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LEGO The Lord of the Rings

Unlimited wealth at Isengard!

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BeardoTheWizard Posted at: 22:42 Aug22 2015 Post ID: 3386566
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This happened to my son and I tonight. We're not sure if it's a bug, hidden cheat, or just a lucky fluke. All I know is we are wealthy beyond our needs now, currently sitting at just under 10,000,000. Here's how we did it:

We're about 62% finished with the game. Story is complete, so we're just cruising and free playing, collecting bricks and treasures and characters. Father-son bonding, ya know.

I went to map mode, and saw that a white brick was in claimed right in front of the Isengard gate. Naturally, I transported from where ever I was directly to the map statue there. I chose night time, but when my son followed about a minute later. Neither of us could figure out what to do to win the brick. I suspected that since it was daytime, I should try to access the brick challenge at night to see if that made a difference. With both of us standing right on the brick, I went to the map page and relocated (just a few pixels north of our location) to the Isengard map statue again, this time, changing from day to night. This is when the magic happened!

Immediately, the eye of Sauron was upon us! Then it was gone, maybe on screen for 1 full second. We were both transformed to Frodo and Sam respectively, and I had been moved to the statue. My son was right where I had left him, due south of the gate. All of a sudden he was surrounded by gold, silver, and blue money studs! They just fell out of the sky, from nowhere! He picked as many of them up as he could before the blinked and vanished. I would estimate we gained about 150/200 studs the first time. That's right, the first time.

I decided to try it again, this time, switching from night to day. Again, the eye for a second, then a bucket of studs dumped out on the ground. This time though, there were a few more blues. Eventually, after doing this a few more times, the studs not only became completely blue, but also began to increase in number. By the time we had 4,500,000 in the bank, we were reaping almost 300,000 with each "relocation." Again, we weren't moving, just switching day to night and back again via the same Isengard map statue. We took our 4mil and change up to the little village of Edoras where we purchased a Red Brick that gave all our studs X6. Now we were almost broke (with only 500,00 left) so we went directly back to Isengard.

This time, we only had to do it 5 or 6 times before we had doubled our original count. The studs keep increasing, and our multiplayer helped us claim almost a cool mil each time we did it. Seems like it's always payday at Isengard!

Tips: Easier with a partner, they stand and collect while the other keeps map-relocating and changing day/night at the statue. The coins disappear pretty quickly.

Good luck, you're rich!

Ps, if anybody can tell me how to get that brick, I'd appreciate it!
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