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Red Dead Redemption

Dead red Redemption - Having troubles with the bounties? have the game glitched?

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gabrielclements Posted at: 16:57 Sep17 2014 Post ID: 3345724
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I´ve seen many people on the net having the game glitched from 99.2 to 99.9 % of completion-

(This works on PS and Xbox as well )

Lets start with some facts you might already know:

Check on the menu- generic and watch for % of completion.

Check on the menu- stats so you can get to see which places you need to discover ( as for bounties ) - it will be shown at the very bottom.
Then , regardless the guy you will be chasing after, what is important about this it´s the locations and not the person.

They go as follow.

- New Austin: 8 posters in Armadillo, Rathskellar Fork, MacFarlane's Ranch.

Hanging Rock
Rattlesnake Hollow
Mercer Station
Rio Del Lobo
Silent Stead
Repentance Rock
Brittlebrush Trawl

- Nuevo Paraiso: 8 posters in El Presidio, Escalera, Chuparosa.

Ojo Del Diablo
Laguna Barrego
Rancho Polvo
Hendidura Grande
Plata Grande
Primera Quebara

- West Elizabeth: 4 posters in Blackwater and Manzanita.

Bearclaw Camp
Nakoti Rock
Tanner's Reach
Aurora Basin

Now for the important part: if you aint getting paid and/or the game isn´t saving after you capture the bounty.. or even you get paid but the capture aint being taking accounted for, try the following:

Do not snipe the gang. Most of the bounties will not be accomplished if you snipe them. So get close to the band and as soon as you get to see their red dots on your map, you can have a go.

Game keeps giving me the same places over and over.

Well the game it´s glitched. Ussually glitches at 99.8 or 99.9 as far as i know but can get glitched even on a lesser % . (havent that checked and i would appreciate some input)

What worked for me and for 2 more people as far as i know is this:

Use a improvised camp and save, poster will be pinned at 11am so save repitedly if you need so, so you dont have to wait all night. once you´ve saved click on the 'travel to destination' option and chose El presidio. (doesnt matter where you put the camp as i put it outside el presidio, some others did it outside blackwater , so i believe it doesn´t make any difference where you place the camp) once in the presidio wait for the guy to come and pin the poster on the wall . Take it and go for him (remember: no snipping )
Get the guy ( I captured him alive ) and deliver him to the authorities at Chuparosa. I went down the horse as i read that helps and delivered him on foot, but not sure the horse/no horse thing it´s important. Once you do that the game should save and you would get paid properly. That will unglich the game for good and from then on you should be able to get all the other locations.

Now i´ve read some people having troubles at aurora basin.
Well for what i´ve read you need taking that one alive.
but if glitched and this is a little odd but is what i know it worked, i will Quoute what this guy did and worked for him:

"HAHA!!!! I rode to Aurora Basin, shotgunned them all down as quickly as possible, rode to the Rail Road camp, stole the stagecoach, delivered the bounty to Blackwater and it worked! Then the Mexico bounty worked just fine after that. Yay sweet Bureau outfit!" (sic)
(from SilverRedFox21 )

Another solution i got on-line about aurora basin or New Liz was:

"I went to armadillo, did one, and ding! got the trophy, my final count was

9 New Austin
8 Nuevo Paraiso
3 West Elizabeth " (sic) (from a guy called frejin)

Yet i have not tested them, i went straight to the camp one and then it unglitched.

And last but not least: Sometimes the game glitches when you accept a bounty and then you save at a safe house. You do get to see the poster on your belongins yet the location is no longer displayed on the map.

I suggest you reload to a previous saved game, providing you have 2 or 3 slots ussed , that is... else just bump around, do a couple random missions, let a few days pass and that would end up solving the glitch.
That one is the oddest and nastier but can be solved that way as most of the glitches around this game (except for the repeating bounty locations)

Well I hope it helps and please if you tryied them and worked, just let me know, if you have them ungitched some other way, well i would also appreciate the data.

Have FUN!!!!!! Good hunting!!!
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