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One Year Topic

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Floatzel Posted: 23:28 Jun23 2011 Post ID: 3025574
My life is 200% a lie.
Posts: 1,853
Post Likes: 12
Floatzel of the 2011.
I haven't made one and I doubt I'll be here for long to reply.
Make sure to keep the internet.

Keep the sig/avy Craizen made for you.
Make more friends.
Don't get banned if you get mad that everyone thinks your Mew (did you forgot about him?)
Pass the 9NT grade without studying (you've never did)

Do you have mod rank?
Or are you banned for spamming?
Favorite Pokemon Floatzel?
Is Scars rely a girl?

Just got everyone to know (sort of) that I'm not Mew.
Just got my sig/avy, and requested for a bio.
best friend is still Lady autumn dove.

Don't let the good times go to waste, remember everything as a progress and be happy with it.
No one is better than your friends and family.
Every beginning has an end,
And every ending ends with a new beginning.
- Floatzel of the 2011

Credit to Myself for the sig.
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.Impact Posted: 11:58 Jun24 2011 Post ID: 3025783
Resident Graphics Artist
Posts: 4,262
Post Likes: 1
.Impact said:osht.

I'm ashamed. :P

Oh well. I got the mod spot and slump off but I didnt get an honor. oh well.

*Set's Alarm on computer.

5 days man. :|

Yeah, still here. Got better in GFX and no more mod spot. Ah well. See ya in college ;)

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Town Idiot25 Posted: 13:51 Jun24 2011 Post ID: 3025852
Town Idiot25
Posts: 10,856
Post Likes: 0
Town Idiot25 of 2012:
Congrats on graduating high school finally. Hope you got a hot date to Prom too. Bonus points if it is A.C. (You know who that is). How was ur year on Tenors? Is there going to be a Saw 8? What are your current views on the idea if there is?

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Within a Quote?

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yossy666 Posted: 03:22 Jun25 2011 Post ID: 3026233
Posts: 9,663
Post Likes: 0
yossy666 said:Message for 2011:

I hope you made the year count. I hope you went well in school. And I hope you're on your way to success and happiness.

You need to find a girlfriend, and not just hook up with random girls.
You need to get a job you really actually enjoy.
You need to maintain friendships after school.
You need to finish what your started - lose that little bit of excess weight, get toned.


I did... average in school. I had a pretty major hiccup in the way of success and happiness, that won't be resolved until next month. At least I hope it only takes until next month.

Girlfriend? No. I just kept hooking up.
Job? Hell yeah, my job is awesome.
Maintain friendships? It's difficult, but it's happening. Just takes some effort.
Weight? I've lost some, but this is something that I'm constantly fighting with.

Ok, for 2012 bro:

1. Have at least $5000 saved.
2. Have joined a gym, have decent body.
3. Either have moved out of home, or be doing awesome while still living at home. **** the comfort zone Ben, make some radical changes.
4. Have found a drummer, and have an EP recorded.
5. Feel genuinely good about yourself. Get confidence and self esteem back up.
i wanna live like james dean, i wanna die a superstar.
yossy666 | Komodo | Aaden Foli | 02 Dissociative. | yossy666
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BURNOUTFREAK Posted: 14:02 Jun25 2011 Post ID: 3026463
Posts: 4,843
Post Likes: 97
Sup future me. Doing good?

OK future me, I'll come from the past and kick your *** if you haven't done everything in this list:

1) Survive. If you're dead before this date next year, I'll kill you.
2) A average for school or yet again I kill you.
3) Decided what you want to do with your life except surfing forums all day.
4) Played at least one gig just to see how it feels.
5) That certain thing you have to do within this year, hope it worked out.
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Hyperfox Posted: 15:46 Jun25 2011 Post ID: 3026497
super cheats legenddddd
Posts: 2,954
Post Likes: 41
I graduated, I'm back on Supercheats, are you still playing Minecraft?
I didn't even know this topic existed.


« Last edited by Hyperfox on Jun 25th 2011 »
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Lady autumn dove Posted: 16:12 Jun25 2011 Post ID: 3026520
Lady autumn dove
Posts: 3,109
Post Likes: 39
dear futuristic Lady, GET BETTER. if you don't buckle up my 2012.I'll bring you down with more mental flak...*for the family!!!!!*
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tbug2007 Posted: 16:19 Jun25 2011 Post ID: 3026523
Da Bug
Posts: 10,424
Post Likes: 3
tbug2007 said:I feel old.

It's okay man, I'm getting up in years there too.

ubr cuulness by Craizin the raizin. <3

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Queen Jane Approximately Posted: 22:04 Jun30 2011 Post ID: 3029527
Queen Jane Approximately
Posts: 32
Post Likes: 0
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dx_hbk Posted: 21:40 Sep02 2011 Post ID: 3059072
Posts: 8,991
Post Likes: 6
dx_hbk said:
dx_hbk said:wtf why did you bumbed this vee X_X.

I am feeling stupid now D=

15 jun 2009 posted by dx_hbk.

persnol msg: are you alive,are you still in the vampire thing,do you still like rated rko and do you still argue with conor about punk and edge.

Yes i am alive >_>. no not anymore ._.. No i hate randy orton now , EDGE FTW =D. No conor usaly never gets on msn T_T and when we talk about games ;-;.

Message for the future me: "So got good memorys of 2010 IRL and online =P? Are you still an athiest? Still like edge? Punched vasco in the face yet ? still adicted to minecraft ? Is the list of your top 5 bands still the same? Is your favrouit song still the same?"

ha I can't belive that a year has already passed i loved 2009 =D.

I am probably replying late any how , next time i reply i will do it on june 18th.

- Sure 2010 was pretty good but 2009 was even better anyhow....

- Yes , I still use my brains rather then following other people blindly. Heck i think you are a stupid person , you can't even argue about why you think you're right.

- Haven't played Minecraft in ages. So no

- Eh not really. Changed alot though i need to find some new bands thanks for reminding me of that

- I don't have a favourite song you num nut.

and no haven't punched him yet.

Quesiton for the futher me.
Improved you're spellings ?
Who is the bigest inspiration in you're life? (currenlty Carl Sagan)
Have you're views on sciecne changed?
Has your view of sam harris cahnged?
What do you think of Dan barker?
How is the college going ?
Got out of the god debate yet?
Is hitchens dead?
Favourtie band ? (currenlty porcupine tree)
New cosmos near its launch ?
What song are you listenting to now ? (currently Wither - Dream Theater)
Chlease winning ?
Got a job ?
Talk to vasy more often now?
Astronomy,Cosmology Or partical physics ?
Any bad news?
Good news?
Still here?
Gave adam his money back?
To many questions?
Know alot more about sciecne then you used to ?
More mature ?
What do you think of philosophy?
Still have the same phone (Iphone 3gs)
Favorite football player (frank lampard)
Oh how times have changed right?
Haveing fun with you're life Smile?
How much have you changed :D?

That will do Smile.
2010 was good but not as much as 2009.

^ That guy is GOD

"Lost somewhere between immensity and eternity is our tiny planetary home." ~ Carl Sagan

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ozzo Posted: 22:43 Nov04 2011 Post ID: 3074091
Posts: 27,396
Post Likes: 17
lol bump Speak to the hand

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jord-t Posted: 12:03 Nov13 2011 Post ID: 3076895
Posts: 315
Post Likes: 0
jord-t said:June 15h , 2008 , shadows(tm)


Slightly late, by a year and half a month XD

Well, My mod spots never did triple, I gave in to the outside world and gained a 'social life', Trying to get 75 mod spots never would have workeed xD Still working on the beard, as for the circus i plan bigger better things.. Im going to be a bin man.
Looks like ive become everything I didnt want me to become

Well, I highly doubt ill be here next year , but incase....

Still a noob? Lost your life again yet? Locked yourself back in your room? good boy (Y)

Sigh. Find myself replying a year late again. Nothing to say about next year, No way I will return... ever.

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fatassmonkey Posted: 12:07 Nov13 2011 Post ID: 3076896
Some kind of monkey
Posts: 2,808
Post Likes: 116
for 2012

become a mod
get bannedEvil
keep the same sig avy.

« Last edited by fatassmonkey on Nov 13th 2011 »
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OMEGA CALEB Posted: 14:09 Nov13 2011 Post ID: 3076948
I'm probably ded.
Posts: 3,009
Post Likes: 3
Keep my same sig!

I can't get banned!

« Last edited by OMEGA CALEB on Nov 13th 2011 »

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qwertyuio Posted: 14:26 Nov13 2011 Post ID: 3076956
Bite the Bullet
Posts: 19,585
Post Likes: 8
Stay as you are but improve the Algebra 2 grade, keep things as cool as they've been. Get David a freaking girlfriend, 10/10 seeing as you upstaged him for your 9/10.
Voted Best Nazi Mod Ever <3
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neptis Posted: 16:14 Nov13 2011 Post ID: 3076990
retired Moderator
Posts: 12,315
Post Likes: 13
Bel-te said:Yep still hear
Sondra left
qwert took top welcomer
still got my spot
Lost jeniffer
do same for next year
get a life and a new girlfreand/preferable get jennifer back
stay hear on supercheats for anuther year

Posted at: 19-Jun-2009 10:26:41 ----------------------------------------------Post ID: 2650083

changed back to neptis
no idea about top welcomer
got a fue awards
lost my spot
never got a life afterall
not got a gf yet
and have satyed on sc since preveus post
o yes have been a minecrafter since alfa

for next year

sereusly man get a friggen life and a gf
stay with minecraft
stay with the site
get spot back(eventuly)
get awards
get anuther job or get a promotion on job
get your own flat
for next year
Sir Bel-te Amethyst Knight of Welcomes
forum status: retired Moderator
forum: new member welcome forum (2005-2010)(corect me if i got second date wrong)
my coment: i was THE New members welcome forum mod (my opinion :P )
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MasterOfHack-Fu Posted: 20:16 Nov13 2011 Post ID: 3077039
Posts: 764
Post Likes: 1

Get a girlfriend
Ban Pollo at least once.
get mod spot.
become ruler of world.
have even bigger abs than my 6-pack
not get the crap beatin' outta me

see you in june baby !!
Team Supercheats said: balls removed, thanks for the suggestion.

... Hmmm sounds kinda weird when I read that back -

I don't know why but this made meh day xD
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Warrior13 Posted: 22:51 Nov13 2011 Post ID: 3077080
Jimo Dashen
Posts: 25,404
Post Likes: 1,006
November 13, 2012

Be 18 Years of Age (That's going to happen no matter what. XD)
Be Ranked in the Top 5
Win at least on MVP Competition
Be a Super Moderator
Have at least 10,000 Forum Posts and Team Posts
Have 3,000 Submissions
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InvertAlpha Posted: 02:02 Jun15 2012 Post ID: 3120250
Posts: 5,672
Post Likes: 5
InvertAlpha said:
InvertAlpha @ 15-Jun-2010 00:07:37 said:

Holla back from 2010 IA! :D

SoulSilver was epic. You also suck for losing both the Hot Shots League and Platinum League. :(

Ok, 2011 version of me,
Tell me, is Pokemon Black/White EPIC? Did you beat your friend in the Johto League? 2010 Hot Shots League? If not, YOU STILL SUCK!
Can't really say much about a girlfriend this year. Still no GF, but with a Wall, a Fall, and a 'call' you hope things work out next time you see this post on 6/15/11.
I better be reading this next year...with a mod spot still...otherwise it isn't my fault if sporks are ending up in your neck.
Have a great 2011 summer, me! And remember! omgwtfbbq! :3

PS: eeeewwwww sporks.

-June 15, 2011-

'Sup Dawg.

Of course Black/White was cool, and don't expect any leagues to get played, except for your friend playing league of legends e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e- d-a-y until you read this again in 2012. This is why I hope to respond next year saying that I got that job over the 2011 summer and made sure my Senior year in high school wasn't boring as fu...well, I won't finish that sentence...just make sure to have a ps3. (and the recent hackings aside, it's a good system, fyi)

GIRLFRIEND, do you have one YET? AT ALL? If not, QUIT BEING SO CAUTIOUS. (and the reason for that happened in 2009. either fix it or GET OVER IT) Odds are if you're reading this (I graduate before June 15 next year) and don't have one then you just wasted your entire senior year without anyone. I sure hope that doesn't happen, and if I does I'll be too sad to care that I'm getting curb-stomped because of your missed opportunity.

PS: Have a fun last summer 2012-self!...before going to some college that, as of 12:08 AM on June 15th, 2011, you have no idea you're going to. Oh, and remember this one word:


I've got nothing else to say, but things will probably be edited in later.

-June 15, 2012-
hi me.

let's see where to start...
-friend stopped playing League of legends...finally...
-no job because that same friend was too lazy to continue it...
-Senior year? well it wasn't as cool as I thought. At least I graduated three days ago. 11th grade will always be the best year of high school for me.
-NO I DO NOT PLAN ON CURBSTOMPING MYSELF!!! I don't actually blame myself for not getting a girlfriend, I blame the classes that I teeth get to live another year.
-So on June 15, 2011 at 12:08 A.M. you didn't know what college you were going to...and...I still have the same problem...oops! Well better get cracking at that...before you're left telling people if they want fries with that until I read this in 2013.

So, message to my 2013 self.

Did you live through 2012? Because if you're reading this obviously...that or it was all just a sham...just like all of the other world ending crises. Hopefully you chose the right path because I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing in three months. Like I said before GET CRACKING ON FINDING A COLLEGE. Pokemon Black 2/White 2 come out this fall. By next June you SHOULD have finished by what did you think? about any relationships. Seriously, you swung and missed at least twice in high school. Glad you didn't strike out, though strike one wasn't just a whiff, it missed it by miles. You should not be a human replica of Socially Awkward Penguin anymore, by the looks of post-graduation events meet a few people. (no not meat, i said meet) Just don't get that third strike. Otherwise I break that aluminum bat over the back of your head.


Oh, sorry, Insanity wolf.

and for a funny way to finish this year's message, here's something from EpicMealTime.

Next time, we eat foreskin.

« Last edited by InvertAlpha on Jun 15th 2012 »
Join me at the Top! The Apex of Pokemon!

Shoutout to the year I only used liking FS/N to have an excuse to make signatures
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sphynxx Posted: 02:58 Jun15 2012 Post ID: 3120260
.:I Am What You Fear Most:.
Posts: 11,725
Post Likes: 102
Forgoten_Scars said:Forgoten_Scars 15-Jun-2011

I sear to God, if you're a Super Mod come summer of 2012, I'm shooting you. You know as well as I do that the status is bullhonkey.


sphynxx said:I'll start one!

Dear 2012 Sphynxx, get lost. Get a life. Get real man!

Done & done!

2013 Me - better not be on this website - better be on some hottie!

<3 to Craizen for the Avatar & TheLlama for the Signature.

"Forever in this heart of mine, an everlasting bond. From now until the end of time, are memories so fond."

Juli said:I am officially a Sphynx fangirl. C:
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