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Mass Effect

What was your favorite major ME3 DLC?

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Nic21 Posted at: 16:03 May26 2013 Post ID: 3248702
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I added in the Extended Cut because I do believe it was a pretty big add in.

Oh, and if you haven't played any of the DLC's, don't look any further. Just saying. Might be some spoilers.

Anyways, favorite DLC, and also why.

From Ashes: Eh, it was alright. Didn't like Javik's character. I enjoyed the dialog exchanged between him and Liara, because I felt like it was good to finally finish out to all of liaras obsessing over the years. Plus I liked going back to Eden Prime. That was probably the highlight of the DLC for me.

Extended Cut: Probably would be my second choice. I was a part of the unhappy group when I finished the game originally, so this DLC was nice. I was a lot less confused that time around.

Leviathan: It was another "Eh" for me. Not as much as From Ashes, but this one just seemed like just some more missions to do. Which I was grateful for, but it wasn't anything too special. Some more cool story add in, but nothing more.

Omega: I saw this one coming, and was really happy they put it into motion, but I thought they could have done it better. I'm no expert, but I was expecting a little more. Maybe being able to see the rebuilding process, and being able to walk around Omega once again with shops and whatnot like in ME2. I probably just had my hopes up a tad too high though.

Citadel: This was my favorite DLC. You had the action and the fun storyline in the beginning, and then you got to have a party. I was laughing out loud through most of the DLC, and it was a nice way to top off my Mass Effect experience as a whole. I was grateful for this DLC the most, with the Extended Cut a close second.
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