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Hot Dog Eating Contest

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yammy Posted: 12:55 Jul04 2012 Post ID: 3126531
Posts: 4,264
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So today is July 4th or Independence Day to us Americans. A long tradition I have had on the 4th is to watch the HotDog Contest. Well, today it was not even broadcasted live, matter of fact it still has not been on television. The worst part is that Wimbledon was on instead of seeing Joey Chestnut (A True American) shove his face with hot dogs... welp i just wanna see everyones reaction to bologna. BTW Chestnut won eating 68 hot dogs to tie his own record.
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Craizen Posted: 13:01 Jul04 2012 Post ID: 3126534
AvatarSuper Mod
Posts: 8,105
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Hmmmm, eh. I have a feeling this will get reopened but anyways.
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steelersrock01 Posted: 13:37 Jul04 2012 Post ID: 3126541
Posts: 16,228
Post Likes: 162
This is a real tragedy. How could they not broadcast something as American as the hot dog eating contest on Independence Day?
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sphynxx Posted: 16:55 Jul04 2012 Post ID: 3126591
.:I Am What You Fear Most:.
Posts: 11,716
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All I can say is seriously?

You wanted to watch peopel stuffing their faces? Why not just go to the local McDonalds or KFC or something.

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Warrior13 Posted: 21:17 Jul04 2012 Post ID: 3126703
Jimo Dashen
Posts: 28,206
Post Likes: 1,054
I say it. It was on either ESPN or ESPN2.

My dad kept joking that they were going to vomit. I couldn't stop laughing.
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Keyblade21 Posted: 20:01 Jul13 2012 Post ID: 3129145
Posts: 9,800
Post Likes: 323
When i think of hot dog eating contests i get a stomach ache. Personally it doesn't sound that appetizing to me. It reminds me of that Subway commercial where all their pants buttons are breaking and they are falling through seats and stuff.

Haha i have to agree with what Sphynxx said. Americans are fat pigs (I am an American so i can say this xD) and if you want to watch a face stuffing contest, go to the local fast food restaurant.

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