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TV & Film Forum Rules! *Read before posting!* Updated; 10/03/2011

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sphynxx Posted: 14:48 Nov09 2010 Post ID: 2925665
.:I Am What You Fear Most:.
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In addition to the rules that are explained within this thread, the overall Forum Rules apply. Be sure to read these as well to familiarise yourself with them.

TV & Film Forum Rules

If you want to make a topic about an Anime/Cartoon TV Series, please go to the Anime/Cartoon/Comics Forum. Any topic concerning Cartoon/Anime TV Shows will be moved there. Do not purposely make a topic here expecting Moderators to move it.


If you are creating a thread, or writing a post, that contains a review or personal opinions on a movie, you are required to hide any revealing information about the movie within Spoiler Tags, which are; [spoiler][/spoiler].

Revealing information can be interpereted as the following;

  • A main characters death.
  • A significant plot shift/twist.
  • Information within the movie that is designed to shock or catch the viewer by suprise. Example; - Darth Vader revealing he was Luke Skywalkers father.
  • The ending.

Last Movie You Have Seen thread

Any person posting in the The last movie you have seen. thread *must* follow these guidelines;

  • Firstly; You must provide a link to a website that has information about the movie. I suggest using as it is one of the most reliable websites for movie information.

  • Secondly; You must provide your thoughts and opinions on the movie. Posts should be detailed, but brief. We are not asking for a full review. Those are for individual threads.

This particular thread is something that can be used as a resource by other members & viewing guests to help decide on which movie(s) to watch. Which is why we ask that people give their thoughts & opinions within each post.

Example of the kind of post we are wanting;

Cataclysm said:Four Lions

I saw the trailer quite a while ago and decided that I wanted to see it. Overall, a great watch. Funny when it wants to be, and sometimes when it doesn't. Apart from the comedy moments there are also those that make you think, and are also quite emotional. Being such a hot topic at the moment, I think the whole project was very well done.

Example of the kind of post we do not want;

I watched Blade last night. It was awesome

These kinds of post are not what this thread was intended for. These posts will be seen as little more than spam and will be deleted. This thread is NOT a Forum Games! thread.

Movie Related 'Game' Threads

The posting of forum style games related to movies is not permitted and will be moved to the Forum Games forum.

Note to the moderators: Our current game style movie related topics (TV & Film quotes and The Movie Title Game) are to stay in the TV&Film forum.

Review/Discussion Threads

If you are wanting to create a thread for the purpose of reviewing a TV show or film, be aware that the members of the SuperCheats forums are entitled to disagree with your review and to make comments within your review thread. Any person found to be flame-baiting or flaming another user for their thoughts on a TV show or film will have their posts deleted, and if necessary, reported to a Super Moderator/Admin for further punishment.

Threads that are made for discussion of a particular TV show, film must include the TV show/film name within the title. The post must also include a link to a page of the TV show/film from a site such as These are required so any member not familiar with the subject of the thread can gather information quickly.

Threads & Posts are to be detailed, explaining why you liked or disliked parts of the TV show, film. Posts such as "I really love this show, what about you" hold very little discussion value.

Bumping Topics

Due to the unique situation with TV shows and films being released at different intervals around the world, the bumping guideline is going to be somewhat relaxed within the TV & Film forum to cater to international users.

Before you create a thread about a new or relatively new TV show or film, please first check pages Two (2) and Three (3) to ensure there isn't a thread for that particular show/film already. If there is a thread and your post is going to add value to the discussion (ie; your thoughts & opinions on why you liked/disliked the show/film) then by all means post in that topic.

Each bump's legality will be at the discretion of the TV & Film forum Moderators, Super Moderators and Admins. Bumps that are seen as illegal will result in the thread being closed without notice.

Example of an illegal bump; "oh yeah, this show/film rocks! " This kind of post does absolutely nothing to further any discussion value the thread may hold, and will therefore be seen as spam & will result in the closure of the thread.

Adult/Pornographic themed TV shows/Films

Any thread or post that contains links to, or descriptions of, pornographic movies or T.V shows will be either closed or deleted without warning (depending on the content.) Any user found to be posting such content could face having their account banned. This is already stated within the Forum Rules and must be adhered to. We are a family oriented site and we are viewable by people of any age. So please use common sense in your posts. If your post is not suitable for anyone under the age of 13, then it's best not to post.

Current rules set written by Sphynxx. Posted with agreement from Super Craig.

If any TV & Film Moderator or Super Moderator wishes for an addition to the rules, feel free to post in here & I will edit this post.

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