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Follow the dark path or use the light

Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour

The official RMD thread!

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SS5 vageto Posted at: 21:16 Nov05 2005 Post ID: 506725
SS5 vageto
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 4,277
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Standard Deck:

Monster Cards:
•Black Luster Soldier Evoy the Beginning
•Blue Eyes White Dragon (original)
•Dark Magician of Chaos
•Berserk Gorilla
•Shinato, King of a Higher Plan
•Gemini Elf x2
•Luster Dragon x3
•Skilled Dark Magician x3
•Slate Worrior x3
•Vorse Raider
•Dunames Dark Witch x2
•Enraged Battle Ox
•Reflect Bounder
•Manju of Ten Thousand Hands x2 (guess why I use this :P)

Magic Cards:
•Axe of Despair x2
•United We Stand
•Monster Reborn (what can I say, I like that card :D)
•Different Dimension Capsule x3
•Graceful Charity
•Pot of Greed
•Shinato's Ark
•Soul Exchange
•Swords of Revealing Light
•Premature Burial

Trap Cards:
•Mirror Force
•Call of the Haunted

(I try to stay away from Trap Cards)
Yawn - what is there to say?
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Cyote Posted at: 14:52 May12 2006 Post ID: 822481
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 17
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Here's my deck:
Dark Punishment
Monster Cards:
Dark Magician
Summoned Skull
Luminous Soldier
Blast Sphere X2
Dancing Fairy
Gearfried the Iron Knight X2
Gemini Elf
Maha Vailo
Mechanicalchaser X2
Mystical Elf
Neo the Magic Swordsman
The Bistro Butcher
Wall of Illusion X2
Whiptail Crow
Bowganian X2
Princess of Tsurugi
Mask of Darkness
Muka Muka X2
Penguin Soldier
Sinister Serpent

Magic Cards:
Axe of Despair
Book of Secret Arts
Fairy Meteor Crush
Graceful Charity
Gravekeeper's Servant
Heavy Storm
Malevolent Nuzzler X2
Remove Trap
Stop Defense

Trap Cards:
Acid Trap Hole
Bad Reaction to Simochi
Dust Tornado
Infinite Dismissal
Magical Thorn
Mirror Force
Robbin' Goblin
Shadow of Eyes
Skull Invitation
Solemn Wishes
Trap Hole

Mainly, I hit 'em where it hurts - destroy their deck and their hand, and chip away at their life points while keeping mine intact. Alot of the trap cards are continious, so you have to think and choose between them. However, this deck can be applied to a wide range of opponents.


P.S. Would someone rate it? I'm curious to see how it stands up to the gaming community.

« Last edited by Cyote on May 12th 2006 »
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knightzy Posted at: 01:13 Jun25 2006 Post ID: 884083
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 2
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my deck : i don't use this i made it for begginers
Dark magicain deck
dark magican+2 (arcainers type)
gemimi elf+2
buster blader
dark magican girl
dark magicain of chaos
injection fairy lily
magican of faith
magicain's valkyrie
spirit reper+2
obnoxious celtic guard
silet magican lv4
silet magican lv8
skilled dark magicain +2
twin-headed beamoth
magican of black chaos
shanato king of a higher plane+2
brain control
dark magic attack
dark magic curtain
dark magic ritual
dark magicain's tomb of black magic
graceful charity
mystical space typhoon
pot of greed
premature burial
shanto's ark+2
snatch steal
sword's of reveling light
thousand knives
united we stand
call of the haunted
fariy box
magic cylinder
magical hats
magican's circle
metal reflect slime
mirror force
spellbinding circle

rate it out of ten if you just started and made this deck
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the_cheat_lord Posted at: 06:59 Aug24 2006 Post ID: 1007214
Forum GuestMember
Posts: 13
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here is mine

archfiend power

terrorking Archfiend 2
InfernalQueen Archfiend 3
cyber archfiend 3
darkbishop archfiend 3
vilepone archfiend 3
shadowknight archfiend 3
archfiend solder 2
archfiend of gilfer 1
Skull archfiend off lightning 2
desrook archfiend 3


Pandamonium 3
Riseof the archfiends 1
Chess board 3

Archfiends roar 3
mirror wall 1
Terrorkings reighn 3


Archlord zerato
[color=#0000FF][center]Bert's [Bert's PokePet

Bert the level 99 Tamanta
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