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Masterball Theory: Catch All Lengendary Pokemon Without Masterball, Cheating or Trading!

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Gen1-3MasterTrainer Posted at: 11:29 Dec30 2009 Post ID: 2779694
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Alright so to begin with I've been a fan of the Pokemon world since the 1st generation arrived on the Gamboy. I've had my withdrawals but like many others my age, I keep coming back Smile etc

So now to discuss the significance of the "MasterBall" throughout the first three generations:
Okay everyone knows that eventually you get the famous 1 "Masterball" and with it the pressure of limitation. "Who do I use it on? Zapdos/Articuno/Moltres/Mewtwo or Lugia/Ho ho/Entei/Suicune/Raikou or Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza etc" And as any Honorable fan knows... catching 1 Legendary per game then transferring it to a new game where you get another "Masterball" and another Legendary is a pain in the royal ***! Not to mention the toll it has on your mentality ("get bored and say **** it") It's obvious why the developers incorporated this feature: Money/Profit! They know we will keep coming back for all those pokemon (in particular the Legendary) and they also know that by the time we actually succeed in "Gotta catch em all" a whole new set of pokemon and legendaries are available in a completely new series of titles and features ("Gotta catch em all... all over again" :ehSmile This is in part how the business keeps it's profits going strong.
But of course we all know one can simply use a gamshark or relevant, or simply take someone else's pokemon via trade, but for some there is a preference to accomplish the "Gotta catch em all" honorably WITHOUT cheating/trading endlessly (with exceptions to the various pokemon you must trade in order to evolve- Haunter/Onix etc) Some fans dedicate loads of hours to this accomplishment... just to get a lame *** in game "Certificate"! ..... "Thats it! Wow thanks alot asswhole developers! Shame
But not everyone has the time to commit that level of dedication. Work, college, personal life etc obviously come first.
With that said I would like to make every dedicated fan's life in the 'Pokemon World" a lot easier and more successful!: By assuring everyone that "YOU DO NOT NEED a dam Masterball in order to capture any legendary pokemon/ or any pokemon for that matter! I'm sure some of you are already well aware of this fact, yet I continue to observe through forums/questions the struggles many fans are having in catching various legendaries and relevant pokemon. So I'm going to take the initiative to explain how one WILL capture any specific pokemon without the use of the "Masterball" with an example from my own experience. (Note that I NO LONGER USE CHEATS or unnecessary trading in my quest to "Catch em all"!

So currently I'm playing FireRed. Game Time spent so far "47:40". I've collected all the badges, completed most of the missions of the Sevii Islands (including the ruby/sapphire retrieval etc) my pokedex count is 94 (slow process). I'm about ready to re-challenge the modified Elite Four (They modify after you compleat the ruby/sapphire quest= thus making the entrance to Cerulean cave accessible). And of course I went into pursuit of my beloved Mewtwo! But thats to be explained shortly.

Pokemon Used: So my strategy was to use my Lvl 62 Butterfree (Moves list: Confusion, Psybeam, Sleep Powder and Psychic) my Lvl 68 Charizard (Moves list: Steel Wing, Flamethrower, Blast Burn and Earthquake) and my Lvl 61 Raichu (Moves list: Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Shock Wave and Quick Attack).

Item list: 80 Greatballs & Ultraballs, 50 Max Potions, 50+ Full Restores, 32 Full Heals, 36 Revives, 10 ethers. (Note you do need that many of the potions, balls or any other items, I just happen to have them on hand now because I had the money and plenty to spare, thanks to the "Amulet Coin" and the Elite Four earnings.

Catching Zapdos/Articuno/Moltres:
At any rate I obviously saved the game in front of the pokemon before going into battle. First Up I would send out Butterfree and automatically put them to sleep (with exceaption to Moltres seeing how it's fire type) Then I would use either Psychic or relevant to weaken them down to a few remaining HP points, they wake after a few turns so I would just repeat the process of putting them to sleep then start hauling the great balls (yes I used great balls on all three birds because there are cheaper and that was before I beat the Elite Four, so money was limited) On average between the three of the Legendary Bird pokemon it took around 20 greatballs. However I took note of a pattern: First try with each of the 3 birds would result in the over usage of my resources (balls, potions etc not so smooth) So I would reset and try it again and within the range of 20 greatballs I managed to catch each bird. For Moltres I used Raichu to weaken it's HP points then carefully switched to my Butterfree and put it to sleep (note obviously he slaughtered Butterfree a few times so I just kept reviving and resending him out until I got a turn to use "Sleep Powder" and eventually like the other two I got it after reseting once and using around 20 greatballs.

Catching Mewtwo: Different story all together! Level 70 Mewtwo was a royal pain in the ***! Here I used Lvl 50 Wobbuffet (recently caught) and Butterfree again. Mostly I kept using the "put em to sleep" method followed by a co-operation effort with Wobbuffet's "Counter" and "Mirror Coat" which alone did wonders on Mewtwos HP points. In this battle I had 80 Ultraballs and 60 Greatballs. And like with the Birds I had to reset only once! and the second try got em! In the final moments of the battle I used Counter which weakened him to a little under half his total HP (in yellow) then put him to sleep and keep throwing a combination of Greatballs and Ultraballs... Ultra was the victor in this case. On the second attempt I used around 30-35 ISH Ultraballs and around 10 ISH Greatballs all together before capturing his ***! It was a long battle and you got to have a lot of patience and determination! Otherwise you will not succeed. ... Just barely caught him so I plan on configuring some new moves for him and using him as my primary in the modified Elite Four.

Catching Entei/Suicune/Raikou: One word equals the guaranteed success of catching these 3: Wobbuffet! Or any other pokemon that has the trapping ability ("Shadow Tag") I recommend leveling Wobbuffet up to at least 40-45 and make sure he's always in your party (even when not in use) seeing how you never know when you will encounter on of these dogs... when you do just switch out Wobbuffet and use counter or relevant attack then throw Ultraballs (or Fastballs where applicable) should not take more than 10-25 balls averagely to catch each dog.

Catching Lugia/Ho ho: Same process used for the 3 Legendary Birds can be applied to these to badass pokemon! Maybe a little force but I had no problem catching both of them in Crystal with Ultraballs. Now for Ho ho I went through 40+ balls in my attempt but hey do what you gotta do! Lugia was really easy to catch 9used around 10-15 ultraballs.

Catching Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza: Have not played this series of the Pokemon games in a while... but generally I used to same process as used with every other legendary pokemon in order to capture these three.

All other pokemon: It is also very fuse able to capture random pokemon (say in Cerulean cave where pokemon like Lvl 50 Kadabra and Magneton can be found) flawlessly using just a few Ultraballs (say 3ish) Just use Butterfree and the "Sleep em and get em" method. I caught both Kadabra and Magneton with Butterfree alone... without taking a single point from their HP. But again my Butterfree is at 62 so that likely has a big part in this process. But it beats doing to lengthy weaken them down process... use potions and waste balls. Here all you do you put them to sleep and throw the Ultrballs and bam you got it.

Note: There is no accurate/exact estimate to determine how many of any item/s you will need or how long it will take to capture any of these legendary pokemon. I assume for each game, for each save, for each specific time... the odds vary. (I could be wrong with this theory)These averages mentioned above are purely based off my own experience and fortunes in my game. I was fully prepared...and sometimes over prepared for long relentless battles. I've spent several hours battling the same group of high level trainers in order to get my party pokemon where they are now...and though that was enough for my listed accomplishments... its not any record when compared to more dedicated fans who reach 99...honorably! So if in your efforts you fail... don't come back winning about how my post was misleading or relevant. Your responsible for your own progress and methods and your consequences (good or bad) alone will determine your just reward or failure.

What I do know is that your rate of success at least in part depends on the following: The level of the pokemon in your party (The higher the better), their elemental weakness/strengths, the amount of money you have (for large quantities of items), the moves and strategies you incorporate into each encounter etc. Aside from these fuse able procedures the rest is determined purely by time, chance/luck, endurance, determination and patience.

A side noteworthy advantage of this overall method is to provide you an edge in rational trading with a partner: This method leaves you with A.) All the legendary pokemon and B.) a "Masterball" for each save you have. Give a pokemon 1 "Masterball" then switch it over to another of your saves... Example: in Crystal trade a Lugia with a "Masterball" attached to a Ruby or relevant, make progress in ruby to earn the "Masterball" and now you have 2. Now when it comes time to trade you simply attach a "Masterball" to a pokemon your partner may want in exchange for trading...(your haunter over then back in order to get your Gengar) etc. Seeing how its unlikely that everyone is going to drop the "Masterball" for Ultraballs... this puts you in a higher position to get what you need at the expense of something you personally dont need. Good luck and good hunting!
poke master nathan Posted at: 14:26 Dec31 2009 Post ID: 2780039
poke master nathan
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thanks, i enjoying reading the info i cant wait to get suicune when pokemon soul silver comes out in the uk, on pokemon platinum i have entei and raikou (from pokemon colloseum) cant remember why i couldnt get suicune, anyway thanks

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Cherrietree11 Posted at: 13:50 Jun21 2010 Post ID: 2859183
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I know how much of a pain in the *Shame* catching legendaries can be. I have the Pokemon SoulSilver game and descided not to use my MasterBall on Lugia lvl. 45. I used Flash on it like fifteen times until it told me to stop and Lugia couldn't even hit me. After that I hit it a good five times and it was down to about five or six HP. I had bought about sixty UltraBalls and just started throwing them at Lugia. When Lugia finally got its *Shame* in an UltraBall, I only had about ten left.
One other thing is that I suck at catching Pokemon, so managing to capture it made me feel good. That is, until I watched my best friend capture a Heatran, an Azelf, and a Girantina (plus all the legendary birds and mew-two from FireRed) with friggin' PokeBalls, I felt suckish again.Anxious
Forgoten_Scars Posted at: 13:58 Jun21 2010 Post ID: 2859187
Orbis terrarum est mei
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Cherrietree11, try not to post in threads that haven't seen a post in over 45 days. It's called thread bumping... and we have to close the thread when that happens.
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