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Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

skill points

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goku454545 Posted at: 23:49 Apr01 2006 Post ID: 770619
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does any one have all the skill points? Can someone tell me how to get the one on planet siberius?
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gamer_chick Posted at: 15:50 May23 2006 Post ID: 838179
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you get the skill point by destroying the snow man behind the little building with the 6 or so robots in it right after you get to the planet.
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roadkillman997 Posted at: 20:40 Apr19 2009 Post ID: 2603485
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That's impossible!: Win the impossible challenge.
How fast was that?: Beat 2:27 in Hoverbike Race.
Wrench Ninja II: Massacre: Take out all the enemies with only the wrench.
Bye bye birdies: Take out 12 birds
Maktar NebulaWrench Ninja: Blade to Blade: Defeat Chainblade in the Battle Arena with only the wrench.
There are two ways to do this, with or without the wrench upgrade. If you want a challenge, do it the first time you visit the Arena. When Chainblade hovers in the air and shoots his blade at you, use Ratchet's side jumps when he rears back to evade. Alternate between jumping right and left until he gets back on the ground and charges at you. His only attack is a 2-hit combo of his blades. Simply jumping evades, so do a double jump to stay in the air longer and hit Square to chop down on him. Do two regular attacks, then jump again and repeat until he hovers in the air again. Dodge as before and keep it up until he dies. I did it without being hit, lots of fun. Of course, you could always just wait to get the wrench upgrade to speed things up a bit. If you can't win without it, just come back later after you get the upgrade.

Vandalize: Destroy all breakable objects in the entire area excluding the "Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array" area.
This includes slot machines, lamp posts, floating TV screens, spotlights and others. You must get every single one to get the skill point. Note that this skill point can be a bit buggy. It is possible to get it without destroying 100% of the breakables (missing 2-3 seems to be ok).

2B or not 2B hit: Defeat B2 Brawler in the Battle Arena without being hit.

This is very hard until you get the strategy down.

Strategy 1: Fully upgrade your Miniturret Glove before entering battle. Deploy as many turrets as you can before he jumps into the arena. It takes 4 turrets to successfully kill him. As you avoid his first round of laser shots deploy 1-2 more turrets up to 4 turrets total (including what you dropped before he landed in the arena). He will not make it to the ground to do his spinning move.

Strategy 2: It helps to have the Mini-Nuke upgrade (If you have a Heavy Bouncer with the Acid Mod, it should kill it in two hits). When the battle first starts, hit him with a Mini-Nuke off the bat and then just jump (using timing) to avoid his energy blasts while firing Mini-Nukes at the top of your jump. There is a delay, so you will only be able to fire it once every other jump. When he's spinning on the ground, jump over his tentacles in rhythm with the Blitz Gun equipped and shoot him while you are in the air from the jump if you are close. He will spin faster, so be ready to get away and/or just evade. Repeat the strategy if necessary, but once he starts spinning too fast, get away from him while jumping to avoid his tentacles and fire Mini-Nukes to finish him off.

Note: if you are close to him while he is spinning on the ground and he goes to stand up, it's possible to get in between his four legs if you run under them while he stands up. If you are here, he can't shoot you and you can attack like crazy without evading. You have to stay in the middle of all four legs though. If you come out from under him enough, the game forces you out. This is difficult to do, but noteworthy nonetheless.

Clank needs a new pair of shoes: Win 300 bolts from a slot machine by getting all BAR's in the slot window.
Planet BarlowSpeed demon: Beat 2:10 in Hoverbike Race.
Planet BoldanNo shocking developments: Ride the grind rail without a scratch.
Planet TaboraHeal your chi: Find all Crystals.
Planet GrelbinBe a Moon Child: Mine all moonstones.
Planet DamoselMidtown Insanity: Go grinding and don't get hurt.
Safety Deposit: Save all the tourists in the bank.
Strategy: This is a quite hard point to get, but if you are able to afford the Zodiac, just obliterate enemies with it and you should be able to receive the skill point.

If you don't have the Zodiac, you can always use your Tesla Barrier and another weapon, e.g. the Morph-O-Ray, which should also do the trick.

Planet DobboOld Skool: Defeat all the enemies with RC1 weapons.
(Visibomb Gun, Decoy Glove, Tesla Claw, Omniwrench 8000, Walloper, and Bomb Glove.)

Dobbo OrbitDukes Up: Defeat the boss only using Melee(Jumping on him is counted).
Robo Rampage: Turn Lunar City into a parking lot. (Destroy all buildings and lamp posts and traffic lights.)
Planet Todano Nothing to see here: Destroy all megacorp rockets along the tour.
You're my hero: Save all the tourists.
Try to Sleep: Turn 16 squirrels into sheep using the sheepinator
Planet SnivelakMoving Violation: Shoot down 14 ships.
Planet OozlaPrehistoric Rampage: Shoot 4 Pterodactyls.
Smash and Grab: Smash up the Megacorp store.
Planet SiberiusYou can break a Snow Dan: Destroy the snowman behind the first garage.
Planet NotakPlanet Buster: Destroy the big floating globe.
Planet EndakoDestroy all breakables: Smash up the Circular City. Destroy all breakable objects like floating TV screens, lamp posts, flying cameras, and red lamps. This does not include the grind rail. Remember, you have to do it all without dying once. Once you die, all breakables are repaired.
Operate Heavy Machinery: Smash 10 robots using the crane. Do this either by dropping things on them or picking up one of the laser bots.
Throughout the GameNano to the max!: Max out Ratchet's nanotech!
Weapon Envy: Got all weapons. Got all upgrades.
Nice Ride: Upgrade all parts of Ratchet's ship (excluding paint, wings and noses). SmileThumbs Up
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