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New Facebook 'Timeline' Sneak Peak

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TestVirus101 Posted: 20:07 Oct28 2011 Post ID: 3072189
Ah crap he's finally dead
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geezerguy said:It's not really a secret seen as it's already being explained on Facebook <:

Well what do you know, 4 of my friends have signed up for timeline according to that page.

Does that mean it is optional?
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balthiersbit Posted: 04:27 Oct29 2011 Post ID: 3072289
Poop DinoQueen
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^Oh I hope so.

Thanx to Craizen for the sig, love ya babe, Hubby for the avi.
testuser said:Someone needs to put you over their knee..

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Keyblade21 Posted: 22:02 Oct30 2011 Post ID: 3072902
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qwertyuio said:So I'm a registered, 'Facebook Developer'...which is easy enough to do if you know the right steps. I've got a fully operational beta of the new timeline-style personal page that was supposed to roll out at like the beginning of this month but got delayed or whatever.

So even though this is a complete breach of contract, I thought I'd give you guys an idea of what everyone is going to be switching to within the upcoming months. I've only removed any personal info for the contract's sake.


Personally I actually really like this new system. Its much more personal and allows for more customization. The interface is also MUCH smoother. The only negative bit is that now its much easier for someone to learn every important thing they would want regarding your life. Just gives you more reason to think before you post, really.

Awww Filip, why'd you paint everything out? D:

I wanted to make some new friends.

Edit: On Topic, i just got it and it is very nice looking. It's not really hard to get either.
Or you can just wait till Sunday November 6th, as that is when it says it comes out.

Oh, and a little how to :D

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« Last edited by Keyblade21 on Oct 30th 2011 »

Avy & Sig credits go to Hurricane0

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