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celtic jay Posted at: 02:30 Mar26 2005 Post ID: 108810
celtic jay
Forum GuestMember
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the following is so far who dose wat at the city all i no up to march/26/2005
agumon-item keeper
andromon-birdra transport
angemon-jijimons assitant
bakemon-in the city at night guarding the city
betamon-opens item shop in the fountain
birdra-birdra transport
biyomon-item shop
centarumon-centar clinic

out of time more later
celtic jay
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pokemon master kyle Posted at: 21:22 Nov15 2009 Post ID: 2764521
pokemon master kyle
Posts: 3
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i'll finish it for him,

AGUMON-item keeper
PALMON-gives you better meat than tanemon
KUNEMON-makes path to digital bridge from plaza in city
COALAMON-starts item shop
CENTARUMON-works in restaurant
TYRANOMON-works in restaurant
BAKEMON-patrols city at night(yes,yes,no)
MONOCHROMEMON-helps build item building
DRIMOGEMON-starts treasure hunting buisness
MERAMON-starts restaurant(not very helpfull but still preety good,even though you can buy meats for less)
UNIMON-helps with item shop
ELECMON-uses electricity to light up plaza at night
PATAMON-helps in item shop
BIYOMON-helps in item shop
SUKAMON-stands in front of toilet at night
GABUMON-helps in treasure hunting buisness
KOKATORIMON-builds statue beside toilet(statue of win stance for tamer)
BIRDRAMON-builds birdra transport centre(really usefull)
SHELLMON-makes news poster in plaza(without this you cannot finish the game and miss out on fridgemon,vademon,skullgreymon,kabuterimon,kuwagamon.
ANGEMON-tells you what to do,what digimon is most needed right now in the city
MOYJAMON-sets up secret store
WHAMON-ferry's you to factorial town and secret beach cave
PENGUINMON-creates curling game in GREYMON's arena
[email protected] GREYMON's arena
FRIDGEMON-works in restaurant
GARURUMON-works in restaurant
MONZAEMON?-stays hook up in back of JIJIMON's house
VADEMON-works in restaurant
MAMEMON-seels super stat discs in secret store
LEOMON-stands in birdra transport
KABUTERIMON-betters training equipment
SKULLGREYMON-?????(must be discovered,somthing to have to do with the arena)
PIXIMON-sells training manual in secret store
OGREMON****-patrols city at day
METALMAMEMON-after perfect match with penguinmon,takes over buisness
NUMEMON-sells some items in secret store(i'm not sure what)
ANDROMON-stands infront of birdra transport
GIROMON-makes jukebox in resaurant(WARNING,jukebox will frezze your game,take precautions)
[email protected] MT,infinity,tells fortunes in arena
ETEMON-sells golden banana for 50,000 at digimon bridge after 1 year of being recuited
DEVIMON-sells devil chips in secret store
MEGADRAMON!-brags in front of arena
METALGREYMON-comes up with nickname for digimon partner

Enjoy this game,the ending is well worth it.

Expect to see a full walkthrough of this game in the far future from me.
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Forum Guest Posted at: 09:21 Apr18 2013 Post ID: 3237676
Forum Guest
Forum Guest
how to get angemon area
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