban on advertising other websites on our forums. If you see anyone advertising a website in their posts please either contact a staff member of Super Cheats or use the 'bad post' feature which appears next to all posts and will alert a staff member of a bad post.

What is not tolerated?
Spamming, Flaming, Advertising

We will not tolerate 'Flaming'. Anyone caught flaming will be permanently banned.
Flaming involves posting any kind of abuse aimed at others. Posting things such as:

You suck you m*****f*****...


I hate you...go to hell...

Etc. are not good. You may be banned from posting here if you flame others. You wouldn't like it if someone flamed you. If you do get flamed, contact one of the forum staff ensuring you give them the post ID number.

We will not tolerate 'Spamming'. While not as serious as flaming, spamming can also get you banned from the Super Cheats forums. Here are some examples of spamming:

u suxxors1!!!!11!!! 545sdf1wrg4564fb54asth

bleh bleh bleh

I found this really cool website...please go there

The first is also an example of possible flaming. The second is typical repetition which is bad. The third is advertising, which is a type of spam and is hated even more. Very short posts, posts which are not on-topic (Going off the subject) and persistent posts on a topic which is no longer interesting is also spam. Please do not "spam" in the forums. As with flaming, this will get you into trouble and may get you banned.

Text Formatting on SuperCheats - BBCode

Text formatting on SuperCheats is controlled by a slim version of BB Code which allows to to make text bold, italic or underline. Plus select fonts and colors.

You can find a guide to using BBCode on this site below, it is written by Darkboarder_77

BBCode is a special type of computer language coding that is used to adjust the form, font, color, size, ect. of words. It is very easy to learn, and with a little practice, you can use it quickly and effectively.

Basic BBCode- Italics, Bold, Underline

The simplest commands of BBCode are used quite often- the commands of italics, bold print, and underlining.

When using BBCode, you will want to remember to use what are called brackets. Brackets are wrapped around the BBCode command to seal the command so as not to confuse the computer with what you are trying to do. These are brackets:

[ ]
Different commands are wrapped within the brackets to enforce the action you have ordered. These are the commands as follows: Italics = [i] Bold = [b] Underline = [u]

Now, let's say you want to italicise your words. You will want to start off with the command that cooresponds with the order of italics.


Now, insert the text you wish to italicise. Be sure not to space between the BBCode command and the text you are inserting.


Now for the finishing command. When you finish a command, you will have to add a / before the letter command. Again, do not space between the text and the BBCode command.


The result:


As seen, the command has been followed and your order has been put through. Now, if you want to make a word bold, follow the same rule, but with the bold command icon.


The result:


The same rule is followed with underlining:


The result:


Once you have nailed these basic commands, then you will find it easier to emphasize your words, instead of using ALL CAPS. It really makes things easy! You can also use this to reform full sentences:

[i]Hello, my name is John Smith.[/i]

Goes to...

You can also combine commands:

[i][b][u]Hello, my name is John Smith.[/u][/b][/i]

Goes to...

Hello, my name is John Smith.

Changing Font Size

Changing the size of your words is good for heading certain areas of drafts, like you see above. It is there to make what you say more noticeable... or less noticeable, depeanding on whether you make it smaller or larger.

Learning this is as easy as the first lesson, though requiring a little more command in command content inside the brackets.

Now, the command for changing font size is as follows:


The x's are going to be replaced by a number that represents the font size. The number representing the size of font will vary from place to place, so the size indication of 1 may be very small on one message board, while on another it could be the default size of font used. The size font resulting in a number command on the SuperCheats message boards will be different from what is shown in this lesson.

Now, for the lesson:


Choose the number to replace the x's that you desire. Let's try 1.


Now insert your text.


The finishing command is what you would expect, without the '=1':


The result:


Cool, huh? And now, let's say you want to make it bigger. Let's try 3 now.




...and from there, the font just gets bigger and bigger. Now let's try size 7!




Like I said at the beginning of this lesson, you can use this technique to make headers. Example:

Welcome to the SuperCheats Message Board!
Please read the Forum Rules before posting on our Message Board. Thank you!

...and there you have it. You can combine this command with other commands as well:



Changing Font Color

Do you want to type in pretty rainbow coloring, or stress a warning signal with red? Well, this lesson is just as easy as the last one, so you don't need to worry about memorization. If you can remember what to do in changing font size, then this will be easy!

The command to change font color is as follows:


The x will be replaced with the color that you wish to make your font. Let's say that you want to make your words red. This is what you do:


Now insert your text:


...And the way you finish it would be [/color]. So now, that is how you will end it:




Cool, huh? Now, let's say you want to make your text blue.




You can do this with several other colors, such as indigo, purple, darkgreen, silver... When you are trying to do something like dark green, you have to combine the words dark and green:




You can also color each individual letter with a different color, although this maneuver will take slightly more time. You also must remember to never space between anything when doing this, unless you are spacing between words or from a comma or another punctuation mark.


Results in...


Changing Fonts

Is there a certain font that you like better than the sometimes blah Arial? Well, BBCode can change the font of your words, too! And it works just like the commands of changing colors or sizes of fonts.

The command for changing fonts is as follows:


Again, the x represents the font you want to change the current font to. To do this, though, you must know what the name of the font is that you want to use, though.

Let's say you like Courier. Here is what you do:


Again, you end with the [/FONT] without the = and 'courier'.

And your result should be:


The format of inputting the commands is just as easy as with the size and color commands, requiring the [color=x] or [SIZE=x], and so on.

Say you like Comic Sans MS. It is just as you would expect, but there is a catch. You have to lowercase everything (except the word 'FONT'), like usual, but as with multiple word commands, you have to leave no spaces.


And your result...


So, now that you have learned how to make use of the command of changing fonts with BBCode, don't forget that you can combine this with other BBCode commands:




Super Cheats also has text alignment code, just use any of the following tags to align your line of text to the left, center or right as follows:




Here are some examples:

[left]align this text to the left[/left]


align this text to the left

[center]align this text to the left[/center]


align this text to the center

[right]align this text to the left[/right]


align this text to the right

Hopefully, if you have come here inexperienced with BBCode, that you have found this guide of using basic HTML easy to understand. And don't forget that you can mix any form of BBCode with any letter into a cool mixture of odd-colored letters and fonts

Anyway, have fun with it, use it to your content, and I hope you learned something out of this guide! Just don't abuse it...

Posting Etiquette

  1. Don't spam (obviously).
  2. Don't flame others.
  3. Don't type in ALL CAPITALS LIKE THIS. It is a type of flaming and it is hard to read.
  4. Try to write in proper sentences to make it easier to read your posts.
  5. Think before you type. If you are unsure, it is best not to post anything at all until you thought about it.
  6. If you see spamming, advertising or flaming, best thing to do would be to report the incident to a member of staff by e-mail or to use the bad post alert feature next to the post or thread in question. Don't get involved yourself.
  7. Don't try to swear or bypass the language filter. Others use the message board as well and may not be pleased at use of swear words. Trying to bypass the swear filter may also get you banned.
I stll need help...
OK, if you still need help with using the Super Cheats forums, or have an enquiry, just e-mail [email protected]