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Pokemon Emerald

Bad EGG Removal for Emerald USA (tutorial)

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Amy May Posted at: 23:44 Jul10 2018 Post ID: 3445063
Amy May
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How to Get Rid of


Emerald USA

Hi I'm Amy. Smile

I'm here to provide a step by step tutorial on how to get rid of that Bad EGG in your poke PC, in Emerald USA.

Be Careful what cheats you use in casual gameplay.

Don't Ever have too many cheats running at once.

Before Doing Anything: Erase *All* Menu Cheats

If a lot of Bad EGGs: Store in BOX3 or BOX6 Only with no pokes in them either

I'll take No Responsibility for your errors.

Do this in a town with a PokeCenter attached to a walking route number.

Take Care Reading Instructions Before & After Inputting Any Codes!

You Will Need:
I recommend copy/paste function to ensure codes are exact.
(if possible)

~ M for Emerald USA:

D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

GameShark v3

~ Anti-DMA:

B2809E31 3CEF5320
1C7B3231 B494738C

GameShark v3

~ Shiny Surfing Pikachu in Box 1 Slot 1 (courtesy of MegaGames)

68440875 1294F4C7
E2702D51 7857D4A2
5532444E FB0EC2C8
104A2E42 2FC10729
0ACA1C25 59581547
5DE29DD6 0522808C
4C85F805 D4D81161
D1CA28FB 6A484B97
7EC6BAF3 09913FD9
86F5C1E5 7475D388
C2E72EC2 DA050395
A558CE58 6D635E8C
9680E4DC A63ECE80
8978D5E9 40201EC5
4959B033 57A3BE6F
CDA2757A 59D4E30F
2F5E8D77 A6B7A47C
09A2B831 C04D0404
DB5D9FDC D75F0120
33D21DC8 5880655F

GameShark v3

To prevent soft-locking game, you can't release last poke knowing Surf or Fly.
If Pika will be *Only* Surf poke, Keep this in mind.

- This Pikachu is guaranteed safe for game play, with appropriate badge to level.

- If you have a Surf poke... This Pikachu is also completely safe to release once process is finished.

You gave me an Emerald (US) illegal surfing pika!
I'm Sorry if this isn't your cup of tea.
Spent almost a month, searching & testing injects... just to find this one I use.
I tested for Safeness, every aspect of the word.
I'm 95% positive this started as a legit caught Pikachu male lv.25 Jolly from Emerald Safari Zone, then edited for everything else.


1) Place Bad EGG in Box 1 Slot 1... with rest of Box 1 empty.

2) Exit PokeCenter: Input "M" in cheats menu. Make sure it's enabled.

3) Exit town: Input "Anti-DMA" in cheats menu. Make sure it's enabled.

4) Return to town with Both codes enabled and return to PokeCenter.

5) While inside PokeCenter with 2 previous codes still enabled, stand in front of PC: Input "Pika" in cheats menu. Make sure it's enabled.

6) Access PC with All 3 codes enabled then select "Move Pokemon" from PC menu options.

7) Move Pika in Slot 1 and place it in *Slot 3*.

8) Scroll to Slot 1 with "Invisible Pika" (in slot 1)... then Access It's Menu *Without* selecting anything.

Note: If you're kinda confused, because you *Still See Absolutely Nothing* in Slot 1, Still has an open menu, plus PC says that's a Pika... Don't worry,that means you're doing it Right! Thumbs Up

9) At this point, open cheats menu then Disable codes in the following order: Pika, DMA, M

10) Release "Invisible Pika".

11) Close PC then exit and re enter PokeCenter.

12) Access PC and select "Move Pokemon" from PC menu options, then scroll through PC Boxes *both* Forwards & Backwards.

* If you did this right, all that should be remaining in Box 1 now is Pika in Slot 3.

* At this point, if you don't want Shiny Surfing Pika, plus have a Pokemon with Surf... Then Release.

Repeat this process *one* Bad EGG at a time until all are gone.

.... I hope I shed some light on this matter & it helped. Smile

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