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Call of Duty: Black Ops

meaning of the kino easter egg song 115?

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(attackdawgs)Brody Posted at: 14:17 Jun13 2011 Post ID: 3018976
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ok so many people know this easter egg. get 3 meteor pieces , play a beast song by elena siegman called 115. but a question has risen. What is the meaning of this song? there is 3 sections. beginning including chorus, middle including chorus, and ending including chorus. but i have found the begging and middle have meanings.
so the beginning goes;
now you can see me and ive lost all feeling and i know i wont die alone.
ill stop you from breathing and all your decieving and this house is not my home.
well this seems to note the end of the world. as infeered also in the chorus.
no more forgivness no and the reason is i know i wont die alone......i have returned.
everyone dies, everyone lies, they're waiting for the second coming again.(it is believed the second coming is the end of the world)everyone tries to hold on to their life, when no ones alive, bring me 115.
115 is the element that makes zombies. this could refer that when no ones alive they want to live on.
the second part referrs to the survivor.
you stand for nothing and overlooked something ill bring you down all on my own.
im the end i can taste it(end- last survivor) ill justify hatred
i am the chosen one by the hand of all thats sacred!
chosen one means he was chosen to be the one.
no more forgivness no i bring you death and pestilence ill bring you down on my own
i have returned!
everything dies look to the skies to see the end of our creation again(referring to the second coming) see with your eyes my army of flies, when no ones alive bring me 115!
comment on what u think.
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tbug2007 Posted at: 15:44 Jun13 2011 Post ID: 3019048
Da Bug
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That seems pretty funky. Maybe the game is trying to slip some 2012 in there?

ubr cuulness by Craizin the raizin. <3

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Forgoten_Scars Posted at: 22:23 Jun29 2011 Post ID: 3028936
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walker911 said:thats great ...I am walker........

-Links Removed-

And banned for being a nasty bot. :/
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Forum Guest Posted at: 09:13 May23 2016 Post ID: 3410316
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Forum Guest
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