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Tekken 5

Tips & Tricks and FAQ

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Avengein Posted at: 12:46 Dec11 2005 Post ID: 558925
Posts: 713
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Hey all i know a few Tips & Tricks that can ensure you have a good gameplaying experience Smile


Tips & Tricks

~Get arcade ranks faster
To get arcade ranks faster, try and verse people close to your rank Eg. For 3rd Dan should try verse something like this

1st Dan's
2nd Dan's
3rd Dan's
4th Dan's
5th Dans

So basically within a 2 rank radius

~How to prevent losing ranks: After the start of Dan's you will not only have Promotion Chances but you will have demotion risks and the easiest way to keep your ranks is to fight them but if your about to lose press start and go back to mode select then go back into arcade with that character, you will have to verse the another person the same, a little higher, or a little lower than you again. You do not lose the demotion risk though!. Although it doesnt help you lose demotion risks it helps you to not lose ranks

~Watching Jinpachi's end movie: When you verse Jinpachi, you know he says he wants to destroy all existense, but it doesnt happen in anyones movie, but it happens in his movie. Go through arcade and verse him you cannot just quit, but lose to him (Its not that hard) and it will show you his movie, and it should available in theatre mode

~Getting Eddie Gordo: Alot of people fell in love with this guy when he made his first appearance in Tekken 3 and have learnt all of his moves, Namco brought Christie in, but people liked the Eddie image and for those fans he is obtainable. To unlock him go to the customise screen and buy the Extra outfit for christie, eddie isnt a character by himself, hes a palette swap for christie, he has 2 outfits. to use him go to any mode and press either Triangle or Square to be him

~Expensive items, for free: After completing The Devil within you think its a waste of space, but your wrong after completing it go back and do it again there will be expensive items scattered all throughout the place it will save you alot of money!

~Earning Money: We all know its a crisis trying to earn money but there are a few ways. Do story mode with every character each character, upon completing Story mode for the first time will give you 100,000. In arcade mode verse stronger opponents the stronger they are the more cash you rake in. Also by completing Devil Within, you get 1,000,000, which is ample enough if you ask me

~Unlocking Devil Jin: So theres a missing character slot with a question mark, and you dont know how to get it? Its devil jin and it takes much longer than just one story battle. there are a few ways, the first is obviously to finish the devil within, the second is have a certain amount of arcade battles (Win or lose) i think its around 200 matches, to make that easier, go to options and put the amount of rounds to 1. and lastly is just to beat the game with every character, he will then be available


Can i unlock Jinpachi?

No Jinpachi is not obtainable by doing story battles, he is only available through a cheating device such as Action Replay and Gameshark

Ive got my strongest arcade character up to the Tekken Lord rank and ive played many more arcade battles but he just wont get any more ranking matches?

Thats because all good things come to an end and unfortunately this has to aswell, Tekken lord is the strongest rank and there is no rank higher so to continue find a new character

I just cant beat Jinpachi he's to strong what do i do?

He is beatable, when he goes leans back and is about to shoot his fire press down or up really fast, the character will sidestep and avoid the flames then go and attack him will hes still using his fire. Also to start off verse him with your strongest character on your first story battle, then you will get to know his moves and what to expect

In arcade battle these high ranked guys are beating the hell out of me with combo's and i cant attack what do i do?

Theres nothing much you can do but try and learn your own combo's and you'll find it will be much easier aswell, also try and learn strong punches and kicks they come in handy. Guarding is another good manoever, just stand and dont try attack

Im finding it hard to learn my characters moves what should i do?

I honestly suggest to just go to practice and keep on trying it analyze it see how fast you need to push the buttons and watch what it looks like and how much damage it does so you can tell yourself if youve done it, it is in my opinion the easiest way

What is the little star in my characters command list?

It is there to symbolise that you will need to push the buttons really fast after it appears, theres nothing much more too it

In the command list what does a star that is filled in have different to a star thats just an outline?

The filled in star means you have to hold it down whilst pressing the buttons that suit your command, the outline means that you tap the directional arrow and then carry on with the combination

Getting my character to Tekken Lord is too hard is there anyway to skip them up to Tekken Lord?

No unfortunately not, you will just have to endure the long amount of time it takes, but to make it bit easier go to practice and learn you characters ten hit combo(s) if you can learn them they are very helpful, especially in a match where the opponent is much higher than you

Please watch this it will be frequently updated(Only the faq only a little chance of new tips and tricks)!

Updated V.02
What the hell am I doing here?
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BlackNinja Posted at: 07:25 Dec24 2005 Post ID: 582171
Forum GuestMember
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One really good trick I found on the Tekken Zaibatsu site: You go up ranks faster if you fight people who are the same rank as you e.g if you are a beginner you will go up ranks faster if you battle other beginners. Even if you battle Tekken Lords when you are a beginner you get almost nowhere because their rank is so much higher than yours. So if you've been battling the highest ranked person available, you actually go up ranks slower! It doesn't make sense, but...
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EddyGordo09 Posted at: 14:37 Oct15 2007 Post ID: 1956134
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This is so dead.
Join the Game Cheaters-it's fun!
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Xeta Posted at: 16:36 Feb29 2008 Post ID: 2138911
Posts: 6,129
Post Likes: 79
Way to Contribute to the topic.

Yeah, you get a better chance of Pro chance if you face fighters at the same, or higher level than you.

ozzo said:xeta actually makes a lot of sense most of the time

if everyone agreed with him more often we wouldnt have this problem
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pj01 Posted at: 03:59 Apr28 2010 Post ID: 2837276
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this is over dead.

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