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mastersurgeon Posted: 15:16 Oct15 2008 Post ID: 2454957
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Name: Florane Nightshadow

Age: 19



Weight: 137lbs.

Race: Night Elf

Hell's Scythe- a giant war axe given to Florane by her father. She has the skill to use it with just one hand, but she exhausts herself doing that.

Serpent's Bow- A bow Florane crafted on her own. The arrowtips are coated with acid, and cause additional harm when she lands a hit.

Twin Pirate's Cutlass- Two cutlasses Florane stole from pirates. She has practiced using these two blades in unison , and is now a master of sword dancing, a rare skill among Night Elves.

Eye of the Tiger- Florane gains the speed and skills of an assassin, doubling her speed and skill for a short time.

Eyes of the copycat: Florane obtains the ability to see through someone else’s eyes for a short time. However, she can’t do this when an opponent uses the Byakugan or Sharingan eye, or else she risks going blind by trying to use eyes her body can't adapt to.

Sword Dance: Florane’s most powerful attack. She begins an elegant dance, with a sword in both her hands. While the victim is entranced, she twirls rapidly and jumps at the opponent, slashing furiously while still twirling. This move is usually fatal.

Appearance: file:///F:/Users/Savato93/D...rane.jpg
(The url wont work. How do you put it so the link will take you to the picture in a new window?)

History: Florane was once a royal elf in her country of Teldrassil. In her youth, she was trained in the ways of the hunter, and had mastered archery, swordsmanship, and axemanship by the time she was 13. However, an unknown menace attacked her home city of Darnassus, killing everyone except her. Now, she wanders around the globe, searching for the monster that made her an orphan.
Florane participated in the Smash Tournament, but was betrayed by her friend Lucian and had a hole blasted in her chest by his Chidori. After that, she was kept in a hospital for four months while she healed. Even even after her release, she'd lost a lot of her strength. Now, Florane was determined to exact revenge on luke for what he did to her. There are rumors of Luke coming to the Showdown, and Florane's gonna be waiting for him...

Name: Koto 'Samaree



Weight: 293 lbs.

Race: Sangheili (Covenant Elite)

Weapons: Forerunner Saber- A powerful retractible blade of pure energy crafted from the beam technology found in Halo Super-Sentinels(the gold kind found in Halo 2). More Lethal than the classic Covenant Energy Sword, it never runs out of power, though it will overheat after continuous use.
Sapion Rifle- A highly precise super-weapon that fires energy beams and high-caliber armor-piercing rounds. The result of the combined science of Humans and Sangheili, this gun is a symbol of their efforts.

Appearance- With his black skin and blood-red eyes, 'Samaree makes for an intimidating foe. His durable white armor- which declares his military rank of Fleet Master- adds flare to his design.

History- A Sangheili of noble blood, 'Samaree was trained from a young age by an Elite master of war. Valiant as he was, nothing could prepare 'Samaree for what lied in store; shortly following his coming-of-age, his frigate was ambushed and destroyed by a Jirilahnae(Covenant Brute) cruiser. He was the only survivor of the battle that was found.
His brilliant tactics in civil war campaigns enabled him to climb through the ranks, all the way to Fleet Master.

« Last edited by mastersurgeon on Oct 16th 2008 »

You have to move along at your own pace. Fools who rush into something are bound to fail... Except me. I can adapt to just about any game put in front of me in minutes Smile
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Seos san Nekros Posted: 06:17 Jan28 2009 Post ID: 2531231
Seos san Nekros
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May as well put some of mine here.

Name: Xelca D’Mauer
Age: 25 years since Pact of Rebirth (age before unknown)
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 175 lbs
Appearance: Because his body is immune to the effects of heat, the sunlight has never darkened his skin on any significant level, leaving him with a shade of pale skin that borders almost on albinism. He dresses in simple black underclothing. Above this layer of black, he wears a chest plate, shoulder braces, knee braces, and gauntlets. All of this armor is constructed from platinum, but it is visibly indistinguishable from bronze, as the armor has been badly charred through years of exposure to Xelca’s extreme heat. Finally, he wears a specially designed hooded black cape. It was crafted from extremely flame-retardant materials, and Xelca enchanted it such that it would never burn away as a result of his magic. He constantly wears the hood up, and it is large enough that it shades most of his face from view. Through this shade, though, his eyes are still visible, for they glow with a yellow luster.
Personality: Much of Xelca’s own personality was destroyed during his Rebirth. In fact, the only traits he actually retained are his intelligence, his confidence, and his determination. Other traits which have manifested themselves in him since the Rebirth include a dark outlook on life, a rather pronounced arrogance, an inability to trust those around him, and an insatiable craving for combat. However, he controls this craving enough to maintain a code of honor about himself. He is usually seen to be keeping to himself by preference, but when forced into a social situation, he is more than capable of getting along, even if his company ends up finding him obnoxious.
Skills: Xelca was trained in several styles of martial arts. Though his personal fighting style does not stick strictly to any one of these disciplines, it is influenced by all of them, especially the art of Kenpo Karate, an art in which he was once considered a prodigy by his trainers. Sufficed to say, he is very skilled in unarmed combat, and is an accomplished fighter. He considers himself to be a psychological warrior, versed in the art of intimidating an opponent in order to destroy their confidence. In doing this, he forces mistakes from his opponents, leaving them vulnerable for him to finish them off. While not especially strong for a warrior, he is very quick and agile, which offers many combat advantages in itself.
Magic: As a result of his Rebirth, Xelca is a powerful pyromancer, with nearly unparalleled capabilities in his manipulation of fire. There are very few limitations to the ways which he can manipulate the element, including powerful offensive spells and teleportation through flames. One of Xelca’s most favored techniques involves surrounding his own body in fire. This intensifies the damage done in hand to hand combat. Also, in this fiery form, he is capable of flight by using the flames surrounding him as propulsion. As a plus, in this form, he augments his already impressive speed by propelling himself with his flames.
As a result of his magic, his body is immune to the negative effects of extreme heat. For short periods of time, he is capable of passing this immunity on to others, effectively rendering anyone immune to his fires.
Weapon: None. He relies on his own skills and magic as his weapons.
History: Little is known of Xelca’s history from before the Rebirth. He was killed in combat while defending his home from invasion, and that is when he made his proverbial deal with the devil. As he faced his own mortality, cascading further and further from the comforts of hope, he was confronted by a demon. Or perhaps an angel; he never knew. The creature, a deity of fire that called itself Amon, offered him a choice. It explained that Xelca’s life could be spared if he only agreed to offer his body as a vessel for Amon’s essence. It claimed that Xelca would retain his free will, but that his personality would be drastically altered in order to make a suitable host. It also offered the enticement that the process, called a Pact of Rebirth, would allow Xelca to tap into the immense power of the deity. Xelca, propelled both by greed and by an overwhelming fear of death and the unknown, accepted the proposal without hesitation. Everything the creature said soon came to pass. Xelca woke up, found that he could control fire, and also found that his personality had shifted in a much darker direction since his Rebirth.


Name: Axle Kennedy
Age: 30 (ish)
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 220 lbs
Skills: Axle was gifted with natural speed, agility, balance, and instinct, making him nearly a born fighter. This, combined with his lifetime of rigorous training in the martial arts, has left him incredibly skilled. He possesses near-flawless mastery in Kempo Karate, though his skills are not limited strictly to this, as he is very proficient with several other disciplines of unarmed combat. Thusly, he is an expert hand to hand combatant. As an added result of his training, Axle has developed a very high threshold for pain.
Magic: He has no magic, per se. Axle is gifted with the extremely rare talent of being able to harness his own life energy (sometimes known as ‘Qi’) and channel it offensively. When he does this, his life energy takes physical form; in appearance, it might be compared to transparent waves of fire, or, to the untrained eye, it might just look like a ripple in the air. Now, because of his intensely trained body, his endurance and stamina are high enough that he can do this in small concentrations without losing much of his energy at all. But it is limited in that the more he pours into the process, the more damage he does, and the more he takes from himself. So he uses the ability sparingly, ensuring that he never does less damage to an opponent than he does to himself.
Weapon: Axle relies primarily on his martial arts skills, so he wanted weapons that would simply augment his personal deadliness. To this effect, he took a pair of sturdy black leather gloves. To make them deadly, he simply attached small razorblades to three knuckles of each glove, effectively giving him claws in combat and adding to his fatalness. When not engaged in combat, he keeps these gloves safely tucked in his belt.
Appearance: True to his martial arts background, Axle simply wears a black karate gi with the sleeves torn off and black kung fu shoes. His arms are taped from his elbows to the middle of his palms. In combat, his razor-lined gloves are on his hands; otherwise, they hang safely from his Kempo Black Belt. He usually carries a simple black duffel bag on one shoulder. His eyes are deep blue, his hair golden-blonde, shoulder length, and thoroughly unkempt.
Personality: Axle generally seems to be very self confident, sometimes slipping into blatant cockiness. He has an extremely argumentative nature and is very sarcastic, which tends to lead him to a lot of verbal conflict. However, he is smart enough at heart to back up his words, so he doesn't see it as a problem. Alongside this argumentative nature is an inherent eagerness for combat, though he knows when to hold back and keeps within his moral limits. Deep down, he actually holds himself to a strict code of morals, which is often at odds with his own personal desire to fight. He is intelligent, but not overly so. He has a temper which can, at times, be very dangerous, and his willingness to fight often leads him overly alert in situations where he doesn't need to be. Lastly, he is surprisingly verbose.
History: Much of Axle’s childhood it greatly foggy to him now. His first clear memory from his entire life is having been attacked by a wolf at roughly thirteen years old. He had, apparently, been playing near a cave when the wolf was spotted. His friends fled for help, but Axle himself had been cornered and could not escape. He found it odd, at the time, that he was not afraid, but rather invigorated by the situation. As the wolf lunged at him, some primordial instinct kicked it and leapt above it, bringing his feet down on its neck and killing it instantly in one lightning quick motion. When his friends returned with their parents to find axle unharmed, all were astounded. Especially Axle himself, who could not believe what he had just done. His love for combat was born.
And thus began his training. In the mountains, in the forest, in a dojo. Whether he was alone and practicing technique, sparring with unlucky friends, or competing in tournaments, the thrill of the fight was everything for him.
However, at age 19, he outgrew this stage of fighting. He felt limited by two things. One was the low level of competition in a small village, and the other was the fact that his skills weren’t accomplishing anything. So, he bid farewell to his home and took on a nomadic lifestyle, seeking good reasons to fight, causes he could devote himself to, and, above all, challenge.


Name: Raida (Full name Raymond Davis)
Age: 40
Height: 5’9
Weight: 190 lbs.
Weapon: Raida’s primary weapon is a specially crafted bow. Due to his control over the Element of Earth, he was able to construct a nearly perfect weapon. It features a leather handle crafted perfectly for Raida’s grip, very sturdy but flexible limbs made of a composite of fiberglass and carbon fiber, and a pull string created from a polymer Raida himself created. Due to his ability to manipulate stone, it is exceedingly easy for him to draw, but still lashes back with great pressure, thus allowing him to shoot his arrows with substantial force and little effort. He uses his own arrows, crafted with thin steel shafts and arrowheads of pure diamond. In addition to firing these with his bow, he is capable of using them as close combat stabbing weapons in emergency situations.
Magic/Skills: In addition to his remarkable skill with his bow and decent skill as a hand-to-hand combatant, Raida was born with an inherent connection to the Nexus through the element of Earth. This connection grants him a variety of abilities. Among these is an ability to manipulate wood and most stone, which is what allowed him to create his own weapons and armor. Using this ability, he is also capable of causing small scale earthquakes in his immediate area. However, as the Nexus weakens, this particular ability can only be used with great physical strain on Raida.
Another gift granted by the Earth Element is the ability to manipulate living nature; namely, plant life. This offers a wide array of useful skills. Raida can move the vines of trees, using them to whip, trip, or in other ways attack an opponent. He can uproot trees, a talent which he often uses to hold an opponent in place and make them an easier target for his bow. He can even promote (or, in some situations, cause) the growth of a specific plant, which allows him to make use of various poisons by growing them on the spot. In essence, his magic allows him to make passive plants into powerful allies.
And, lastly, he has the ability to communicate with animals. But animals, unlike plants, are not passive. So they may choose to ignore his commands. For instance, Raida could call on a snake to attack an adversary, but he could not force the snake to obey.
Appearance: Raida wears armor on his entire torso and his legs, all of it thin but sturdy, crafted from bronze and fitting him perfectly as to be skin tight. None of it impedes his movement, though, as his elemental control of Earth allows him to bend the bronze with ease. In addition, he wears black leather boots, black pants, and a simple brown poncho with openings for his arms. He also wears aleather belt which holds several extra quivers full of arrows and has an over-the-shoulder strap for a quiver on his back to be accessed easily. His hair is long, dirty-blonde, and unkempt; his eyes piercing blue.
Personality: Raida is an extremely respectful person, exceedingly difficult to make a true enemy out of. He hates very few. Despite this, he generally comes across as a bit of a loner. It is not that he does not trust people or like them, he just isn’t very good at expressing himself, and is often somewhat shy. Very wise, he is focused on his goals, and will rarely stray away from them unless achieving something else can help with what it is he wants to do. He is careful and cautious, sometimes excessively so.
History: Raida spent much of his childhood in shrines and temples where the Nexus was greatly praised and often worshipped. He grew up learning of the sanctity of balance. As much as he loved peace, he learned to appreciate war, for without war, peace was unbalanced. Though he considered himself a good man, he learned to appreciate evil, for it was needed to balance the forces of good. And life was only sacred because there was death to balance it. Balance in all things.


Name: Sprite (Real name Ricky Solomon)
Age: 19
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 132 lbs
Weapon: His primary weapon is a specially crafted dagger, which he refers to as Ghostfang. Its hilt is made of silver, with a grip fit specifically for his own right hand, a simply designed cross guard, and a small diamond set in the pommel. The blade, only about 15 inches in length, is crafted from pure quartz, with both edges having been sharpened . He keeps this weapon in a sheath at his left hip whenever he isn’t using it. In addition, each of his boots hide a simple silver knife, for emergency situations where he loses his dagger. And, finally, he is very proficient with throwing darts; he keeps ten of them, handcrafted from a lightweight metal, in a small pouch which is attached to his belt.
Magic: Sprite is an expert – indeed, a master – in the art of portal magic. That is to say, he can create openings in the fabric of reality and connect them to one another, effectively creating gateways in space. It is a complex form of teleportation. There is no real limit to the size of the portals he can make, although the size of the portal dictates the amount of his energy he uses in making it. He is effectively capable of being in two places at once, by moving only a part of his body through a portal. For instance, he could create one portal near himself and one near an enemy, then punch through the hole and hit the enemy, even though the rest of his body remains on the other side of the portal. Additionally, he is not the only thing that can travel through his portals – he can use his magic to teleport inanimate objects, or even enemies. It is also important to note that sound can travel through his portals.
The only real restriction to his power is that he cannot create a portal anywhere that he has never seen for himself. That is, he could create a portal in a different country from miles away, but only if he had actually been to that country before.
Skills: Sprite is, indeed, a formidable opponent in combat. His fighting style is extremely complex, as he incorporates his magic into it regularly. He needs not be incredibly good at dueling, because when facing an opponent who is more skilled than himself, he can simply use his magic to stab them from behind, even while he is in front of them. His magic also grants him extraordinary stealth skill. He is a renowned spy, for he can hear conversations from miles away by creating portals near those he is spying on. Also, he is naturally quite quick and agile, even for his small size.
Appearance: Sprite is physically fit and in good shape, although far from being muscular; he is relatively skinny. His eye-length, jet-black hair is intentionally unkempt, giving him a slightly impish look. He wears a sleeveless, tight, grey undershirt, comfortably fitting black pants, black leather boots, and simple grey gauntlets, made only from sturdy cloth, on his wrists. His belt, also of black leather, is fitted on the left hip with a sheath for his dagger, Ghostfang, and on the right with a pouch to hold his darts. Over his undershirt, he wears an untarnished white vest. Several sizes too large for him, it hangs so loosely that it regularly falls from his shoulders to his elbows and needs to be adjusted. And, lastly, he wears a simple but elegant silver chain necklace.
Personality: Sprite is a very fun-loving individual, even if in an extremely twisted way. He sees killing as a sport. He isn’t exactly evil, though, as he never kills anyone without being provided a good reason for them to die. However, when he does kill, he takes pleasure in finding creative ways of doing so. Despite this dark trait, he is generally a fun person, easy to be around and with a good sense of humor. He fancies himself something of a prankster, and uses his magic to come up with practical jokes that would otherwise be impossible. He tends to take nothing very seriously. He is adventurous, and always eager to try new things.
History: Since he was old enough to walk, Sprite has lived two very different lives. His gifts in the art of portal magic have constantly pulled him in different directions. As a child, he attended normal school with normal children, adopting the role of class clown. But unlike the other kids, he spent his free time taking much more serious schooling; he began his training in various dojos at age five. In these dojos, he was taught how to fight, how to remain unseen, how to master his magical abilities… effectively how to be a warrior. In one life, he was young Ricky Solomon, mischievous youngster with an aptitude for amusing pranks. In another, he was young Master Solomon, combative prodigy and tactical genius.
His double life continued into adulthood, although in different ways. Now, he is Ricky Solomon, fun-loving man with a distinct wild side, the first to try something stupid and the last to regret it. But he is also Sprite, renowned spy and assassin, hired by many people for many purposes. He is perfectly willing to break the law in any number of ways, but he is unique in that he will only kill if there is good reason for it, or in self defense.
Thanks to V-Gamer for awesome sig and avy.
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~Lukie Posted: 10:00 Jan28 2009 Post ID: 2531285
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Name:Vierdos Dousen
Age:116, but looks 58.
Height:6'2 - 6'9 When in demonic form.
Weight:165lbs - 237lbs When in demonic form.

Weapon:Vampire-As a traditional Vampire, Vierdos is not allowed to use nor carry any form of gun. Instead Vierdos carries around 20 Shurikens, all around 5 inches in length, with 5 pointed edges that can pierce through any kind of skin Vierdos has battled with, Human, Vampire, Demon, Werewolves, Animals, etc. They are all silver in colour, or used to be, as they are all blood stained from the many battles he has participated in, the blood not necessarily red. These are all kept around his waist on his belt. Vierdos collects these Shurikens after use as they are the only ones he has. He is very skilful with these Shurikens, practising with them for as long as he can remember, he can hit his targets almost 100 % of the time. Vierdos also had a sword with a plain black hilt, the blade was once silver, but as the Shurikens, is also blood stained. Vierdos is also very skilled with this sword, his quick pace helping this.
Demon-Vierdos has no weapons in his demonic form.

Skills:Vampire - In Vierdos' Vampire form he is very speedy and has good agility and pace. He is also very stealthy, blending into the darkness when needed. Vierdos is very skilled with his weapons, his Shurikens and his Sword. His fast pace helps him with his sword, being able to dodge while fighting with his sword, and being able to swing and attack with good speed. Vierdos can jump great distances and is very flexible. Vierdos has, as normal for a Vampire, thicket skin that a normal human, making things a little hard to hurt him and penetrate the skin.
Demon-When in his demonic form, which is rare, Vierdos has incredible strength, and still has the ability the jump great distances, he also has control over some fire magic. In this form he is extremely large and thus can pick up most things smaller than him. In this form Vierdos also has mighty fangs and claws, which can rip almost anything to shreds.

Magic:Vierdos has the magical ability the change forms from a Vampire to a Demon, but not at will. Vierdos does not like transforming into his demonic form, he believes it is too destructive, but sometimes he can not help it. When he is angered the demon inside him can be unleashed without Vierdos' consent. In this demonic form Vierdos has some control over fire magic. When in this form he does not have full control, but he is getting better at controlling the demon inside him every time it is unleashed.

Appearance:In Vierdos' vampire form he has a small crop of black hair, grey hair starting to come through. He has many scars over his face from the many battles he has had with the many creatures he has met, some going through his dark green eyes, but the most noticeable the burn mark covering the whole right side of his face, which he gained in an encounter with a fire demon. Vierdos wears a black leather jacket and a plain white tee underneath, which is covered in black marks and cuts, both jacket and tee are too big for him, the tee hanging off him, the jacket being held on by the zip. The jacket is ripped in many places, and one of the pockets are missing. On his leg he wears black baggy trousers, which seemed to go with some sort of suit, also dirty and ripped in many places. He wears nothing on his feet, his tough skin protecting them from things such as glass and twigs. Though a Vampire Vierdos does not have very pale skin and looks like a normal human being.
Demon-When in his demonic form Vierdos grows largely in size, explaining his baggy and ripped clothes. His skin is red in colour, streaks of orange in some places. In this form he has a hunch back and seems shorter than what he really is in this form. Vierdos' teeth grow into fangs, and his nails into claws, capable of ripping things apart, no doubt. Vierdos' eyes go pure dark red in this form, leaving no trace of his dark green eyes, this making him look even more evil than he already looks in this demonic form.

Personality:Vierdos is a very shadowy character, he tries not to get close to people because of his demonic side, not wanting to hurt them. When meeting new people he is a strange person, he gets to trust people very quickly but still tries to get close to them, but when he does he will stick close to them through thick and thin. Vierdos does not talk much, making him seem not so nice, but inside he really is a kind person, despite his demonic side.

History:Vierdos is a strange kind, and maybe the only one alive. A Vampire and a Demon mated, thus creating Vierdos. When his mother found out she was pregnant with him, she tried to get as far away from the demon as possible, not wanting her child to pick up his demonic ways. When he was born his mother tried to raise as civilised as possible, raising him as a normal human boy, though this would not work out for long as Vampires age at a slow rate. Aware that one day he may transform she tried to home school him. But when he was 14 he transformed because he got into a fight with his mother, raging him. He killed his mother and ran away, walking the Earth by himself, swearing to fully control it one day, not killing another innocent person. After a while a group of people found him and accepted them into their clan, it was their job to kill the evil around the World. This group consisted of many different races, some Human, Vampires, Demons, Werewolves, and many other weird and wonderful creatures, all capable of controlling their selves. They all tried to help Vierdos try to control his demonic side, and is still in the works.

Awesome Sig and Avy by Vas, thanks! ^_^

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Snowfire Posted: 13:58 Jan28 2009 Post ID: 2531405
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1) Name: Tyla Syvera II
Age: 16
Height: 4’9”
Weight: 109 lbs
Weapon: Abreil and Shurtgal, the "Enchanted Swords of Light". Abreil was dusted in Starlight, making it glow in the darkest of times and hipnotise nature. Shurtgal was soaked in dragon's blood, making it copper in colour. It holds amazing strength and can cut through most things. She also has a stone names the "Voilet Pendant", a purplish object that can hold pretty much anything and can open portals.
Magic: She uses the power of Light, an ability to heal most wounds and use attacks that have the physical appearance of a ball of light. Unknown to her, Tyla has an ability to use the most formidable of Dark magic, which she never does.
Skills: A champion at Tai boxing and using a sword, Tyla is a strong opponent, with or without weapons.
Appearance: Black hair down to her waistline, with a tan-toned skin and odd eyes. Her left eye is hazel brown but her right eye has a cream-coloured iris, topped off with a blue sclera. Tyla wears a white halter-neck underneath a black felt coat. She wears lilac leggings with a belt to attatch her scabbards and black knee-length boots. She weards a thin necklace with all the birthstones on it.
Personality: Tyla has a kind and open personality despite her hard life. She enjoys helping people and is a ready-for-anything type of person.
History: The princess of Gardenia, capital of the Lands of Light, she is heir to the throne. Her mother was Celeste Syvera IV and her father was a lord of the Shadows. Torn away from her father, Tyla lived most of her life in the palace. One day she decided she has had enough and setted off for adventure, which brings her to this roleplay.
Team Dragonfire

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Guess what? Most of my teams are deleted now! Okay... that's all I have to say... for now...

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Titanic_Force Posted: 12:07 May23 2009 Post ID: 2627098
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1) Name: Koroe (core-oh)Demenshei

Sex: Male

Age: 17

Height: 6'3

Weight: 160

Race: Element Bender

Religion: Jovalist

Weapons: None*

Skills: His abilities grant him a plethora of skills. He has mastered the four sacred branches of the elements. Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. His skills vary with each element. The list could 'potentially' be endless.

Appearance: Koroe wares a blood red robe that folds around his body. There is a sliver of white that wraps around in unison with the robe. He is barefoot. Training in his younger years completly calcified the bottom of his feet. Around his neck is a golden pendent. It has no magical influence. Just sentimental. He has ash blonde hair and bright blue eyes. His complection is very tan.

History: At the age of 10 he showed incredible naturality in the area of element bending, by saving passengers of a cruise ship in the ocean. At the age of 11 he was accepted into the Acadamy for the Gifted Benders. Throughout his first year at the acadamy, he excelled in all areas. Defense, Offense, Strategy, and Fluidness of Bending. After that year he was sent to begin training at Mount Sempra. Mount Sempra is home to the elite of the elite. The best of the best. At the age of 13 he completed his first year at Mount Sempra. At the age of 14 he was the only kid in his class to take down a teenage Leviathan at his exams. The act instantly boosted his standing in the school. At the age of 15 he, along with 4 other students, was enlisted in the Young Defenders program in Mount Sempra. Young Defenders is a program that gives powerful yound benders the ability to go out and help the world in any small way. Koroe helped many people across the world. His most famous act is when he dug a 20 mile trench to connect two large rivers for a large villige. The act took him a total of 3 and a half weeks. At the age of 16, he was asked by the headmaster of Mount Sempra to escort his daughter, along with a flotila of ships, to her home across the ocean. Along the way, they were attacked many times. Finaly arriveing at her home, the flotila had been decimated. They barely made it there alive. He received awards after awards for his bravery and determination to get the young lady back safe and sound. At the age of 17 he graduated from Mount Sempra top of his class and received his long diserved Grand Dragon Bender Diploma.
Koroe is currently researching information claiming that a terrible power may come back to throw the world back into chaos...

2) Name: Ark Masters

Age: 18

Height: 6'2

Weight: 146 ilbs fine toned.

Ability: Telekenisi

Appearance: Ark is decked out in blue geans and white and black D*C shoes. He has a yellow Fitch hoodie. The Fitch word on the front was sky blue. He also had a green undershirt on. Ark has a grey element rimed hat that he rocks to the right.

Personality: Ark is a very blunt person that tells it how it is. He has a good sense of humor but can become serious quickly.

History: Ark was a normal kid before 2012. He had just gotten his permit and was working on his licens when the astronomical anomiley hit the earth. It changed his life forever. He started to notice that he was psychic when he would get angry. Things would shake, move or vibrate. When he activly focused on levitateing or moving somthing, he found that it was very easy and felt very natural. When focusing on flying, or levitating himself, he found it to be difficult at first but became easier and easier the more he practiced. Ark managed to master many other abilities also. But it took just one blow up to have his family shun him forever. He was sleeping in his bed upstares when he began to have nightmares about being captured by the military. He started to wrap himself in a psychic cacoon, when he final awoke with a jump the energy was released. Destroying most of his house in the process. His family disowned him and he left his house with only a few posetions.

3) Name: Sylvia Demenshei

Sex: Female

Age: 21

Height: 6'1

Weight: 130 ilbs

Race: Element Bender

Religion: Jovalist

Weapons: None

Skills: She has the same skills as her older, evil brother. She too mastered the four sacred branches of the elements. Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.


History: At the age of 12 she showed promise in all aspects of Bending. She was imediatly drafted to the Acadamy for the Gifted Benders after she passed all the prelims will the highest marks since her brother. The Academy of Gifted Benders quickly accepted her into their school. After two years, age 14, she too was sent to Mount Sempra for further devolopment. There she mastered the elements like none before her. She even showed more promise than her evil brother. She too, was initiated into the Young defenders program, but it was a little different now. Now they made the group go out into the world as a whole. A team. But one was chosen to be Squad Master.

At the age of 16 she came into a mission that was disclosed as confidential. All she knew, was that she and her teamates would be going into it blind. So her team carried out the mission....her team never made it back, she was the only surviver. The mission was to infultrate an adult brown dragon's lair and steal a secret relic. ( Brown dragon- )

They almost made it out, until the dragon awoke, with its powerful muscles and unimaginable intellect, the dragon picked them off one by one in an amazing show of power and skill. Finaly it came down to her and the dragon. She never spoke of how she killed it, just that, "what had to be done....was done....."

After he returned to Mount Sempra, teamless, friendless, and broke down, the headmaster saw her in the worst depression she had ever been in. So he took her under her wing, to teach her the true secrets of Elemental bending, so that if somthing like this ever occured again. She would be ready.

He taught her that there were different branch of the elements, some discovered, some still locked away behind the veil of time. He taught her that every peice of metal no matter how small, has earth within it, minerals so tiny that no microscope could see. After 5 months she mastered what the headmaster calls, "Metal Bending."

And so he began teaching her the rest of the secret arts. This process took many years. Eventually she heard about the Dark Lord returning to power once again, and she would not miss the chance to clear her family name, from her molevalent brother.

She cut her training short and persues any lead she can find.

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1)Name: Joseph

Age: 15

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Pokemon: Houndoom Lv. 68, Infernape Lv. 65 Banette Lv. 63

Skills: Has the Ability to turn into any pokemon with the exception of legendaries ( Sometimes ) due to a device implanted in self from a top secret team that helps keep rare egendaries out of harm. The name is team Legends.

Appearance: Brown Hair, Black Shirt with a red pattarn kind of like Kyogre's, Blackish Pants, Brownish Shoes, Green eyes.

Personality: Once he gets started on something, he trys not to quit until he succedes.
Summary: N/A

History: N/A
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1)((MY FIRST ACCEPTED CHARACTER!!!!)) (Naruto: A New War:
Name: Hikarin Hyuuga
Clan (if in one): Hyuuga
Kekkei Genkai(if any): None.
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Rank: Genin
Village: Konoha
Number of Jutsu: Not counting Byakugan, 10.
Relatives (optional): Hinata, Neji
Looks: Black hair, black coat he wears over a black t-shirt, black pants((He likes the color Black.))
Personality: Calm. He never speaks unless spoken to or to start a conversation.
History: He was born in Konoha, nine years ago. He found out that he had no father or mother because his parents had died when they had brought him into this world. So Hinata found him and brought him to her father to see if he could be adopted into their family. So he was adopted into their family. He was raised there to fight using his instincts. He always had fought while he had a blindfold on because he could not trust his sight. Once he had gotten into a fight at school without being blind folded, and he lost the fight. He always won fights if he had a blind fold. He was then told that he had a demon inside of him. He didn't know what that had mean't. Villagers would always look away when he came towards them before even saying anything to him. He was very lonely when he had been outside, for no one would come and play with him except for Naruto. He always sat on the swing alone during free time, wishing someone would come and at least talk to him. But no one ever did talk to him. Naruto was usually on missions when Hikarin was in school. He didn't have any friends.

2) Name:Pvt. John Hartsock


Weapons carried(Up to two, not including a knife and a sidearm, as in a pistol.): M16A4, Barrett .50 Caliber, M1911 SD

Personality: A tactical soldier, who refuses to take a promotion to Corporal. He's stubborn, yet he takes situations seriously. He uses his fists to take down the enemies for good. He makes sure they're down, before he slams a fist in their face. His captain, Sergeant Randall, would rather die himself than have John die. A father-son relationship is what they have. John has lived through over 100 missions and over 50 wars won by his Sergeant and him.

3)Name:Sergeant Tracy Randall

Age: 35

Weapons carried:A M40A3 Light Machine Gun, a Dragunov Semi-auto Sniper Rifle with a Full Auto function. A M9 Silenced pistol. Five frag grenades, ten smoke and flash grenades.

Personality: An aggressive attitude. He gets very aggressive if John gets injured in the slightest. He's like a father to John. He's very sweet when John's around. He can be quite aggressive when he's in battle.

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(Well, Might as well stop beating around the bush and create a consistant character)

Name: Blaze Golgari

Age: 26

Height: 5'7

Weight: 145 lb

Weapons: A bio-suit created out of nanobots that flow through his bloodstream. The bio suit has adaptability. When fully activated the suit covers him in armor that looks like this

Except without the arm cannon and the helmit viser is blue. The armor is called an S.S.I.D. or Self Sustained Improvement Device.

Abilities: Proficient in Martial Arts,and Weapons.
Suit Adaptilbility: Whatever the suit witnesses it can imitate, this ability is not limited to weapons but can extend to any technology.
Suit Enhancement:With the nanobots going through his bloodstream, Blaze is faster and stronger then normal humans even when the suit isnt active, his healing abilities are accelerated as well.Most injuries that would take months to heal only take a few hours,days only take a few minutes. Minor Wounds are healed instantly.


Personality: When off the job, he is generaly laid back and mellow. But once he recieves an assignment he becomes serious and focused.

History: Blaze was born into a wealthy family. He has everything he had ever wanted, but he was bored with his life. His family lived in a nice town where everyone was rich and no crime occured. Blaze began to get bored with this lifestyle and wanted some excitement. He wanted to go into the world and see what other people lived like. His parents were against it and refused to let him go. He refused to listen to his parents and went anyway. As he traveled around he realized that not everyone had it as nice as he did, and many people struggeled with their lives. He arrived in a town called Glasco which was plagued with crime and scum. As he was walking down the street he witnessed someone being mugged.He attacked the muggers in a vain attempt to get them to stop, but to no avail. The muggers dropped the man they were muggin and procedded to atatck Blaze. there were 6 of them.They knocked Blaze to the ground and started to beat him, hard.It continued on like this for 15 minutes. The muggers left Blaze laying on the ground. Most of the bones in his body were broken, his internal organs were punctured in several places and he was bleeding.His life flashed before his eyes as he lost consiousness. He awake several days later in a vat of amonic fluid. A scientist was standing in front of the vat. Upon seeing he was awake he pressed a button and the vat opened.The scientist led him into a room where the guy who was being mugged stood. The man introduced himself as Gillain, the head of Abyss Industries, which was a technological company. He procedded to explain that the muggers had been working for Shadowtech, a corrupt government organization controlling many towns.He then told Blaze that he had been installed with the SSID as thanks for trying to stop him from being mugged.Gilliam then explained what the SSID could do. Armed with this knowledge and powers,Blaze deicded to become a bounty hunter to try and make the world a better place. Due to the suits advanced learning, he quickly mastered many martial arts and became physically fit in a few months.

Name: Naruto Uzamaki
Age: 16
Height: 166cm
Weight: 50.9 kg
Weapons: Kuni and Shuriken

Shadow Clone Jutsu- Summons any amount of clones of Naruto,They all have his abilities and any fighting experience they gain is transferred to Naruto himself. The clones are impossible to distinguish from the real one unless the Sharingon is used.

Rasengon- A powerfull ball made of pure chakra, when it makes contact with the skin it causes severe piercing damage. Naruto can make this on his own but is even more powerful when shadow clones are used.

Odoma Rasengon-An even larger version of the rasengon. Requires 2 shadow clones to use.

Summoning- Naruto has signed the Toad contract, which enables him to summon toads.

Jinchuriki Forms- Naruto is the jinchuriki of the nine tailed fox, which enables him to call upon its power. When he does, the kyubi's chakra mixes with his own and it shapes itself around his body and acts like a sheild. The more tails naruto gains the more powerful he becomes but it increases the kyubi's influence over him and as a result he begins to lose control after the 3rd tail.

Sage Mode-Using special training he learned from the toad elders. Naruto has learned to manipulate Nature Chakra and can enter sage mode. Sage mode gives him increased strength and speed well past most fighters, however, it has a time limit. But Naruto leaves 2 shadow clones at the sage place to gather energy for him.

Sage Mode/Jinchruiki- Naruto has been able to combine both forms resulting in a from more powerfull then either of them.

Wind Release: Rasengon Shuriken- Naruto's most powerfull attack, using his wind chakra he binds it to his rasengon and creates a shuriken of wind, when thrown it causes internal damage to whatever it hits. (Sage mode only)

Rasenrengon- An attack that uses 2 rasengons in both hands. (Sage mode Only)

Personality: hyperactive; he is typically exuberant, easily excitable, impulsive, and suffers from a short attention span.

History: Naruto is a ninja in the village hidden in the leaves. In the beginning, he was shunned because he was the jinchuriki of the nine tailed fox. But after ahwile he gained new friends and graduated from the ninja acadamy. During his ninja missions he developed a brotherly relationship with fellow squad mate Sasuke Uchiha. During the chunin exams they met Orochimaru, one of the sanin that wanted to take over Sasuke's body to gain the Sharingon, which would help him achieve his goal of learning all the jutsu in the world. He marked him with the curse mark and told sasuke to join him. Sasuke tried to resist but eventually gave in to his desires. He left Konaha and joined Orochimaru in order to gain enough power to kill his brother, whom had murdered his entire clan. Naruto has vowed to bring him back to konaha.

Name: Byakuya Kuchiki
Age: Unknown, but is several hundred years old, looks to be in his mid twenties
Height: 5'11
Weight: 141.1 lbs

Personality:Byakuya Kuchiki is the 28th head of the noble Kuchiki clan, one of the four great noble families in Soul Society. As such, Byakuya acts in an aristocratic manner — he seems always serene and apathetic towards other people, even when he is actually deeply conflicted. He is also extremely calm, even in battle, and is very seldom surprised by even the most drastic of actions. Ironically, when he was younger, he was quick to anger and very hotheaded, as noted by his grandfather, much like his lieutenant, Renji Abarai, and Ichigo Kurosaki. Due in part to his status in Soul Society, he generally acts indifferent, bordering on arrogance, to most situations that he is faced with as seen from how he rarely views his opponent worth his time. Despite this trait, Byakuya is a very perceptive man and is fully aware of the limits of his abilities and usually anything he states in comparison to an opponent is justified.
Byakuya strongly believes in law and order. As the head of one of the great noble families and as a Captain in the Gotei 13, he always works hard for a peaceful society. He feels that if someone in his position does not follow the rules as a good example, then no one will follow them. He believes that to maintain the order, all law-breakers must be punished, even if that goes against his own wishes. In spite of his icy and regal manner, Byakuya cares for and protects those important to him. And after the events of the Aizen Incident, he admitted that law isn't perfect and became more lenient, as well as more protective of his sister, Rukia.
Byakuya is popular among the female Shinigami of Soul Society, and was voted number one in the "Captain we desire to release a photo book for" poll taken by the Shinigami Women's Association. He likes Japanese Cherry Blossoms, night time walks, spicy food, and bananas, but he does not like sweets. Similar to S&333;suke Aizen, he excels in calligraphy.He apparently is very fond of Calligraphy being the representative or possibly President of the Calligraphy Society.
As astonishing as it may seem, Byakuya seems to have a comedic side, as he not only attends the Lieutenant's meeting when Renji's absent, but also attends the meetings of the Shinigami Women's Association when Rukia's absent. As he puts it, "part of a Captain's responsibilities is to make sure the Lieutenant's responsibilities are taken care of," to which Renji asks why he goes to Rukia's meetings, which is only responded by a smile similar to that of Gin Ichimaru's.[4] He once jokingly remarks that he uses Senbonzakura to cut his hair.[5] In one of the omake chapters, Byakuya claims that life in general is not supposed to be entertaining, and even makes up an idea for a game that is not really meant to be amusing.
Having descended from noble stock, Byakuya is easily offended if his name is not used properly. As such, he seems to view Ichigo Kurosaki in disdain for always referring to him as such, though he never said anything to him to change that. Ichigo seems to be the only one to refer to Byakuya very informally (even his wife referred to him as "Byakuya-sama") so far with the exception of Yachiru, who refers to Byakuya by the nicknames "Bya-kun" or "Byakushi," but it is possible that Byakuya lets it slide, given that Yachiru is a child. He once calls Ichigo to his mansion in order to have a talk with the young Substitute Shinigami, but they were interrupted by Yachiru's appearance, who asked Ichigo to follow her elsewhere. After Ichigo's disappearance, it is revealed that Byakuya wanted Ichigo to refer to him properly, and to stop calling him by only his first name.[6] When Byakuya talks with Ichigo, he calls him by his full name, Ichigo Kurosaki. In some golden cups, he sees his house had been altered by some tunnels, which are revealed to be Yachiru Kusajishi's handiwork. In one of the most recent, he discovered that Yachiru, Nemu Kurotsuchi, Rangiku Matsumoto, Nanao Ise, Isane and Kiyone Kotetsu, Soifon, and Yoruichi were having a tea party in his house, without his knowledge (his face is not shown when he sees the room's interior). Later, when he tries to border up the secret door, Yachiru reveals another to Byakuya's intense surprise, and his face is shown with dismay.



Senbonzakura : A regular katana, with only the crossguard distinguishes it, mostly by being almost not there. Senbonzakura's crossguard is a simple open frame, much like a 4-pane window. It has a light blue handle.

Shikai: It is triggered by the command "Scatter"

Shikai Special Ability: In its Shikai, Senbonzakura's blade separates into a thousand slender tiny blade fragments, which then fly away from the hilt, leaving only the sword's handle in Byakuya's hand. The release can be negated before it completes, such as when Yoruichi Shihoin wrapped the blade in cloth during Byakuya's short battle with Ichigo. However, if the release completes itself, then Senbozakura is rendered near-unstoppable as a result. While the blades are supposedly too small to see normally, they reflect light in such a way as to appear as cherry blossom petals. By swinging Senbonzakura's hilt Byakuya can control the blade fragments at will, allowing him to shred opponents at a distance and break through almost any defense.

Bankai: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (Vibrant Display of a Thousand Cherry Blossoms): is essentially a much larger version of Senbonzakura's Shikai. To activate it, Byakuya needs to drop his sword straight down. The sword phases into the ground, as though it were a pool of water. Energy ripples expand out, turning the surrounding area dark, and within seconds two rows of giant blades rise up from the ground. These giant blades then explode, and scatter into a near-infinite number of tiny blades. The number of blades is great enough that Byakuya can use them for defense as well as offense at the same time. He commonly forms them into large masses, designed to obliterate opponents instantaneously. Byakuya's defensive use allows him to cover himself entirely in these tiny blades, and form a body shield. Unlike his Shikai, his Bankai is entirely mentally controlled. As it moves through the air like torrents of waves, it gives the appearance of cherry blossoms flowing swiftly along the wind. While Byakuya can control the blades with his mind alone, using his hands allows him to do so more effectively, making the blades move almost twice as fast. Like with his Shikai, its attack is triggered with the phrase Scatter.

Bankai Special Ability: Byakuya's Bankai has several forms, achieved by arranging the blades in different patterns. Each form presents a different advantage, such as increasing offense at the expense of defense. This makes Senbonzakura Kageyoshi one of the most versatile Bankai in the series. These techniques are activated by saying the name of the technique, followed by the name of his Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

Senkei (Massacre Scene): The true form of Senbonzakura is seemingly created by his blood, which glows and turns into spiritual energy mixing with the tiny blades of his Bankai. This unites the scattered petals into complete glowing swords, numbering in the thousands, that form four rows. These rows float just above the other, and circle around Byakuya and his opponent in a continuously moving, column-like array. It abandons defense in favor of a concentrated offense. Though visually menacing, this form is not meant for attack from all sides; rather, it is to concentrate his power into fewer blades, thus increasing his attack power. While Byakuya can mentally control these swords as he does his regular blades, he commonly calls them to his hands for actual melee combat. When in his hand they lose their glow, and take the form of his sealed zanpakuto. While they seem solid in this state, the swords can just as easily dissipate back into the multitude of tiny blades that they are made of. It seems to take fewer blows from a Senkei blade to gravely injure an opponent than the multiple cuts needed from the unfocused Bankai. The Senkei also cages himself with his enemy, allowing neither combatant to move very far from each other, though the area is still large enough for maneuverability. The most effective use of the Senkei form is that it allows for use of all the swords at the same attack level, making it highly versatile as a way to effectively defeat an enemy unaware of the danger of the situation. It is extremely rare for him to use this ability, doing so only when he has sworn to cut down the opponent with his very own hands. Ichigo was the second being to ever witness the ability. In Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion, it was also seen that Senkei can be used as a powerful shield, blocking several Cero blasts from Menos-class Hollows at once.

Gokei (Pivotal Scene): This form increases the number of tiny blades immensely. It creates a spherical formation of over 100 million tiny blade fragments, which swirl around the opponent like a cloud. It then flies into them from every possible angle, leaving no blind spots and no possibility to escape. It was strong enough to completely obliterate a very large building from the inside out, and the resulting shockwave generated by the attack is so powerful that Byakuya himself has to Flash Step away (Byakuya is normally immune to the cutting effects of his own Bankai, evident by the fact that he could wield the swords generated by its Senkei formation with bare hands without cutting himself).

Hakuteiken (Final Scene): This condenses each and every single one of his blades into a single, potent sword, drastically increasing its cutting power. The spiritual energy and pressure of this form released is immense. The blade appears bright white and its aura takes the form of a bird, earning it the name Hakuteiken, White Imperial Sword. Pure white wings form on Byakuya's back, as well a halo-like circle, made of concentrated spiritual energy. It is unknown whether these wings are merely an aesthetic effect or if they can be used to fly. The blade in this form is dangerous enough to cause aggravated injuries in one single blow. Whether or not this form allows only one single attack or more is as yet unknown.

History: Little is known about Byakuya's early history, except that 110 years ago before the current time he was a young boy, rash and hotheaded and somewhat similar to Ichigo in personality. He would spend countless hours training, in preparation of taking over the leadership of the Kuchiki family and the 6th Division from his grandfather, Ginrei Kuchiki. He used to be teased, usually it seems to his annoyance, but still regularly played tag with the older Yoruichi Shihoen in using Flash Steps, though he never was able to beat her, a score that upholds to the current time. Around 55 years before the current time,[7] Byakuya married Hisana, who was then a commoner from Rukongai; therefore, he broke the rules by accepting her into the noble Kuchiki family. Shortly before her death, Hisana asked Byakuya to find and adopt her biological sister, Rukia, whom she had abandoned as a baby. She also made him promise that he would not tell Rukia about her real family, for she believed that by abandoning Rukia when she was younger, she was not worthy to be called her sister. Byakuya about to adopt Rukia Kuchiki into the Kuchiki clan.One year later, Rukia entered the Shinigami Academy. Shortly after, Byakuya found her and immediately adopted her into the Kuchiki clan. By adopting her, Byakuya respected his late wife's final wish, but had broken the rules of his clan again. He later swore upon his parents' graves that he would never break the rules again, no matter what. As a result, he, though entirely apathetic on the surface, is actually deeply conflicted with the matter of Rukia's execution: should he intervene, it would require breaking the promise to his parents and the rules again, but should he do nothing, he would fail to fulfill the last promise he made to his dying wife to protect Rukia as his own sister. It is implied that Byakuya Kuchiki became Captain of the 6th division less than 50 years before the main Bleach storyline (shortly before Rukia had entered the Gotei 13). Gin Ichimaru became Captain of the 3rd Division at the same time, and Gin would commonly start pointless conversations with Byakuya during times they crossed paths.

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I don't know when I'll do roleplay, but I'm considering it. I'll add my characters.

Name: Majóra(gave himself the name, explained in history)
Age: Stopped aging due to undeath
Height: 8'7
Weight: 675 lbs
Race: Technically undead, but remains as a Shu'Halo.
Sex: Male
Appearance: A bit like this.
Weapons: Peacekeeper Blade, Dual Gleaming Quel'Serrars(high blades), Runed Soulblade
Raise Dead: Restores fallen souls as ghouls under his control. Due to this, the ghouls resurrected have no free will of their own. As such, they are completely loyal to Majóra.
Hungering Cold: Majóra touches the ground below him to rid the area around him of heat. This ability encases all who he pleases around him in ice; fragile ice that usually only holds for one minute.
Unholy Nova: Inflicts a curse on the opponent in exchange for a fair portion of his energy. The curse slows the opponent dramatically.
He is taught other abilities unknown even to himself when he was trained as a death knight, and gains new abilities as he grows in strength.
Lich Cloak: Upon use of the cloak, he turns near invisible, and is very hard to spot, if not impossible. However, if the cloak is destroyed, he can no longer do this.
Personality: Before death he was a proud warrior of the Horde, and was generally a fairly rash person. He was pretty easy to get along with, but never really thought before he acted. Amusingly, before and after death, he kept his foul language. After death, he now does not do things without reason. Still, he's got an unbelievable determination, and he hardly ever gives up.
History: Back when he was alive, he was an important war-general of the Horde. His notoriety was one thing that lead to his downfall, as he was targeted by Arthas. While vastly outnumbered and overpowered, his determination to win lead him to be killed. However, he was resurrected by Arthas, and trained in the ways of the death knight. He awoke remembering nearly nothing of his past life, not even his name. He gave himself the name Majora after finding an image of a mask on the floor, and Arthas informed him it was Majora's mask. He was informed it was a mask of great power, and decided to give himself the name Majóra. Amusingly, he couldn't pronounce Majora right, and the way he said it, sounded like Majóra. After being taught how to use his newfound powers he decided to join the Knights of the Ebon Blade, a group of renegade death knights. After being reminded he was once a proud warrior of the Horde, he was released and serves both the Knights of the Ebon Blade and Thrall of the Horde. It was due to Majóra that other death knights were accepted by both the Alliance and the Horde.

Name: Leland Dokuro
Alias: Skull Kid
Sex: Male
Race: Blood Elf
Alignment: Lawful evil
Age: 114(looks 22)
Appearance: Wears a set of dark robes and a cowl that amplify his abilities. A little of his dark hair and goatee are visible from underneath his cowl. He also has the glowing green eyes, pale skin, and tall pointed ears that are the trademark of his race. He usually wears gloves, but when his hands are shown one can see the many rings he wears.
Weapons: Uses a spectral sword for close combat, and uses elemental attacks while his demons keep his foes at bay.
Abilities: He is a master demonologist, and can summon many of his mechanically altered demons and puppets to do his bidding, stronger than the ghouls summoned by death knights by far. One such demon is his mechanically altered Felguard, which one of his more favored demon mechs, and it is very, very resilient, able to swat aside and catch gunshots with its armored hands or tail, and it's obviously extremely powerful. A brief list of his puppets able to be summoned are his mechanical imp(good for long-range), voidwalker(good for taking damage), felhunter(good against other spellcasters), While whichever demon he chooses to summon keeps his foe(s) busy up close, and he blasts them with flame and chaos bolts. He also has the ability to inflict spells that cause damage over an extended period of time, which matches with his abilities quite well.
Puppet Armor: Leland has increased defenses in this form. This body has blue skin and a tail along with a very muscled body. Status: Destroyed
Felguard: Status: Destroyed
Final Puppet; Leland's strongest puppet. In a past life, the puppet was a powerful and respected magician going by the alias of Skull Kid. However, what partly makes it's magical abilities usable as a puppet is a powerful, rare, and apparently cursed mask. Prolonged exposure to the mask causes a transformation in a mortal in contact with it, thus causing Skull Kid to occasionally transform into a creature that is in essence, the curse and spirit of the mask. This causes strain on his body, however. Status: Usable

History: Leland had an awful childhood, and as such, he was fairly depressed growing up. He did keep good grades, and was quite intelligent. He was quiet and tried not to make anybody mad, but still people made fun of him and isolated him. He, however enjoyed the presence of machines, and is gifted in the craft of creating bombs and other mechanical creations. He kept several of his works in a small room in his basement, where he knew nobody would come to bother him. One of his first crosses with metal and living things was with his pet cat. It too, was always getting picked on by dogs in the neighborhood, from whom he always had to save his cat. His cat had been granted eternal life thanks to the mechanical alterations to its system, as Leland soon noticed. However, as the cat wandered outside one day, a few of his tormentors came across it. They began to kick it around, and Leland heard shrieks from his usual post in his basement. At this point, he couldn't help the cat, as it was still fragile from the surgery. The cat did die. He lost his sanity at that moment; a dark power awakened inside of him, and here, his first act of dark magic came into play. All of his rage was unleashed as the killer of the cat's leg set fire soon after he killed the cat. He soon put it out, and there were no damages. The next day, however, he was reported dead. One bystander who saw the incident called Leland over. Soon after, he was coming to him for daily training on a daily basis, however inside, he still harbored a rage. His teacher taught him how to summon demonic entities and to use his own powers, but however, he did not tell Leland what purpose to use it for. Still harboring a deep rage, he decided to use his powers for evil. However, one day, Leland asked his teacher a question. "What would happen if I were to enhance a demon with mechanical properties?", he asked. "Hmm, it would certainly be enhanced, but you would be at risk; a demon wouldn't take too kindly to being genetically altered.", his master replied. "However, it would lose its free will. But, you could alter it any way that you wanted to, so it could indeed be better in a battle situation. You are talking hypothetically, correct? This act is illegal among those of us who are aware of such magics.", asked his master. Leland grinned. "Yes, only hypothetically; I won't do it.". As imagined, Leland summoned a minor imp. After enslaving it to him for a period of time, he attempted to enhance it. It was a success; the imp could now fire poison needles and knives from its limbs at Leland's will. As more experiments came along, he attempted the same act with stronger demons. After killing a Felguard of the highest strength, he decided to make it his best work. He smuggled the corpse into his workshop. The Felguard was his greatest work yet; it took him a good few months of work on it until it was perfected. Unfortunately, a neighbor heard the noises he made while working and told the authorities. It was final when the police saw the work; Leland Dokuro was a wanted criminal. After a streak of theft and killings, he was branded a rogue. Now he usually works as a bounty hunter, going by the name of Skull Kid. He now resides in a small cave outside of Shattrath City in Outland, where he has continued work on a new puppet...

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Name:Death's Shadow
Age:About 1,500 years old.

Appearance:Wears dark heavy clothing and a hood that covers his face,skin is pale,bony looking,he has no hair,has one scar that is wide from the top right of the forehead and is thin once it passes under the right eye,and carries a book to take notes of his killings.

Personality:He is calm, serious, and hates every living thing.

Weapons:Scythe,a long sword that has a scythe shape at the end of it.
A Bo staff that it has a hidden blade at one end of it that is covered with a poison that paralyzes the limb it has come into contact with.

Soul collection:He has the ability to take the soul of his fallen victim and decide what to do with it.He can only consume souls of weak people so he can recharge his energy(non story line related NPC's) or send them to Hell so they can not escape and turn into demons for his future use.

Demon Summon:He has been given the ability to summon demons from Hell.There are type of different demons mostly elemental and doppelgangers,but can not consume them for energy.

Transformation:He can transform into anyone in the world he has seen,the person does not need to be killed in order to copy them.Also he uses it to change his age appearance.

Teleportation:He is able to teleport to any place he chooses.

He needs no sleep,but may sleep for a few days if he takes to much injuries and does not consume a soul.His Bo staff can bend like a snake to constrict his enemy and increase its length.Also for being immortal he has spent his time learning all fighting styles and techniques.

History:Death's Shadow once was a famed mercenary that has destroyed armies.He was given that name since he has killed many men,but he has never told anyone his real name and after so many years he doesn't even remember it. He has made many enemies during his mercenary days that wanted him gone.One day they devised a plot to kill him by tying him to a poll in a desert and leaving him for dead.After a few days death has arrived to collect his soul.Oddly enough DS was waiting for him,he was standing by the poll he was tied to.Death walked up to him and said it was time,but DS told him that he did not need to go and that he is better than Death himself.DS stole Death's Scythe and ran off to kill the men that left him for dead.A few days later he has killed all,but one man that tried to kill him.Unfortunately Death was there to get what belonged to him and what he came for.DS had the upper hand since Death had not weapon to fight him,Death made a deal with DS,Death said he would promise DS a place in the spirit world as long as DS gave back Death his Scythe.DS took the deal, he had a special place in the spirit world,but he was also given immortality,DS could not die of old age or illness.Now DS is training and becoming stronger so that one day he can defeat Death and have him suffer for making DS live in a Hell that you can't die in.

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Name:Sepol Raynwar
Magic/Skills:Sepol controls the magic of water and ice. This has saved him in many a battle. Since he was a young boy, Sepol found that if he dreamt something it would happen soon after. As he grew older, he learned to control what he dreamt. He knew he had to do this in order to prevent destroying civilizations. At age 8 the power of mind reading appeared in this young boy. He never told anyone for he feared that they would use him to their advantages. When he turned 12 he could pick up small objects with his mind and soon after he could throw them. As finally he grew to be 16, his powers had developed fully. He could now control minds, teleport short distances, read minds, pick up and throw anything short of a car and of course his dreams still came true. He doesn't have any other powers but he is a very skilled craftsman and built a white, full body suit that contains a jetpack, radar and assorted weapons. He uses this when going into battle. He is also a skilled sniper and carries a very light sniper rifle on his back. His tail is very strong and sharp and will cut through metal easily. Sepol is very short and lean but is very fast on his feet. His sword is very light and his hand agile, he moves it quickly to kill foes.
Weapons:His sniper rifle is Sepol's favourite weapon. Another of his favourites is his sword, the hilt forged by his own hand and the blade by his father's. His suit has installed, a small blaster, several bombs, two laser swords and heat seeking missiles. Sepol is very skilled with his magic and coats bullets with ice to freeze foes. He shoots icicles from his hands. His greatest weapon of all is his mind. Sepol's mind has the power to control people, read their minds, control objects and among others, to multi task. Not just two or three things, hundreds of things can be running through his head at once.
Appearance:Seopl is short with long blond hair that hangs over his light blue eyes. His mouth is almost always smiling and he rarely talks. He has a tail with a scythe on the end that glints in the sunlight. His suit is completely white with a translucent blue visor. His blaster sprouts out of a fist and his bombs out of his wrist. His laser swords come from his palms. When not battling, Sepol's shirt varies but he never wears a jacket and never wears long sleeves. He also wears only shorts. His favourite pair of shorts are white with a blueish tint and have lots and lots of pockets throughout them. In his assortment of pockets, Sepol carries a PDA and lots of gum. He is almost always seen chewing white, minty gum. A scar runs from his eyebrow to the bottom of his jaw and another is on his right palm.
Personality:Sepol is always happy unless someone he is close to is hurt or killed. He rarely talks and is very quiet. He knows he is smarter than most others but does not acknowledge it.
History:Sepol was born on a planet far from the space station. He knew nothing of it until he was taken there. He started developing his powers at age 6 and had known about his magic forever. It was passed through his family. He went to school for 18 years the maximum on his planet. He researched and learned to his mind's full capacity. He told no one about his powers to avoid frightening anyone. He joined the army to protect his land when he was 19, one year out of school. His scar on his cheek was obtained by fighting a Korznaz, a tigerlike creature, who scratched him. Sepol was recognized a hero at age 16 and he now resides in the space station. He knows nothing of it and must learn to survive.

Name: Delmos Kaoupat
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 209 lbs
Weapons: A wide assortment of blades around Delmos's body. Twin rapiers are located at his belt carried in jewel covered sheaths. Both glint blue. One, named Ijsblad, summons the power of ice from Delmos's body. The other, Lichtscher, summons lightning. Inside his tunic hide an assortment of daggers. His favourite is a throwing dagger with a small hilt and a five inch blade. Located along his forearm, borne into his armour, are a set of short blades.
Skills: Delmos is a skilled swordsman and has grown so accustomed to wielding blades, he often feels lost without a hilt in his grasp. He is a skilled blacksmith and forged every blade he has used. He has basic training in martial arts and hand to hand combat, but prefers to subdue enemies with a weapon. He is very strong and fast but relies on these qualities to make up for his lack of wits.
Magic: Though his supply of magic is limited, Delmos is a very strong mage and during his service in the army developed a role as a secondary mage. His repertoire of magic includes Ice and Electric. He has little control over his magic and seldom chooses to call on it in battle. He recently began training magic to become even more valuable to his army.
Appearance: Standing at an average height, Delmos makes up for what he lacks in height with his muscle. His legs and arms are thick and look like they could crush a brick wall. His chest looks as though an arrow could not pierce it. Though if his white shirt is torn, numerous scars are shown through the rips. A thin layer of leather armour is found along his body. Red wavy hair flows from his head leading down to his green eyes. His sheathed sword sit at his sides, the etched hilts showing. He covers his armour with a green battle-tunic.
History: Delmos was born to a blacksmith father and a mother who sewed the clothing for the small village he grew up in. The village was, at first, inhabited by many people, old, young, short, tall, wise, foolish. They were wiped out a few years ago, all but Delmos, his family, and a few wise elders. The ones killed, were foolish. Delmos was kept in darkness about the things going on around him. He never suspected his rigorous training every morning, he simply accepted it as the way of life. Soon before the attack, he found out. He warned the village, all the fools let it pass. A few listened and were saved. The few he had gathered packed as much as they could and went to the nearby woods. When they returned, they found bodies slain, houses destroyed, goods and information stolen. One day, a month following the attack, he packed his blades, tunic, and food. The next morning, he was gone.

Name:Qosvuwyub Imipor
Age:467, Appears 23
Height:6'4" (193.04 cm)
Weight:159 (72.3 kg)
Race:Dexpleon. The Dexpleon race, from the planet Dexple (Pronounced Dex-play) lives on fruits, vegetables, and seeds. The average Dexpleon survives 2500 (earth) years. The longest recorded lifespan of a Dexpleon on Dexple was 3127 (earth) years. Most of the race's people are warriors or farmers. They have long ears, single blades on both wrists and a scythe tail that is approximately 3ft (1 meter) in length. Otherwise they look completely human. However, they tend to be larger in height and build. Their minds are highly developed, from living so long, and they speak fluently in many different inter-galactic languages.
Weapons:Qosvuwyub is trained with a vast majority of weapons. His favourite weapon is a silver hilted sword with a blue jewel on each side. The blade gleams blue and possesses the power of water and ice to be activated by the sword. He stores this blade in a blue hilt at his side. In his coat he holds several pistols and handguns. His favourite gun is a custom G-44 pistol, created on Dexple. It is silver and the bullets, custom crafted; have sharp, armour piercing points on the ends. Slung on his back is a G-33 Rifle with a detachable scope that, when not attached, is located in a pouch on his belt. He carries grenades and mines. Located in a compartment of his armour along his arm is an extendable staff. His tail is a deadly weapon and its movements are just blurs through the air. It strikes with deadly accuracy. The claws of his wrists, in addition to his tail, are a very hard bone often mistaken for steel. They can pierce all but the thickest armour. Completing his arsenal is his magic. He harnesses the powers of Water and Ice to protect himself, and to attack enemies.
Skills/Magic:Qosvuwyub is a skilled swordsman and never looses. His aim with a gun is impeccable and he can find and hit a chink in armour. He is extremely strong but not all that fast. He is not one of the better craftsmen of his planet but he makes up for that in his size and skill with handling all kinds of weapons. He is an expert in seven forms of martial arts and easily defeats enemies in hand to hand combat. He works with technology and knows how to operate most starships, tanks and gadgets known to the universe. His repertoire of magic includes Ice, his main skill, and water. He is said to be one of the best ice sorcerers of his galaxy.
Appearance:Qosvuwyub is short for his age but his body is just a giant skeleton lined with muscle. He has broad shoulders, and a buff chest and stomach. Single blades retract and come from his wrists at will. His lower body is not much different from that of a human except it is much bigger and has a long tail, carrying a scythe on the end, protruding from his waist. The top of his head and his pointed ears are covered with long, blond hair. His eyes are blue and they pierce through you like icy daggers if he stares at you. His mouth is always packed into a grim line and his teeth are flat. He wears an earpiece during battle to communicate with his commander. He wears a white shirt under a full suit of body armour. Over that he wears a combat jacket with pockets on the inside and outside in which he carries his guns. It ends just above his wrists, showing his armour to allow easy access to his staff. He wears cargo pants and a combat belt with pouches for bombs, communication devices and extra ammunition. His sword sits in its blue jewelled sheath waiting for its blue blade to be drawn. His rifle hangs over his back glinting silver. He wears black combat boots.
Personality:Qosvuwyub is not a person who laughs a lot. His face is always grim, and expressionless. He always completes a job given to him by an officer or commander. He never backs down from a challenge. He now understands that killing is the way to survive and he kills with no regrets.
History:Qosvuwyub is young for a Dexpleon at only 467 years old. He was raised on a farm in a small Dexpleon town on the southern half of the small planet. His father was a commander in the Dexpleon army when they were invaded by the planet Qotwaa after they introduced a peace treaty to their relatively small galaxy. His mother taught all of her children, him and his 12 brothers and sisters, magic. He dropped out of school when he was 100 and started going to The Military Academy Dexpleon, or MAD for short. He graduated when he was 150 and joined the army. He fought in his first war two years after he graduated and showed such hard working qualities, he was promoted to Special Operations Officer at age 173 when the war ended. His first mission for his team was to infiltrate a distant galaxy. On the mission he lost two of six soldiers. He proceeded to command a Special Ops team. His most recent team was sent to destroy the core generator for Qotwaa�s capitol city before they could attack again. Three members were lost. When everything merged, he turned to his new team to accompany him and get back.

Name: Glynnarious

Nickname: Glynn

Age: As old as earth, looks 11

Weight: 87 lbs

Height: 4'8"

Disposition: Good Side

Appearance: Glynnarious is a child. He has a pale face. His left eye is blue, and his right is brown. He wears off-white shorts and an off-white t-shirt. His sandals are also beige. He has a belt that holds a dagger and a hammer. The hammer is interwoven with symbols of grasses, mountains, and other figures that make up earth. It has two faces, one has the face of Gaea (Mother Earth) on it, the other side has Poseidon. He can control the earth through the hammer. He can transform into a centaur on land. He had the legs and body of a horse but the torso of a man. His horse body is chestnut brown. His eyes are brown. When he enters the water, he may transform into a merman. His eyes both become blue. He still has the same boyish face but he has a long, teal, scaly tail. He grows gills and a fin that runs down his back to meet two fins that were once his feet. Glynnarious's hammer turns into a brilliant gold trident. The trident has serpents intertwined around the handle. The tips have the power to channel water through them.

Powers: The ability to control the earth and the water. While in water he turns into something like a merman with a large fin tail and gills. If he gets too far out into the middle of the water, he cannot harness the power of the earth. Likewise, if he is too far inland, he cannot harness the power of the water.

Weapons: Glynnarious wields a dagger that banishes those who oppose the earth on sight. It is good for throwing and he can recall it to his belt once it is thrown. He has a hammer that is beautifully decorated with symbols of the earth. On one face is carved the face of Gaea (Mother Earth) and on the other, Poseidon's face is carved. It controls the earth. When he enters the water, his hammer turns into a brilliant gold trident. The handle is carved with serpents. On the middle point, a symbol of water is carved. It controls the water.

Skills/Magic: Glynnarious controls the magic of earth and water. He makes earthquakes and waves. He can join the two elements to create tsunamis, and other weapons. He can transform into a centaur on land and a merman in the water. While a human he is quiet and sneaky. He is very bright and intelligent. He is skilled in fighting with a hammer and trident. Glynnarious is extremely strong for his size and wields a hammer that weighs almost three times his weight. While a centaur he speeds across the land and he is even stronger. While a merman he speeds through the water and is even more cunning and able to sneak around without being noticed much. Glynnarious likes to create energy spheres from his magic and he shoots them from his trident, hammer, and hands.

Personality: Glynnarious is quiet and doesn't talk much. He despises those who destroy the earth and has the spiritual essence of a god. He looks innocent with his large blue and brown eyes, but is capable of causing major damage.

History: Glynnarious is said to be the son of Mother Earth. He created the waters and shaped the earth. He chose to walk amongst the humans and changed himself to a child. He kept the power to return to the heavens and live amongst the stars. He created Poseidon to be like a father. He only gave Poseidon a majority of his power, and Glynnarious created a larger trident, identical to his, for him. As humans further developed, Glynnarious became more and more disgusted by how they treated the planet. He returned to the stars to ask his mother for guidance. They chose to destroy the humans and return the planet to its beginning state with beautiful lush country with rivers and lakes everywhere, free of waste and pollution. They created a new generation of humans, these with more care for the environment and nature. They were given the materials needed to live and did not need to cut down trees. Happy with the work, Mother Nature sent Glynnarious to several different planets to create wellness. He found himself at Krotas, a planet covered completely in darkness. He set off to stop the darkness.

Name:Kaiomnat Carassainkn
Appearance:Kaiomnat is tall and has very broad shoulders. He has been shot numerous times and has had bones, tendons and nerves replaced with metal. He got a mechanical arm, which he usually hides under a glove and a long cloak, when his right arm was blown off by a land mine. He carries numerous wounds to his arms, legs, chest and back. Surprisingly his head has been able to stay fully functional and intact. Although not injured in his head he usually wears an eyepiece/ear-piece combination that allow him to communicate between his employer and himself. He has short blue hair and dark blue eyes that seem to pierce into your soul. His face is usually expressionless and, though possible, he is rarely known to smile. Under his cloak he wears a light suit of body armour which, while easily pierced, allows extremely good mobility and speed. Whenever he goes to 'work' he wears a light suit and helmet, that cover his whole body. He calls this his 'biosuit'. This biosuit is made of some strong material, possibly plastic or metal. The biosuit enables him to fly for short amounts of time and has built in tracking devices and a GPS system. Kaiomnat has many aliases that he uses in his line of work so he always looks different, though this is his most common appearance. Many people want to kill him, he mustn't let them find him.
Weapons:His biosuit is among Kaiomnat's vast range of weapons, nobody is positive about its full capability not even him. One of the weapons known about it are dual rockets that come out of retractable cannons in his shoulders. He uses a long rapier whose hilt is carved with a rough steel which allows for a good grip. Its blade forged by a planets remains. It is incredibly strong and gets stronger still as the fight rages on. He must charge this blade after every battle so it is no good in a series of battles. His mechanical arm has many purposes, most are means of escape. He has smoke bombs that come out of his palm, a built in cloaking device, a small shield and a beacon to let friends know where he is. His shield, however, will break if used for too long causing him to experience slight paralysis and a sharp pain throughout his body. His eyepiece serves as a weak but resourceful weapon. It is linked to a universal database of information of which he can sort through effortlessly. Intertwined into its vast and complicated database is a radar that shows all vehicles, people and machines in his area. His dark magic possesses a great threat to
Skills/Magic:What Kaiomnat lacks in speed and strength he makes up for in magic and intelligence. He is extremely knowledgeable about machines and he built every ounce of metal on his body. This comes from not being good at any sports due to a lack of hand-eye coordination. He was always treated as an outsider. And he never liked the outdoors, so he had plenty of time to take scraps of metal and enjoy his favourite activity. Forgery. Though interested in learning, Kaiomnat was never interested in magic. He did not believe that it was logically possible, therefore he disregarded it until he was granted his super speed. He was gifted with enhanced speed by a very powerful mage, the father of a young woman he saved during a war, he did not ask to be taught magic because he was not interested and he did not believe it would work. He then met a dark sorcerer and begged to be taught dark magic. He learned much from the sorcerer and rules peoples minds into doing his bidding. He creates shields and weapons using his magic. He is extremely agile and can twist and turn in all directions. He has bad stamina though and if all his powers are used without a rest he will be drained, and most likely, killed. His biosuit gave capabilities that are, for the majority, unknown. Even he doesn't know what it can do. What he does know of is its capability to fly and the rockets it possesses. Somehow his body's molecular structure fused with the biosuit when it was on his body and was wrenched off to save himself from total destruction at its hand. He now only wears it for short periods of time.
Personality:Cold, merciless and obedient, Kaiomnat is often considered a robot, simply because he does not show any expression. Of course nobody dares to call him a robot to his face for fear of the death that will soon await them. He was raised in a land of bloodshed and casualties occurring outside of his window, because of this he has been apposed to violence but knows that it is the only way to survive. Sometimes he doubts that it is even worth it to live, but when he is praised by his employer after successfully completing a job he understands that this is why he lives. He lives to be praised and feared, to have power and not abuse it like so many of the other foolish beings in the universe.
History:Nobody knows where this man was born but he was found by a family, then adopted by a family through an adoption agency. When he was found sleeping in an escape pod he was holding a card it said 'Kaiomnat' so his name was assumed to be that.He took the last name of his 'parents' Carassainkn. He was raised by a surgeon and a mechanical engineer/inventor who inspired him. They rarely had time to talk to him and he was often alone thinking in his room. When his 'parents' were killed when his planet mysteriously exploded, he swore to get revenge and stop the destruction. His arm was blown off when he was 22 years old, his mechanical arm implanted three days later. He constructed the first major breakthrough in science when he was evacuated after the explosion. While an inventor on the outside, Kaiomnat is a bounty hunter of sorts. He had created a chamber to stabilize those in between life and death. He became loved by many and hated by many more. People strove to kill him, to achieve glory and fame. His victims are only those who displease him, if his employers displease him then he simply destroys them. While others strove to be like him, they copied his every move. He started meeting odd people, with long beards and old weapons like bows and knives. He wanted his life back in order. He knew it was time to join the creator.

Name: Ian Wright

Age: 16

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 153 lbs

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Weapons: Ian uses three main weapons, but has many others in various holsters around his body.
He has an assault rifle that can be easily modified into a sniper rifle. It is spray painted brown with green splotches all around. The stock is all green. The ammunition used is shaped like a cone and releases poison upon piercing skin. When modified to be a sniper, the gun's bullets are fired hard enough to go through two sets of armour and a person's body from up to three hundred feet away. While an assault rifle, the gun looses some power but has rapid fire capabilities. The rifle is light weight and easy to carry. It is usually strapped to his back by tethers.
His second main weapon is a revolver. It is silver and fires six shots at a time. It fires small pellets that lodge into a person's skin and explode, creating a small explosion and a little smoke. It is utterly silent when fired. It has medium range and its bullets move very quickly through the air. It hangs in its holster at the left side of Ian's belt. It's handle is hard and Ian often uses it to jam into people's ribs, causing them to double over.
His third main weapon is a katana. It's hilt can open and be used to store the pellets used as ammunition for Ian's revolver. It's blade is eternally sharp and never dulls. The hilt is intricately decorated with birds and angels. The blade glows light blue and is blinding to look at. It seems that gusts of air come from the blade when it is swung. Just before it is swung, ancient signs of air and wind are seen glowing white along the blade. The blade does not get dirty and does not scratch. The sword was said to be a gift from winged angels who descended upon Baladar at the time of its creation. The brown sheath is decorated with similar patterns as the hilt. It rests on his right hip, attached by two brown leather straps.

Magic/Skills: Ian technically has no magic, although people say that he can telepathically communicate with his twin, Andruw. Ian's sword posesses the powers of the air and wind. He is extremely fast and moves quickly on his feet as well as crawling along the ground. He is extremely agile and bullets seem to come in slow motion to him as he dodges them left and right. He can jump very high and his thin body allows him to seemingly float through the air. He easily hides and slips into small alcoves and spaces. He is extremely flexible. He has a sure shot with a gun. His sword skills are above par and he beats all but the best in hand to hand combat. Ian is fairly competent with technology and can create makeshift weapons out of many items.

Appearance: Ian is tall and fairly thin. He has short cut blond hair and light blue eyes. His common attire consists of a white t-shirt and brown and green camouflage pants. He wears a brown belt on which his revolver hangs in its holster, and his katana in its sheath. His rifle is strapped to his back with black tethers. He wears black combat boots, well broken in with years of use. He often wears camouflage gloves that match his pants. Under his clothes, he always wears body armour. He wears a vest made of light metal that is bulletproof, but can be punctured with a sword and isn't much use against explosions. He has plates that cover his legs and arms made of the same material. He wears a headset that has an eyepiece and an earpiece that are hooked up to a central computer. It gives him information through the earpiece and eyepiece. He can extend a microphone down to his mouth to communicate with Andruw, his twin.

Personality: Ian is fairly quiet but a great leader. He rises to any challenge and finds a way to do almost anything. He cares for members of his team and will go to any measure to protect them. He doesn't enjoy killing but understands that it is what needs to be done.

History: Ian is one of two twins born on Baladar to two brilliant scientists. Ian and his twin Andruw remember the meteor crashing to the planet, even though they were on the other side of the planet when it hit. They lived with both parents, and their father taught them many of the skills that they have. Ian was more interested in silent and stealthy weapons, and didn't take much interest in constructing weapons. Their father helped them make the weapons they use and when they were 15 he sent them off to destroy the darkness. They took with them body armour, their weapons, and the headsets they made. They receive most of their intel from their father and some from satellites in orbit, the few that haven't been destroyed by the darkness. Ian and Andruw have been travelling for a year and have seen no sign of life willing to help their cause.

Name: Andruw Wright

Age: 16

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 182 lbs

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Weapons: Andruw uses three main weapons.
He uses an assault rifle that can be easily modified into a sniper rifle. It is spray painted dust brown with orange splotches all around. The stock is all orange. The ammunition used is shaped like a cone and releases poison upon piercing skin. When modified to be a sniper, the gun's bullets are fired hard enough to go through two sets of armour and a person's body from up to three hundred feet away. While an assault rifle, the gun looses some power but has rapid fire capabilities. The rifle is light weight and easy to carry. It is usually strapped to his back by tethers.
He also uses a gun the size of a rifle. It is grey and fires one missile at a time. It fires a large rocket, on the shell of which small holes open up, releasing about ten smaller missiles that can each lock on to a separate target. It has medium range and its missiles move very quickly through the air. It is strapped to his chest by tethers. It's explosive power is extremely great and is often used as a means for rapid entry as well as taking out several armoured targets at once.
His third main weapon is a broadsword. It's hilt can open and is used to store a small knife that acts as a boomerang and returns to the thrower's hand. It's blade is eternally sharp and never dulls. The hilt is intricately decorated with grass, trees and other signs of the earth. The blade glows light orange and is blinding to look at. It seems as if a chunk of earth is hitting you when it is swung. Just before it is swung, ancient signs of earth are seen glowing white along the blade. The blade does not get dirty and does not scratch. The sword was said to be a gift from the god who created the earth dwelling creatures on Baladar at the time of its creation. The brown sheath is decorated with similar patterns as the hilt. It rests on his back attached with a strap that goes around his chest and connects at the bottom on the other side.

Magic/Skills: Andruw technically has no magic, although people say that he can telepathically communicate with his twin, Ian. Andruw's sword posesses the powers of the earth. He is extremely strong and prefers to engage the enemy directly and eliminate them. He is big and bullets don't seem to effect him when they are coming at him. He can usually punch through wooden, plastic, glass, and thin metal doors. He easily destroys furniture and thing in his path if he charges through a room. He always charges into battle without fear. His sword skills are above par and he beats all but the best in hand to hand combat. Andruw excels with technology and can create makeshift weapons out of almost anything.

Appearance: Andruw is tall and stocky. He has short cut blond hair and light blue eyes. His common attire consists of a white t-shirt and brown and green camouflage pants. He wears a brown belt on which his PDA sits in its case. His rifle is strapped to his back with black tethers. His broadsword sits next to it in its sheath. On his right side his rocket launcher is strapped. It is fairly easy to move when it is on and doesn't get too uncomfortable. He wears black combat boots, well broken in with years of use. He often wears camouflage gloves that match his pants. Under his clothes, he always wears body armour. He wears a suit that hard plastic plates can be strapped to. They are awkward and don't allow for much speed but they provide extraordinary protection. They are bulletproof, fireproof and they often stop swords. An explosion isn't often fatal when wearing this armour. He wears a headset that has an eyepiece and an earpiece that are hooked up to a central computer. It gives him information through the earpiece and eyepiece. He can extend a microphone down to his mouth to communicate with Ian, his twin.

Personality:Andruw is a great leader and always gives his orders loud. He also obeys orders well and usually finishes any task asked of him. He looks out for members of his team, but doesn't trust higher authorities or members outside his tightly knit team. He doesn't enjoy killing but understands that it is what needs to be done.

History: Andruw is one of two twins born on Baladar to two brilliant scientists. Andruw and his twin Ian remember the meteor crashing to the planet, even though they were on the other side of the planet when it hit. They lived with both parents, and their father taught them many of the skills that they have. Andruw was very interested in explosives, and he wasn't as enthused about stealth and not being seen. Their father helped them make the weapons they use, and when they were 15 he sent them off to destroy the darkness. They took with them body armour, their weapons, and the headsets they made. They receive most of their intel from their father and some from satellites in orbit, the few that haven't been destroyed by the darkness. Andruw and Ian have been travelling for a year and have seen no sign of life willing to help their cause.

Name: Niccolo DeLuca
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Height: 6'3”
Weight: 216 lbs
Weapons: Niccolo uses a hidden blade, a dagger, a large broadsword, and cestus.
Tactics/Skills: Niccolo provides mostly muscle but will contribute to recon and other roles as well. He is incredibly strong and sometimes wields his two-handed broadsword with one hand. Although extremely powerful, he is a bit less nimble than most, and often proceeds with caution while navigating rooftops and such. Niccolo's main weapon is his broadsword, but he uses this in deadly tandem with his metal cestus. His long sword allows him to keep many guards with shorter blades at a distance where they cannot touch him. If they do come closer, he will attack with the cestus or hidden blade.
Appearance: Niccolo's robes are a simple variation on traditional robes. They are white, with dark red leggings that match his red cape with golden trim including a thick gold stripe at the bottom similar to the Medici Cape, but with the red stripe closer to the bottom and a solid gold stripe above it. It also has a black assassin's symbol in the center. His hidden blade gauntlet is the gold found on his cape. His sleeves are also thicker than those of traditional assassin's robes, but still allow for good mobility. His cestus is on his right hand, it is covered with spikes on the knuckles. The skin under his gloves is disfigured by burns he sustained as a teen. In addition to these burns are some on his feet, torso, and a distinct scar on his chin from an encounter with guards in Romanga. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. He is usually clean shaven.
Personality: Niccolo is extremely serious when it comes to his work. He harbors deep respect for Ezio and other assassins who command superiority over him. He enjoys joking in his free time however, and this occasionally gets him into trouble. He is confident in his abilities, but not cocky. He recognizes those whose skills are superior to his own, and aids in teaching those who are less experienced.
History: Niccolo DeLuca is a descendent of Emilio Barbarigo, whose daughter married Antonio DeLuca, Niccolo's grandfather. Ashamed of Emilio's Templar status, niccolo's grandmother, Carla Barbarigo ran away with Antonio DeLuca, married him, and changed her name. Her hatred for her father doubled when she learned of the ties her husband's ancestors had the the old Assassin's Order. Niccolo was born outside of Romanga in 1481. He grew up on a farm, and he has grown incredibly strong by working from a very young age. In July of 1496, a descendent of Carla's brother whose family had held a grudge against her for marrying an assassin had become exponentially angrier at her family when he learned that his grandfather died at the hand of an assassin. During that night in July, he traveled to the farmhouse where Antonio's son lived with his wife and Niccolo Niccolo awoke in the middle of the night surrounded by flames. He wrapped his blankets around himself tightly and made for the door. He lowered his shoulder and barreled through the door. He ran along the flaming hallway to his parent's room to find the ceiling near the door collapsed. He hopelessly began prying the flaming beams away but to no avail. He ran away, tears quickly evaporating from his face because of the intense temperatures caused by the red-orange flames that licked through the farmhouse. As Niccolo fled the house, he saw a man running away whose robes bore the crest of the Barbarigo family. Niccolo could do nothing but run, and run he did. He moved farther into the city and picked up many skills from thieving and pickpocketing. He vowed revenge on his uncle, the Barbarigo family, and as his uncle Gustav was an important member, the entire order of the Templar Knights. This opportunity came after he had been run out of Romanga by Templars. He had traveled to Monteriggioni and was milling about in a crowd when he saw a lone man in white fighting royal guards who outnumbered him by at least 10. Eager to be the death of any guard, Niccolo charged at the guard farthest from the assassin in the middle of the group and caught him by surprise with his dagger. The guard dropped to the ground instantly dead. Niccolo picked up his mace and, holding it as if it were no heavier than a broomstick, smashed it down on a nearby guard's head. The group had divided now and half were focused on the new competitor whose muscles weighed more than they did with armor on. The assassin, who Niccolo later learned was Ezio, and Niccolo easily dispatched the group and went their separate ways, Niccolo running to blend in with a crowd while Ezio took to the roofs. Some days later, Ezio found Niccolo as he was stealing knives from a guard. He waited silently in the shadows as Niccolo slunk off. Once at a safe distance from any guards, Ezio appeared, covered niccolo's mouth, and pulled him down to a bench. Telling him to be quiet, Ezio offered Niccolo his chance at revenge. He invited him to train at the Assassin's headquarters and to learn the Assassin's Creed.

Name: Tomas Melech
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 193 lbs
Race: Human
Religion: Jovalist

Weapons: Tomas is a skilled fighter with all sorts of weapons and is practically a walking arsenal. The left side of his belt holds a long rapier as well as a short blade. Several knives are hidden in the folds of his robes including throwing knives of different sizes. Opposite his swords on his belt are two hammers. On his back is located a vicious double-edged axe. He wears two light gauntlets that are spiked on the knuckles and deliver a destructive punch. Over his axe on his back is a circular shield that bears his family crest, a horrendous giant being slain by a godly figure with different weapons in each of many arms. Tomas calls his rapier Vidar and it has an intricate hilt of weaving patterns that fit his hand perfectly but it is charmed with magic that will reject the grip of another and make it a burden to wield. The blade is made of an extremely strong metal that is highly reflective and never dulls. His short blade is called Freyr and has a much simpler hilt that is just wood wrapped in leather for grip. Its blade is made of a material similar to that of Vidar. His hammers are Thor and Loki, like the Yin and Yang, the hammers, as their namesakes, stand for order and mischief and balance out each other. Both have intricate hilts. Thor's head is a prism of magical metal that appears to look like a lightning storm when in battle. Loki's head is never quite seen amidst the illusion and trickery that surrounds it, but its mighty blow is most certainly felt when it connects. Finally, Odin, Tomas' axe is a brilliant piece of craftsmanship that was forged in an ancient smith and passed down by his father whose companions presented it to him following the war that ended his life. Between its two blades resides the design of an eye. Its expression seems to change often, sometimes full of wisdom, others clouded by the fury and rage of battle. Tomas' limited control over its moods can influence his actions as well as others and can keep him clear headed in battle.

Skills: Tomas is an excellent weapons master. He has experienced combat with most weapons and is proficient with many of them. He usually prefers medium range weapons such as swords but has used lances and spears as well. He is ambidextrous, allowing him to wield multiple weapons at once. Although extremely skilled with short range weapons such as daggers and knives, Tomas absolutely detests hand to hand combat and is lousy at it because of his apparent lack of speed and quickness. Long range weapons such as bows or crossbows are not usually favored by Tomas. Although his strength allows him to fire a bow extremely far, he is inaccurate and has a terrible time hitting targets at any sort of range. The arts of magic have escaped Tomas and his only supernatural powers lie in his weapons. Thor strikes with the force of a storm and Loki seeks out weak spots in opponents guard and strikes a crippling blow there. Odin controls the mind and its powers are extremely difficult to master. Tomas has very limited control of its power and can seldom call upon it without perfect calm and balance.

Appearance: Tomas is a fairly imposing figure standing 6'3" and is stocky but not extremely heavy. He has light brown hair and alert blue eyes. He usually wears a goatee covering, but not extending past, a sharp angled chin. He wears simple brown travelers robes and a hooded cloak over comfortable body armor that allows for flexibility as well as maximum protection to sensitive areas. He usually wears dusty leather boots and has a dagger hidden in the left one as well as the ones sewn into his robes. If he desires to be unseen, Tomas will pull his hood farther over his face and offer a weak disguise to any pursuers. When preparing for combat, Tomas exchanges his boots for heavier combat boots and occasionally dons a set of plate armor but will often fight in his robes. He wears a helm that depicts his family crest on the forehead. It covers most of his face, leaving his eyes unobstructed and forming into the shape of his goatee around his mouth but leaving his chin unprotected. His weapons are found in their prescribed places when he enters battle and depending upon his weapon choice, he will use his shield or keep it on his back.

History: Tomas was born a prince to the ruler of a moderate sized town and its outlying areas. His father was a weapons master and therefore, the prince was brought up as one. He trained furiously to become his father’s equal and become fit to rule the people. Tomas trained mostly under a great family friend, but his father often tutored him when he was free. Tomas’ perfect world came to an end when a great war with a vast empire who was trying to expand into their lands sent his father to the fronts where he led the charge and eliminated huge portions of the enemy troops before he was murdered by an empire sniper whose arrow missed his target but killed his father instead. When word reached home that his father was killed, he ran away and made a living on his own for a while. His new home was recently destroyed in a party and, being a faithful Jovalist, he now seeks to join the Holy Knights and destroy evil, as well as to taking revenge for his father's death against the empire.

Name: Soldierbot Mark 019658 (aka. Jasper)
Age: 3 years
Physical description: Jasper is a humanoid robot who stands about 6 feet tall. He is mainly strong plastic material that is silver with black metal joints. His feet have no toes and are seamless until his ankle where there is a black joint that allows for 90 degree range of motion. On the sides of these joints are small rocket boosters that help stabilize Jasper while he is flying. His shin and calf are two seamless pieces that connect in the middle of his leg and cover a mess of wires that coordinate movements and allow for enhanced running and jumping ability. At his knee is another joint that gives way to his thigh. At Jasper's waist, he has a utility belt that contains an electronic grapple, small spherical smoke and tear gas grenades, a plasma knife, and also houses his backup power generators. His torso is made of a more heavily reinforced material that is partially bulletproof against low caliber rounds. His bodily core is housed in his torso, including temperature regulation and his primary power supply. This area is his "motor". The plates on his back fold away to reveal a jetpack that allows Jasper to fly but only for a limited time since it drains his battery levels. His shoulders have a 360 degree range of motion and his arms, although not overly large, are incredibly strong. His wrists, before the joints that connect to his hands, contain small launchers that fire torpedo shaped rockets that are housed in his forearms. The palms of his hands fire lasers that are ideal for cutting through obstacles rather than combat. Jasper's neck is made of 8 thin tubes that leave spaces around its circumference. Atop this neck sits a surprisingly human head that houses Jasper's memory core and nervous mechanisms, basically his "brain". His blue eyes betray the fact that he may be more than a robot. Refer to this for an image of Jasper's head/neck area.
Weapon(s): Being that he was originally designed for war, Jasper has been programmed to recognize and effectively use most weapons, however when the infantry program was aborted and his design was changed in the early stages of manufacturing, his programming was focused on high precision, stealth weapons for use in the special operations program he was to be assigned to. The primary weapon he carries with him is a multipurpose rifle that can be switched between semi and fully automatic firing modes. It comes equipped with a low powered scope that provides adjustable magnification between 1.5 and 2x. It mainly uses standard rounds but can also fire armor piercing or explosive rounds, however these are not preferred because of his limited supply. He also has a silencer for the rife but rarely uses it. For stealthier missions, Jasper uses a pistol with a suppressor that minimizes damage and range reduction while still offering a silent shot.
Bio: The intraplanetary government of a small planet, tasked with mining and fabricating metal goods, mostly steel, was given a task to design and develop a prototype robot to modernize warfare with sleek features that would be able to improvise in the field. However, plans were quickly changed when the government was tipped off that their planet was marked for Beta-352 harvesting. The robot was to be a specialist, exponentially better than the elite human soldiers, and most importantly, be able to avenge the imminent destruction that the planet was faced with. Jasper was shut down and released into orbit immediately following his completion and was not tested for functionality or for the reliability of his more sentient functions. After 3 years of drifting, Jasper's small spaceship was salvaged by a Zeros cruiser and he was awoken when the ship's door was opened. Able to communicate with his saviors, Jasper quickly learned of the current situation in the galaxy and trained to sharpen his skills and he quickly became an elite member of the Zeros's rebellion army. Although, an elite fighter, his bugs and glitches have yet to be completely ironed out and Jasper has been known to have unforeseen difficulties when in battle.

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Zombie RP
Name: Adam
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Weapons: Katana and M9 handgun
Skills: Is good with sword, quick, and clever.
Bio: He and his family were at the mall when the zombies attacked, his family was killed and turned into zombies. he was able to get away clinging on his urge to live. He stole a katana from a nearby store along with an M9 and some ammo.

Dementa RP
Name: Adam
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Power: Control fire with eyes is immune to heat. When his eyes glow red whereever he is looking catches fire and he can manipulate it with his eyes. Depending on color the fire is stronger. red weakest, blue stronger, black strongest. Though after using power he has to rest eyes. Different for each level.
Bio: Worked in a a forge like place that had a huge fire. At around 14 years old he got knocked in and found out he was unharmed by fire/heat. At 16 he was trying to make something and a person broke in and tried to steal stuff and when he looked at him he caught on fire. At 17 he finally learned how to activate his power entirely and control the first level.

We're all just a little Mad Here...
Name: Night Mearei
Experiment Name: Nightmare
Age: 17
(You will have to move it around a bit to see the full image)
Except one eye is all red with a slitted pupil. The other one looks like the first eye but can change into any of the ones in their.
Experimentation Description: Was injected with biologically mutated blood cells that are all black. He can then control other people blood by injecting them with his own, which then multiplies. One of his eyes was replaced with a biologically mutated eye that helps him control his power more accurately and gives him some other abilities. Like being able to see someones attack 3 seconds before they do it. Or analysis someone's composition. He has four different ocular abilities and each has four different strength levels. (look at pic. first row allows his sight to increase in range and have thermal vision. 2nd row lets him see attacks coming from 3 to five seconds and how many attacks. 3rd row lets him analysis someones composition. and 4th row is unknown at moment.)

Inheritance R
Name: Shade
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Weapons: Wields a sycthe made of bones and steel. Two steel katanas. And both of his guantlets make his hands shape into sharp claws.
Bio: Shade was born into a rich family but his mother died of a disease and his father ended up getting killed by people he owed debts too. At 7 he was put into an orphanage but he ranaway and lived in the mountains for 2 years where he found an egg. He kept the egg which eventually hatched into a dragon which he named Nightmare. Having his own dragon made him teach himself hand-to-hand combat. He could already hunt very well. At 10 he entered a city and worked in a military academy doing jobs for money. While his dragon went hunting and stayed outside. When he got enough money he enrolled in the acedemy and worked part-time there. He learned to fight wielding two katanas. He also found out he had and incredible skill with a scythe. At age 13 he left the acedemy and went to a forge to learn to make weapons. After being there for two years he left. He made himself two steel katanas. His guantlets into claws. and then crafted and excellent scythe out of steel and bones from animals he hunted and men that attacked him and his dragon. Over the next two years he travelled around. Nightmare was about the size of a horse when Shade was 17. And at 17 he bought a house in the country and started practicing riding Nightmare who had started growing much faster.
Dragon's name: Nightmare
Dragon's Color: Jet Black

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Name: Terrance "Nova" Docks
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6'1
Weight: 202 lbs.
Race: Human
Religion: Jovalists
Weapons: A Zweihänder he calls "Dies Irae".
Appearance: Pretty boy. He has short blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, cleanly shaven chin, muscular body, and usually wears the trademark full knight sliver armor of the Holy Knights.
Personality: He is highly confident. He actually thinks that he is the best thing walking on the face of the Earth. This is a result of his parents spoiling him since birth. He likes to joke around on free time and even during sparring practices. However, when it comes to real battles, he is nothing but serious. He takes pride in worship his lord, Jovalin, and believes everything related to Vladmir is pure evil.
History: The captain of the Holy Knights. Since his birth, Terrance was always told he would save the world from destruction, as told to him by his parents. He grew up in a rich family, receiving the best education and the best training. When he became a young adult, he tried out for the Holy Knights and reached the ranking of a Knight within a year. He stayed in that ranking for years, before finally becoming captain and now leading the army on the field.

Name: Manuel "Striker" Frenxs
Sex: Male
Age: 38
Height: 6'1
Weight: 220 lbs.
Race: Human
Religion: None
Weapons: Arabian Sword and Samurai Sword. The Arabian sword was acquired from an Arab Swordsmen after killing him at the age of 22. The Samurai Sword was stolen from a sleeping samurai on the road. He also carries a pack of explosive grenades on his side.
Skills: Ninjatic abilities. When attacking, he flies through the air at the speed of light and lands a hit at a rate of 2 seconds. Secret stealth. Walk running. Ceiling hanging.
Appearance: Has Long Brown hair, a red scar over his right eye, and green eyes. Wears a scarf over his face to hide his identity. Wrist bands, black chest plate, red belt, black pants, and combat boots.
Personality: Calm, laid back, Independent. Has lived a life of trusting no one ever since watching his father die in front of his own eyes.
History: One of the people bashed from the holy lands, as a result of the great massacre decades ago. Manuel Frenxs was born in a small village where he grew up learning the ways of the Ninja. However, at the age of 15, him and his family were kidnapped by the forbidden foreigners and were enslaved for the next 3 years. Over those years, Frenxs skills grew more. And when the time came when he turned 18, he and his father "Trevor Frenxs" fought the foreigners head on, allowing his mom and brother to escape. Unfortunately their forces were too much for both of them and Trevor Frenxs was forced to sacrifice himself for Manny's sake, ordering him to run while he still could. Being left with no choice of the matter, Manuel retreated and escaped safely.......unfortunately his eyes watched in horror as the foreigners brutalized his father to a bloody pulp. The man who laid the final blow is unknown, but has since resided in Manny's mind. The day finally came when he finally got his revenge, striking down the foreigner who killed his father. Ever since then, Manny has traveled his home world earth alone, taking up the name "Striker". He protects the weak from harm and heals the sick whenever he could. Since the great massacre decades ago, little is known about his location.

Name: Princess Teya Lovett
Sex: Female
Age: 32
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 122 pounds
Race: Human
Religion: Jovalist
Weapon: The Book of Righteous. A gigantic book that is as light as a feather but powerful beyond imagination. When casting a spell, the book hovers in mid air and flips to the page the spell which was casted is on.
Appearance: Beautiful young lady with a babyface complication. She has angelic blue eyes and silk long blonde hair that reaches down to her shoulders. Wears an all white dress with a white tiara on top of her head and matching white glass heels. Carries a necklace around her neck with a "J" symbol to symbolize Lord Jovalin.
Skills: Mystical Spell Caster of Light. Casts spells of light to vanquish enemies. Has the ability to heal others only at the expense of using up her own energy. Can create force fields and energy beams.
Personality: Innocent, soft-spoken, and timid. Has a good heart and highly sensitive. Smiles to everyone and has high moral values.
History: The princess banished to her room for eternity as a result of the Great Massacre decades ago. Born as an heir to King Henry Lovett the fifth, Princess Teya Lovett grew up inside castle Odom. Throughout her young years, she was trained by her mother, Yolanda Lovett-Greens, in the art of spell casting. She received education from personally appointed teachers by the King himself, which gave her little time to ever live a life outside her castle. After a while, the dad by day kingship living began to bore Lovett, as she yearned for something more. Upon turning 18, the curiosity of the young princess begins to take over and her urge to venture out into the world had grown. Once in a while she would sneak out of the castle to explore cities around and keep her identity as a princess hidden. Since the great massacre years ago, she has since returned to her room where she is sentenced to be locked away from eternity.
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Name: Sion Lions
Age: 24
Height: 6'2
Race: Ancient(Senitel)
Weight: 220 lbs
Appearance: Wears a cool, black, short sleeved cloak/coat with the sign of a red Lion on the back of it. It symbolizes 'Pride and Power'. The Lion's mouth is wide open, roaring at any who dare to strike Sion from the rear. It is ether coated, making it untearable, giving it a quality flow and giving it a faint shine to it. He wears a black athletic vest under it, which is decorated with scarlet tribal signs. He has black baggy jeans and a heavy metallic belt that holds them around his waist. He wears Black combat boots that have flexible and quality steel covering on the bottom of them, to give him extra grip to whatever he stands on. At the toes and heels of his boots are steel plates. The right boot plate has 'Sion' on it, while the left has 'Lions'. Wears Black,finger less,knuckle gloves,with steel plates on them. On his left hand`s steel plate,is the engrave of Honor. On his right, Spirit. He is caramel-skinned, has light brown eyes, and long, black decent hair that has one medium spike in the front, the spike shaped like a small thunder bolt, and fewer small spikes pointing back and diagonal. The rest of his hair pretty much falls to his shoulders Has decent muscle tone, not too big or too small.
Weapons: Lionara Gauntlets and Greaves. The gauntlets are like Lion claws, its paws made from luster ether, and the claws sculpted from pure diamond. They have brownish mane on the back hand side. The greaves are like the hind legs of a lion, fitted with brown mane and diamond nails. They are also black, and made from luster ether. They contain the 4 Spirits and Weapons Of The Elementals.
Enryuu, Broadsword Of Fire and Earth- It is like any broadsword, very heavy, and extremely difficult to use. It's hilt is that of a raging flame, with the hand guard shaped like a lions head. The blade juts out of the lion's mouth. The blade is crimson-orange, engraved with a black tribal sign for Fire and Earth.
Raizan, Twin Swords of Lightning- A matching pair of twin swords, one is shorter, while the other is longer. Their hilts are that of clashing lighting. The hand guards are cloud shaped, and are made of pure silver. The blades are blue, and are often running with raw electricity. It's tribal signs are thunderbolt shaped going down it's blade, to the had guards.
Arashi, Blade Of Wind- Arashi is a Chinese Sword, it's blade extremely sharp, hard, and light. It has no hand guard, and it's blade is shaped like a scimitar. The tribal signs for this blade is a large spiral on the curved edge. The blade is green. It's hilt is just like that of a sword, and has a large, purple feather on the end of it's handle. Hydros, Javelin Of Water- Is a heavily decorated javelin, the top of it shaped like horns. The blade is sky blue with a tribal sign that is shaped like that of a wave. The pole is long, and is about 7 feet long. The pole is dark blue.
Skills/Magic: Can sense spiritual essences/people. Often uses different types of combos with his powers. Knows many different types of swordplay and is a extremely talented in the martial arts. Has great strength, great speed, and abnormal energy patterns. He also has discovered how to infuse his spirit with the Elemental Spirits, giving him great abilities;
Enryuu- Heightens his power, and hardens his body, giving him superior strength and defense. Much like how fire burns through anything, and how hard and tough rocks are.
Raizan- Heightens his spirit, giving him much more energy, spirit power, vitality, and stamina. Much like how electricity energizes things.
Arashi- Heightens his agility, and makes his body extremely light. Making him as swift and light as the wind.
Hydros- Heightens his reflexes and focus, making him a tricky target to hit, makes him even more athletic, and flexible. Much like how water can bend and expand different ways.
As powerful as he is, he must be wise when using the power of the Lionara. It greatly exhausts him to the point of total blackout. He continues to train even to this day to keep up with the Lionara.
Personality: Bold, brave, and daring. Coolheaded, and sometimes rather reckless. His vital & righteous spirit is what makes him one of a kind. Very clever and skillful, and has a crazy sense of humor. When he gets serious, it's a very great sight to see, for he the completely opposite of who he is.
History: Is widely known as 'The Lion of Honor and Spirit.' He has dealt with the best of the best, and the evilest of the evil. He knows of the massive fight ahead of him, and knows what he has to do. Sion is extremely popular among dimensions, for his child-like humor, guile trickery, weird personality, and animal-like battle prowess. He's always traveling and on the move.

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(1) Name: Bella (Belladona Viluhminkx)
Age: 125
Gender: Female
Human or Creature: Vampire
Magical abilities/Other: Besides increased speed, strength and senses, she also dabbles in the dark arts of Necromancy. Make her a formidable foe.
Bio: Bella used to be the daughter of a highly loved Noble named Gragoricks. The small town that she lived in was a beautiful and kind place. The area surround the land that it was in was also consumed in a era of peace. When Bella was 18, she was to be married into a wealthy family. On the day of her wedding however, her father was murdered. For reasons still unknown. The grooms family was framed for the attack and so created a deep hate in her heart towards her husband and the family she now belonged to. Her hatred for her 'family' spewed her dark and malic love for the dark arts of Necromancy. She studied all she could in her spare time, which was not very ofter. Eventually she grew tired of her "15 minutes of reading by herself then playing the part of wife" situation. She needed to become powerful. And fast. Bella discovered over time that Vampires were especially gifted in Necromancy. Partially because they were undead, and because they draw power out of the shadows of the night. She had one problem. There were no vampires on hand and none in the neighboring villages that would just bite someone for that persons personal gain. So what was she to do? So she went back to studying. Her search to become a vampire seemed hopeless. One day, while researching rituals, she came across exactly what she needed. A Vampirc Turning Ritual. But the regeants for this ritual would take years to get. Yet another snag in her plan. But she didnt care. For 5 years she gathered the regeants. Finaly she had all that she needed. On the night of her 30th birthday, in the tower that reached closest to the Full moon, she preformed the ritual. It woke the entire town. The power the ritual released was massive, and ended up destroying the entire tower. Directly after the ritual takes place, her power was amplified by 100 x. Allowing her to seek revenge on her husband and his family for the murder of her father, so long ago. After her power reduced and became that of a normal vampire, she began traveling.
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Name: Terry Runnels
Code Name: Reaper
Sex: Male
Age Bracket: Teen
Age: 19
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 220 lbs
Class: Class C.
Synet Gadget: IPod. A customized iPod that not only listens to music, but has access to the internet and, most importantly, Synet. Stolen from a Class a store.
Favorite Weapons: Sabers. One-handed or Double edge sabers.

He has long black hair. The front part of his hair usually tends to hang over his right eye. His skin is Caucasian. He has soul piercing eyes with purple pupils. He has a small, muscular physic, but still appears skinny. Tends to wear black clothing and dresses down to not be noticed so much.

History: Terry Runnels grew up in New Jersey as an orphan. After his father died as a soldier in the army, his mother gave him up to an orphanage, not having the strength or the financial means to take care of him. His mom was a Class C citizen. In that very orphanage, he met his best friend, Xavier, who he immediately grew close to and love like a brother. After spending a year in the orphanage, a Class A family by the name of The Stevens picked up both Xavier and Terry and adopted them as sons. Over the years, the Stevens grew heavily fond of Xavier, based on how well he cleaned up after himself and made good grades in school. They treated him as their star pupil. On the other hand, they did not tend to favor Terry as much since he struggled more in school and did not take the initiative to get things done. Xavier usually is the one to bail Terry out of getting grounded or enduring punishments, which Terry always replies, "I owe you one" and seems to rack up a ton of them. The most infamous cover up is Xavier lying about buying Terry an iPod with his own money, when in fact, that very same iPod was stolen from a store. After graduation, Terry wanted to join the Golden Rivers Crusade and set out to attend try outs.

Name: Xavier Hendrix
Code Name: Phantom
Sex: Male
Age Bracket: Teen
Age: 18
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 202 lbs
Class: Class C.
Synet Gadget: Watch
Favorite Weapons: Gunslinger. Plasma Guns. Hand-Guns. Shot Gun. Bazooka. Energy Blast Machine Guns.

Short gray hair. Likes to dress in style. He has a high sense in fashion. He wears a pair of glasses and hardly takes them off. He has a silver necklace around his neck with a locket on the end of it, carrying a picture of his parents. Likes to smile a lot.

History: Xavier had a similar child hood to Terry. However, Xavier lost both his parents to an unfortunate car accident, one night when he was being baby-sited. As a result, he was sent off to an orphanage where he met up with Terry and became play-brothers. After joining The Stevens, Xavier received the highest level of education and attention from the family, while Terry was overlooked. Feeling sympathy for his play-brother, Xavier did all he came to remain loyal to him, even bail him out of trouble for his wrong doings. Xavier graduated in the top of his class and was pressured to become a lawyer by Mr. Stevens. However, he declined and decided to go try out for the Golden Rivers Crusade with Terry.

Name: Vincent James Whitaker
Code Name: Killer V or Mister Duba-U (Mr. W)
Sex: Male
Age Bracket: Adult
Age: 38
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 268 lbs
Class: Class A
Synet Gadget: Electronic Pad. Mini-laptop.
Favorite Weapons: Axes. Gigantic mace.
Appearance: Fat. Bald. Likes to wear suits of all colors. Smokes a huge cigar. Think Kingpin from Spiderman.

History: Killer V is a notorious crime lord who has been arrested numerous times, but always finds a way to get free and go back to doing his business. He owns a drug corporation that sneaks illegal drugs like heroin and crack and sells it on the streets. Surprisingly, he fought alongside Commander Elliot Rivers in the Navy for a short time, but soon went AWOL and got kicked out. He then turned to a life of crime and started his own drug business, making money off of the expenses of teens and adults who buy his illegal drugs. He shows no shame in his methods and usually defends himself by saying, "I'm not the one buying; I just sell." The new Golden Rivers Crusade will encounter him soon enough.

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NOTE: Maybe I'll just put characters that exist on a meta level here. Story-related characters would spoil bits and pieces of the stories they're bound to.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Porcelain bulls and a white-hot, flaming, exploding, spiky, poisonous, dragon-wraith plate are what all of ye and I are to be made of, respectively! Where, ye ask? WHY, IN THA LEGEND OF THIS DASHING PIRATE OF COURSE!"

Name : ????

Title : 'Spirit of the Ports', 'Black Lion of the Ashen Seas', 'Captain Sharks n' Snarks', 'Shark-Tooth', 'Porcupine of Wrought Steel', 'The Pirate that Keeps Running', 'The Eternal Captain', 'Mister Great'

Gender : Male

Age : 41

Appearance : Wild, unkempt ash-black hair that reaches down to the middle of his back, often referred as the "black mane". Pointed jaw with a thin, pointed nose. His stubble, oft seen appearing to be stapled to his face aside from rare occasions, is his pride, though perhaps because it's one of the only parts of him that entice many a woman that he doesn't have to work much in shaping. Has black eyes that are almost always at unease, but often keen for things of interest. Is able to see with both eyes, but has been hiding his left eye behind a patch of black leather out of immense respect for both his late uncle and his late aunt. His build is quite muscular, but without much bulk. His height is the only facet of his appearance for which people would call him a slight giant of a man. The scars of what appears to be a fresh wound in the shape of a long cross lie on his chest and stretch to below his waist, and over to his arms. His most defining characteristic is his teeth, which while seemingly healthy, is coarsely sharp and pointed at the ends.

Still dresses in the garments fitting of the captain of a crew after the years he's been earthbound due to shameful trauma from the sinking of his ship. Say it attracts both of the things he likes; brawls and dolls. But more importantly, it makes sure he never forgets the men and women under his wing that died the day his ship sank. Grey shirt underneath a coat of mainly black color, with golden trimmings and parts in earthen red. His clothes are sleeveless, allowing him to show all before him the innumerable amount of scars on both of his arms. A chain-mail fashioned out of special "star-metal" is worn beneath the shirt. Certainly, it ups chances of him sinking and drowning, but aside from that it protects him from many a threat. Though to be said, that isn't the main reason he still wears it (and no, the main reason isn't that it's stain-less and rust-less).

Equipment : Wields a peculiar cutlass, sporting a wider, thicker, and more durable blade, but just as sharp as any sword that goes around lopping heads clean off their shoulders. The cutlass is made out of the same "star-metal" used to make his chain-mail. Carries two additional flintlocks of different design; both are in less than stellar condition. Almost never dual-wields both at the same time, but almost always dual-wields either one with the cutlass. Another object strapped to his waist is the horn of beasts' call, able to produce loud sounds that at times sound like the cry of certain animals, hence its name. The last object he keeps about him is the most peculiar, albeit most unique; a device that is able to fire a grappling hook over long distances using steam as propellant.

Character : Once a traveler from a vague family history. Before he was born, his parent deviated from what he terms "the bloodline destiny" and becomes a worker for a banking company, much to the chagrin of said parent's brother, who became a traveler of land and the seas just as their forefathers have. The uncle and aunt would later inspire the child with their values as he grows to become a young adult. Despite his family working closely with a branch of the authority where he lived, years and years of watching by the sidelines the events that eventually led to his father's depression, his belief on the nature of justice and truth is vague, to say at best. Perhaps inherited, his greed has been revealing itself since his adolescent days. Brushing off his deteriorating behavior as merely financial problems to others, he abruptly leaves home one day after having slipped too far in his actions with a local girl.

Years later, the young man re-emerges in a foggy rumor as the 'Spirit of the Ports', a being that is oft seen silently boarding the closest sea-vessel he'd find; often the ones anchored on the furthest ends of the pier. The being would haunt the chosen ship and often meant bad luck for the ships' owners, the rumor went. To be fair, losing a few bottles of rum here and there and whatever food was for lunch didn't seem like much of a streak of bad luck to him. The rumor died down after a set of winters passed, but by now the young man was no longer very young. Killing a rogue captain, he faked himself into receiving the bounty and went on to run away with the ship, bringing with him the rest of the crew through a string of lies. Thus the life of the "Black Lion of the Ashen Seas" begun.

The pirate is quick with his feet and strong with his hands, but often stuck to exchanging blows and cuts on the firm deck or the ground. Higher elevations put a dent on his footing, and being in the air is akin to falling to the ground to him. This further strengthens his belief that pirates are never meant to fly. With a hatred for assassins, particularly those of oriental in variety, he also showed intolerance towards the "less-refined" members of his ilk. He's a **** to everyone, really. He's a different brand of it towards the ladies that he finds attractive, though. His tendency to have flings with various women comes from his fear of an actual 'pure' commitment (marriage), but is also attributed to an undying conflict of his; one where he seeks to find a resolution to his mistake years ago as a young man, but at the same time being incapable of forgetting the thrill of lust. He gets better, though.

His teeth are the result of his habit of gritting his teeth often. Looking at it as a substitute to letting out his pain and anger in a yell or scream, the years' worth of broken bones, cuts, shots, and stabs has brought about an insurmountable 'progressive damage' to his teeth. Now, they are pointed to the point (mind ye, no pun intended, arr) that they look like shark teeth.

The man is honest to all, be it kings or slaves. All those he meets should expect to be subjected to the same type of treatment; with EXTREME PREJUDICE! Except the benevolent elderly, the less-benevolent elderly (to a lesser extent), the evil elderly (to a much lesser extent), women to his liking, and, more recently, children. He speaks his mind wherever and whenever he chooses to, but the man has a good idea of subtlety, and though he finds it hard to only keep dropping hints regarding the same thing for too long, he does indeed know when not to say anything. Take note, however, that after an unfortunate incident involving an old witch with faulty spine and eyes, her cat, and a lemon tree, he lost all ability to fascinate people with his extensive vocabulary... of curses.

Despite his fearless nature, the pirate has shown great loath at revealed human backbones.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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