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imaloony8.0 Posted at: 14:10 Sep12 2006 Post ID: 1041045
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-_- if it was a gas it would be poision type, it's a gohst


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kyleteen Posted at: 16:10 Sep12 2006 Post ID: 1041403
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isnt it? and gastly looks llike a purple fireball to me.
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Jozurn10 Posted at: 18:58 Sep12 2006 Post ID: 1041928
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houndoom looks like a rotwieler (a type of dog)
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karo Posted at: 08:09 Sep13 2006 Post ID: 1042400
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will i think gastly is gas
meditite=onion head
glalie=golf ball with horns
hitmonchn=mohamed ali
jynx=opra wenfre
mantine = will mantine killd the crockdile hunter
rattata=mouse yes he is a mouse see it in the pokedex

mewtwo's sock's realy rock's like a monkey with a fox
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Gryphon Posted at: 22:19 Sep13 2006 Post ID: 1043541
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metagross- Awsome turrantula...uh...thingy.
mr.mime-overworked demented strange circus director
blaziken-karate bird guy

Special thanks to GraphicDisigner for awesome avatar and sig!
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imaloony8.0 Posted at: 06:17 Sep14 2006 Post ID: 1043705
Loony and Proud
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metagross isn't even close to a turrantula -_-

Wanna listen to me rant about stuff? I started a blog!
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Jozurn10 Posted at: 20:22 Sep14 2006 Post ID: 1044787
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this is really obvious, but
rapidash= horse on fire
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Luigiguy22 Posted at: 21:23 Sep14 2006 Post ID: 1044928
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Camerupt and Numel-Camel

Thanks to Ares2 for the sweet sig and avy.
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Pooly Posted at: 09:42 Sep15 2006 Post ID: 1045239
The Sheep Lover
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and heres what i think the new starters for diamond and pearl look like all of there names here are japanese
Neatoru:Dinosaur type thing

Credit to .Impact for the sig & avy
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roxas_the_ice_kid Posted at: 12:33 Sep15 2006 Post ID: 1045344
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ok my turn
diglett=hot dogg
shellder=shell fish
sunflora=sun flower
regiice=chunk of ice
registeel=chunk of steel
regirock=chunk of rock
i dont have a signature nanananananana
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Pooly Posted at: 13:32 Sep17 2006 Post ID: 1048996
The Sheep Lover
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Ok but I think Tauros is a bull
Moltres Zapdos and Articuno:Birds
Entie Raikou Suicune:Dogs
Mew:?(Personally I think its an angel type thing)
Starmie Staryu:Starfish

Credit to .Impact for the sig & avy
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Omegashadowman Posted at: 16:02 Sep17 2006 Post ID: 1049409
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Hey Pooly can I join pal

[size=15]Join the Aquanetshboboian Halo 3 clan[size=15]
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sk8tiger Posted at: 19:34 Sep17 2006 Post ID: 1049765
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Neatoru is a prehistoric turtle...
sk8tiger's PokePet

Buizeru the level 50 Buizeru!
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pokemonruler Posted at: 21:16 Sep17 2006 Post ID: 1049939
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how about these?
victrebell=flytrap plant
golbat=vampire bat
phanphy=tiny elephant
squrtle=turtle (LOL)
geodude=floating rock with arms

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Pooly Posted at: 10:57 Sep18 2006 Post ID: 1050269
The Sheep Lover
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Do you mean my club Omegashadowman if you do yes.Now back on topic
Girafirig:Giraf(Well ah duh!!)

Credit to .Impact for the sig & avy
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spyro madgirl Posted at: 11:18 Sep18 2006 Post ID: 1050290
spyro madgirl
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kyogre: whale/orca
groudon: dinosaur?
rayquaza: chinese dragon, w00t!
raikou: dog (even though it looks like a tiger)
suicune: dog
entei: dog (it looks like a mammoth)
regice: ice cube
regirock: giant rock
registeel: something freaky
moltres: phoenix BOOYAH!
articuno: bird
zapdos: cardboard box-- ehh, bird.
mewtwo: hell knows
mew: mouse?
deoxys: ummmmm...
jirachi: creepy doll
celebi: lol... onion!
lugia: bird/dragon
ho-oh: bird

diaruga: it looks like a dog...
parukia: hell, i dunno. a vaccum?
lucario: that looks like a dog too. TOO MANY DOGS!
manafi: ugh. a blue fairy.
~ ... Ooh la la ... ~
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Omegashadowman Posted at: 17:23 Sep18 2006 Post ID: 1050714
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Thanks Pooly I been looking every were for a Pokemon forum

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kyleteen Posted at: 19:13 Sep18 2006 Post ID: 1050872
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credit goes to Porygandrew on serebii.

Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur: Toads with dinosaur-like characteristics. Note: they have sprawled legs, which are not what dinosaurs had. Toads do not hop all the time, they sometimes crawl.
Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard: Charmander is a salamander, which in folklore is associated with fire, Charmeleon is a hadrosaur/salamander mix, and Charizard is your typical western dragon
Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise: Squirtle and Wartortle look tons like the Seychelle terrapin (and Squirtle's Japanese name is the same as the zenigame), while Blastoise is a tortoise/tank mix (note the large canons on its back :P)
Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree: Caterpie is a spicebush swallowtail butterfly caterpillar (1 2) with its osmeterium (the pink forked thing) permanently extended, while Metapod is a Pieris Rapae pupa (link) and Butterfree may be a black-veined white butterfly
Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill: Stages of bees, and wasps. Bee larva (this, the originally linked picture, is a bee moth larva, hence the "AphoSoc" at the end of the url is short for Aphomia sociella), bee pupa, and a wasp
Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot: Pidgey looks far more like a cedar waxwing or a female northern cardinal than any pigeon I've ever seen, while Pidgeotto and Pidgeot are more like hawks or falcons
Rattata/Raticate: Rat and nutria ( 1 2)
Spearow/Fearow: Some sort of hawk and crane/condor
Ekans/Arbok: Generic snake and cobra - both represent a venomous snake as well as a constrictor.
Pikachu/Raichu: Mountain viscacha and kangaroo rat?
Sandshrew/Sandslash: Pangolin and porcupine/giant armadillo
Nidoran-F/Nidorina/Nidoqueen: Rabbits and, with 'Rina, rhino (which you can especially see in Nidorina's joints)
Nidoran-M/Nidorino/Nidoking: Rabbits and, with 'Rino, rhino (which you can especially see in Nidorino's joints)
Clefairy/Clefable: Fairies
Vulpix/Ninetales: Red fox/kitsune and kyuubi kitsune (nine-tailed kitsune)
Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff: Balloons with cat/rabbit ears
Zubat/Golbat: Generic bats
Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume: Radish, rafflesia
Paras/Parasect: Cicada nymph and hermit crab (1 2) Kingler's Kindom does an in-depth profile of a paracitic fungus, a cicada nymph, and the red, spotted mushroom on its back.
Venonat/Venomoth: Moth flies?
Diglett/Dugtrio: Bop-a-moles XD
Meowth/Persian: Maneki neko/seal point ragdoll cat, persian cat, and cougar
Psyduck/Golduck: Platypus and kappa
Mankey/Primeape: Pygmy marmoset
Growlithe/Arcanine: Shishi
Poliwag/Poliwhirl/Poliwrath: Tadpoles
Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam: ? (Abra looks slightly like a possom to me, and stromdusk suggests coyote). Abra is based on Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet"; Kadabra is based on Uri Geller, the Israeli spoonbender; Alakazam's Japanese name is based on Houdini, but it the creature appears to be merely an exaggeration of Kadabra.
Machop/Machoke/Machamp: American wrestlers/Dilophosaurs - could also share the same origin as Goro (see Ledian, Metang, and Salamence)
Bellsprout/Weepinbell/Victreebel: Pitcher plants
Tentacool/Tentacruel: Jellyfish
Geodude/Graveler/Golem: Rocks and boulders and stones oh my!
Ponyta/Rapidash: Generic horse and unicorn... ON FIRE!
Slowpoke/Slowbro: Perhaps pygmy hippos!
Magnemite/Magneton: Magnets
Farfetch'd: Duck with leeks dish; also maybe samurai
Doduo/Dodrio: Kiwis/rheas
Seel/Dewgong: Harp seal and dugong/manatee/monk seal
Grimer/Muk: Sludge
Shellder/Cloyster: Scallop and oyster
Gastly/Haunter/Gengar: Hitodama/Sogen-bi; partially formed ghost; doppelgänger
Onix: Wyrm? (HT thinks earth dragon)
Drowzee/Hypno: Tapir baku and hypnotist
Krabby/Kingler: Generic crab and fiddler crab
Voltorb/Electrode: Pokéball mimics or ball lightning
Exeggcute/Exeggutor: Eggs and coconut tree
Cubone/Marowak: One idea is that they're prarie dogs wearing those cow skulls you find in the desert. Others say they're too reptilian, and think they might be based on a Pachycephalosaurus skull. The Pachycephalosaurus was a dinosaur whose skull was very thick at the top.
Hitmonlee: kickboxer Sawamura Tadashi, looks like a blemyae also
Hitmonchan: boxer Ebihara Hiroyuki
Lickitung: ? (absol attacker suggested that there may be some albino fat-tailed gecko [1 2])
Koffing/Weezing: Air pollution/sea mines
Rhyhorn/Rhydon: Rhinos
Chansey: Good mother/nurses and luck
Tangela: Mess of vinelike seaweed
Kangaskhan: Kangaroo or Procoptodon
Horsea/Seadra: Sea horses
Goldeen/Seaking: Tosakin goldfish and calico ryukin goldfish, and the horn possibly came from Matsya, an avatar of Vishnu
Staryu, Starmie: Starfish and sunstar
Mr. Mime: Mime
Scyther: Mantis.
Jynx: Yuki-Onna/? (There was an argument on the old thread on whether or not she was based on ganguro or Yamanba. It starts here, goes on to page 9, skips a few pages, then there's a rebuttal here on page 13.)
Electabuzz: Oni
Magmar: Fire breather?
Pinsir: Male stag beetle
Tauros: Bison
Magikarp/Gyarados: Chinese legend of a carp turning into a sea serpent/dragon
Lapras: Plesiosaurus/sea turtle
Ditto: Silly putty and, as Yami_no_Waru puts it, "the same Japanese myth Kirby and Buu (Dragonball) do, about a pink demon that could consume enemies and mimic their abilities"
Eevee: Fennec fox and/or maybe Blanford's fox
Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon: Foxes? with cat/dog characteristics: mermaid, electric dog-thing, and fire... foxy?-thing, respectively.
Porygon: Polygons/? (HT said parrot/duck)
Omanyte/Omastar: Ammonites
Kabuto: Horseshoe crab
Kabutops: Trilobite skeleton/mantis
Aerodactyl: Long-tailed pterosaur
Snorlax: Gluttony/bear/Totoro?
Articuno: Quetzal, Bird-of-Paradise
Zapdos: Native American Thunderbird; its long thin beak is reminiscent of a hummingbird (or something)
Moltres: Arabian/Western/Russian phoenix
Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite: Water dragons (I seriously doubt that Barney was an inspiration for Dragonite)
Mewtwo: Cat-human, some think that it's a more developed embryo (see below)
Mew: Kitten/gerbil/embryo

2nd gen:

Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium: Sauropods
Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion: Cyndaquil is an echidna, while Quilava is a weasel and Typhlosion is a honey badger (1 2)
Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr: Alligators (1 2).
Sentret/Furret: Sentret seems to be a mix of squirrel with rabbit. Furret, as its name implies, is a ferret
Hoothoot/Noctowl: Owls. Hoothoot looks like a Pygmy owl; Noctowl looks like an Eagle owl.
Ledyba/Ledian: Ladybird Beetles, of course. Ledian may also have some basis in Pulseman (1 2).
Spinarak/Ariados: Happy face spider and some other spider
Crobat: Vampire bat
Chinchou/Lanturn: Angler fish
Pichu: Generic mouse?
Cleffa: Fairy
Igglybuff: Balloon
Togepi/Togetic: Togepi is an egg, Togetic is a fairy
Natu/Xatu: Based off of Native American totem poles. (Xatu resembles the Thunderbird)
Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos: Sheep; partially shaved sheep; totally shaved sheep(?)/lighthouse
Bellossom: "Grass-skirt girl" hula (1 2) dancer
Marill/Azumarill: Marill is a ? (WG said pika), Azumarill is a rabbit
Sudowoodo: Petrified tree
Politoed: Toad
Hoppip/Skiploom/Jumpluff: Stylized dandelions
Aipom: A monkey (perhaps a spider monkey) with an exaggeration of the monkey's prehensile tail. A link to Ahuizotl (Aztec god that's a cross between a dog and a monkey, with a hand on the end of its tail) was also suggested.
Sunkern/Sunflora: A seed and a sunflower
Yanma: Red dragonfly
Wooper/Quagsire: Axolotl and giant salamander
Espeon: Nekomata
Umbreon: Witch's cat
Murkrow: Crow with a witch hat and broom tail
Slowking: Hippopotamus?
Misdreavus: Banshee
Unown: Living alphabet letters
Wobbuffet: Full-sized punching bag? and Sanpei Hayashiya
Girafarig: Giraffe
Pineco: Bagworm/pinecone
Foretress: Bagworm/(either a turret, giant clam, or both)
Dunsparce: Tsuchinoko, aka bachi-hebi (1 2 3)
Gligar: Scorpion/gargoyle
Steelix: Wyrm?
Snubbull/Granbull: Bulldogs
Quilfish: Blowfish
Scizor: Mantid
Shuckle: Scale insect (maybe Ceroplastes rusci ]), and perhaps the worm in the apple
Heracross: Japanese rhinoceros beetle
Sneasel: Kamaitachi
Teddiursa/Ursaring: Teddiursa is a teddy bear/bear cub, Ursaring is a sun bear
Slugma/Magcargo: Slugma is a slug, Magcargo is a snail
Swinub/Piloswine: Inobuta boar-pig and some sort of boar/mammoth mix
Corsola: A chunk of coral
Remoraid/Octillery: Remoraid is an archer fish/remora (1 2 3) and a gun, perhaps a pistol; Octillery is an octopus
Delibird: Rockhopper penguin/Santa.
Mantine: Manta ray
Skarmory: Stymphalian birds/Andean condor with a Marabou stork beak
Houndour/Houndoom: Doberman Pinschers/hellhounds
Kingdra: Weedy sea dragon and/or Leafy sea dragon
Phanpy/Donphan: Very short elephant and elephant/tire
Porygon2: Toy drinking bird
Stantler: Caribou
Smeargle: Beagle?/lemur? (read the second paragraph under "Behavior"/artist
Tyrogue/Hitmontop: Are humans that embody different fighting styles (Hitmontop = Capoeira)
Smoochum: Baby Jynx
Elekid: Plug
Magby: Perhaps another mythical salamander
Miltank: Cow
Blissey: Good mother/nurses and luck
Raikou: Smilodon, Asian legends about tigers bringing clouds or rain
Entei: Fuu dog/Shishi
Suicune: The connection with the North and its dog-like shape lead some to believe that it is based on a wolf; the facts that the other two are based on cats and that it has a comparatively short and wide muzzle lead some to believe that it is based on the cheetah; the facts that it is known to purify water and that it has this large thing sticking out of its head lead some to believe that it is also partially based on the unicorn. Heck, it's probably a mix.
Komedic Konservationist has suggested the civet (Civet standing and Suicune in a somewhat similar pose)
Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar: dinosaurs of some sort? Perhaps monitor lizards
Lugia: Gray heron (there's one that looks like Lugia on the cover of Across the Nightingale Floor)/dragon partner to the phoenix/Halcyon
Ho-oh: Ho-Oh, the Japanese phoenix/phoenix partner to the dragon
Celebi: A forest fairy?

3rd gen:

Treecko: Leaf-tailed gecko
Grovyle: Leaf-tailed gecko , and velociraptor has been suggested due to its shape and it having feathers
Sceptile: Green basilisk /Leaf-tailed gecko (Pokémon of the Day Chick thinks that Sceptile's tail looks like part of a juniper bush. I do, too. X) ) Also, Porygandrew thinks that the yellow "seeds" on its back has to do with cupping. Perhaps someone can find a plant that looks like Sceppy's tail and has large yellow seeds?
Torchic/Combusken/Blaziken: Chick and cockfighting chickens/harpy (Blaziken has some basis in the bantam rooster, and absol attacker suggested garuda )
Mudkip/Marshtomp/Swampert: Mudskippers /blue axolotls , and Swampert may have some bunyip in it
Poochyena/Mightyena: Brown hyenas (Cub)
Zigzagoon: Raccoon dog (aka tanuki)
Linoone: Zorilla
Wurmple, Silcoon/Cascoon: Stinging rose caterpillar ? and luna moth pupae in the early stages
Beautifly: Old world swallowtail butterfly
Dustox: Female luna moth with some male gypsy moth mixed in
Lotad: Lilypad/chibi kappa ; may be a pun on "duckweed" (look at this anyway!)
Lombre: Lilypad/sombrero/stereotypical Mexican/kappa
Ludicolo: Dancing sombrero pineapple Mariachi kappa-type thing
Seedot: Acorn
Nuzleaf/Shiftry: Konoha tengu
Taillow: Welcome swallow
Swellow: Barn swallow
Wingull: Gull, likely ring-billed
Pelipper: Pelican
Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir: A tomboy, a ballerina, and a fairy tale princess/adult graceful woman dancer
Surskit: Pondskater /harvestman
Masquerain: Lanternfly with eye mimicry
Shroomish: Mushroom
Breloom: Othnelia /kangaroo?/mushroom
Slakoth: Sloth
Vigoroth: Sloth, Megalonychid ground sloth (info on Megalonychids and Megatherium )
Slaking: Megatherium/gorilla
Nincada: Cicada nymph (the Pokémon Zoology page points out that Paras more correctly represents one)
Ninjask: Adult cicada/yellow jacket
Shedinja: A shed cicada exoskeleton
Whismur: Jar/rabbit? Family is based on sound getting progressively louder
Loudred: Boombox (it has woofers for ears).... absol attacker thinks that there's some Taz in it
Exploud: Pipe organ.... absol attacker thinks that there is also some howler monkey
Makuhita/Hariyama: Sumo wrestlers
Azurill: Unevolved Marill->mouse? (They were just working backwards.)
Nosepass: Moai /compass
Skitty and Delcatty: Cats
Sableye: Troll
Mawile: Bear trap
Aron: Funky protoceratops -type thing
Lairon: Bigger funky ceratopsian
Aggron: Diceratops
Meditite/Medicham: Yogis
Electrike: ? (stromdusk suggested Parson Jack Russell terrier )
Manectric: German shepherd? (and quilava plush suggested maned wolf , but I have a stronger feeling toward the G.S.)
Plusle: Rodent/lagomorph+positive charge
Minun: Rodent/lagomorph+negative charge
Volbeat/Illumise: Firefly
Roselia: Woodland sprite/roses
Gulpin/Swalot: Stomachs
Carvanha: Red-bellied piranha
Sharpedo: Great white shark/ocean sunfish
Wailmer: Blue whale/ball
Wailord: Blue whale/basilosaurus
Numel: Dromedary (Arabian) camel (the two major types of camel ) / Tyrannotaur states that the volcano is specifically a dome volcano . The green part resembles moss or foliage growing on the volcano.
Camerupt: Bactrian camel/shield volcano
Torkoal: Red-foot tortoise /coal - Also the Kotasu
Spoink/Grumpig: Pigs (maybe somebody saw this website ! XD), perhaps the biblical "neither cast ye your pearls before swine" (Matthew 7:6) was snuck in there as well
Spinda: A drunk, tiny, pinkish and tan panda?/teddy bear brought to life? Could have gotten its red color from the Red Panda or it could be part of getting a red face from drinking a lot, a concept (being drunk) that's part of Drunken Boxing. Why a panda? Who knows...
Trapinch: Antlion larva
Vibrava: Adult antlion /faerie dragon
Flygon: Green lacewing /faerie dragon
Cacnea: Barrel cactus
Cacturne: Saguaro cactus/scarecrow
Swablu: White-winged fairy-wren (1 2 )/cotton
Altaria: Golden fleece-guarding dragon?/white-winged fairy-wren/cotton/cloud
Zangoose: A mongoose/cat. The rivalry with Seviper is based on how mongooses can sometimes eat snakes. (Remember The Ghost of Maiden's Peak ?)
Seviper: Seviper: A viper called habu
Lunatone: Moon
Solrock: Sun
Barboach: Loach/(mudfish [info ]/mud-minnow )
Whiscash: Legend of a giant catfish who causes earthquakes (and maybe the wels cat [1 2 ])
Corphish/Crawdaunt: Crayfish
Baltoy: Shakou /spinning top
Claydol: Shakou
Lileep/Cradily: Coral polyps (1 2 )/crinoids (sea lilies)
Anorith/Armaldo: Anomalocaris
Feebas: An odd bass? It looks a lot like this red-bellied piranha to me....
Milotic: Sea serpent/siren with greatly enlongated gills (if you want to Google image search a siren, search "sirenidae"), and it could perhaps be Magikarp/Gyarados' opposite
Castform: Cloud, weather conditions
Kecleon: Chameleon
Shuppet: A haunted tissue ghost
Banette: A haunted marionette
Duskull: Grim reaper sans scythe/Hitotsume-Kozou/Dokuro
Dusclops: Mummy-wrapped cyclops-ghoul
Tropius: Apatosaurus /banana tree
Chimecho: One of those wind chimes that look like an upside-down cup with a tassel/paper hanging out of it (something like this , but different)
Absol: Barghest , perhaps with some mountain goat
Wynaut: Small punching bag?
Snorunt: A person wearing a straw blanket thing (pic from Zeta), or perhaps ]ame-furi-koz?
Glalie: Getter Robo head/hail
Spheal: Spotted seal with ears/ball (sea lions have external ear projections and real seals don't)
Sealeo: Harbor seal
Walrein: Walrus
Clamperl: Giant clam
Huntail: Gulper Eel (1 2 )/Viperfish
Gorebyss: Oarfish /pipefish
Relicanth: Coelacanth
Luvdisc: Discus fish /kissing gourami /"heart" shape
Bagon: Baby western dragon and perhaps Pachycephalosaurus
Shelgon: Dragon cocoon?
Salamence: Adult western dragon/Devilman
Beldum/Metang/Metagross: Sci-fi invader robots? Beldum, at least according to its name, may be based on a dumbbell; ?Ins0mnIac? has pointed out that Metang looks like this thing from Gundam (what's it called?) and Metagross looks like a Tektite from one of the Zelda games
Regirock/Regice/Registeel: Jewish golems with braille eyes
Latias/Latios: Dragons/jet planes? Stylized griffins?
Kyogre/Groudon: An orca and an upright armadillo lizard (1 2 ) cast in roles vaguely similar to the Biblical Leviathan and Behemoth, respectively
Rayquaza: Eastern dragon (that looks somewhat like a lindworm) cast in a role vaguely similar to the Ziz , to complete the Behemoth/Leviathan/Ziz motif
Jirachi: Tanabata festival/genie (Jirachi has three green tanzaku on it)
Deoxys: Humanoid alien/mutated virus-DNA.... My brother thinks it looks like an orbital frame from Zone of the Enders.

4th gen:

Naetoru: snapping turtle
Pochama: Magellanic penguin
Hikozaru: stylized chimpanzee
Mukkuru: gray starling
Perap: Masked lovebird (a type of parrot) with a music note head
Bouysel: Otter? Weasel? Both? Something like that.
Bippa: Beaver/Gerbil
Pachirisu: Squirrel
Munchlax: Totoro? (See Snorlax)
Bonsly: Bonsai/petrified tree
Jr. Mime: Clown/mime/mane (a sort of clown or comic who imitates people for amusement)
Weavile: Kamaitachi (see Sneasel)
Tamanta: Manta ray (baby Mantine)
Lucario: Anubis/ninja
Dorapion: Scorpion
Cherimu: Cherry Blossom
Elekiburu: (reminds me of This Guy (see Electabuzz)
Subomi: Probably a rose bud (see roselia)
Rozureido: a boquet (see roselia)
Korobooshi: A bug? Classified as GrassHopper so ... grasshopper? Could also just be a fancy June Bug
Korinku: Kimba! I mean... mouse or feline. Komedic Konservationist says it could also be based off of the star constellation Leo
Calendar 1: cat
Pinpuku: An egg. According to Absol Attacker & Kthleen, it also stems from the concept of schoolkids learning parenting skills by carrying around an egg [1](see Chansey/Blissey)
Tatetopusu: protoceratops-like thing. Think: aron
Zugaidosu: Micropachycephalosaurus
Minomucchi: Pinecone or Bagworm. See Pineco
Masukippa: Venus-Flytrap plus...something that gives it levitate.
Diaruga: Absol Attacker says it could be a 'Cyborg Dinosaur' melding past and future together.
Parukia: Absol Attacker says the things on its arms could resemble satelite dishes. I see an old-fashioned godzilla-esque monster thrown in there for good measure.
Manafi: Possibly a sea angel
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spyro madgirl Posted at: 12:17 Sep19 2006 Post ID: 1051582
spyro madgirl
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BLOOMIN HELL! you didnt do the whole lot did you?
~ ... Ooh la la ... ~
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kyleteen Posted at: 15:17 Sep19 2006 Post ID: 1051833
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read the top. it says credit goes to Porygandrew on serebii. and I just copied and pasted it.
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